8 Best Saadia Mods for Skyrim

Saadia is the most interesting Redguard woman in Skyrim, and mods can make her even more interesting.

She used the name “Saadia” after running away from House Suda in Hammerfell. Her real name is Iman.

The truth about how she got away isn’t clear, but that won’t stop the Dragonborn from helping. A quest is a quest!

Even though Saadia is already one of the most interesting characters in the game, any of the following changes can make her even more mysterious.

8. Hedy’s Saadia Replacer


This mod serves as a replacer for a popular character known for being a puppet of the Thalmor.

It introduces a new design or appearance for this character, offering a fresh take on their visual representation within the game.

By installing this mod, players can expect a different and potentially more intriguing interpretation of this well-known Thalmor-associated character.

7. Saadia as a Follower

This mod is a port from the Oldrim version and includes some edits made by the user. It specifically focuses on fixing an option in Saadia’s quest, “In My Time of Need.”

With this mod installed, if you complete the quest in Saadia’s favor (reaching Stage 200), you gain the ability to ask her to join you as a follower.

Additionally, Saadia’s combat skills are now based on Cicero, another character in the game.

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These changes provide new gameplay possibilities, allowing players to have Saadia as a follower with improved combat abilities.

6. Saadia – High Poly Replacer

This mod focuses on improving the appearance of Saadia, a character in the game.

It provides a complete overhaul of her visual design, enhancing her features and making her look more appealing or realistic.

By installing this mod, players can expect a refreshed and updated appearance for Saadia, enhancing their immersion and enjoyment when interacting with the character.

5. Wodo’s Saadia (With Physics Wig)

As a member of House Suda in Hammerfell, Saadia probably had access to all the cosmetics and ways to make her hair stand out that were available in the area.

Wodo’s Saadia looks like a younger version of the character. Her skin is smooth and soft, and her hair is so soft that it moves when she moves.

Not at all. Her hair now has a lot of physics in it! It holds my attention.

The mod also lets you change Saadia’s blue eyes to brown ones, which go well with her dark hair.

4. Wodo’s Saadia (With Dreadlocks)

Redguards are known for their sturdy complexion adapted to the harsh desert environment of Hammerfell.

While Saadia looks nice with straight hair, that’s hard to maintain in the hot and dry climate of Hammerfell.

This version of Wodo’s Saadia replaces the straight hair with physics for much more convenient dreadlocks.

It reflects her Redguard heritage much better than a bob cut, that’s for sure.

3. Women of Whiterun & Warriors of Jorrvaskr

Women of Whiterun and Warriors of Jorrvaskr are two famous mods for Skyrim Legendary Edition that change the way characters look and act.

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This update combines the two and moves them to Skyrim Special Edition, giving almost every character in Whiterun a new, more appealing look.

Saadia is one of the ones that gets one of the best new looks.

Her face is beautiful, and her new bob haircut with short layers is hard to refuse.

She no longer looks like a woman trying to hide from her past. Instead, she looks like an explorer making a new path.

2. Pandorable’s NPCs

The people who make mods for Skyrim know Pandorable for their beautiful and complex character designs.

This mod makes 85 of the most important female NPCs in the game Pandorable. This includes fan favorites like Ysolda, Elisif, and Saadia.

Once this mod is installed, it changes Saadia into a Disney Princess with full lips and thick, curly hair.

Saadia was already one of the hottest women in Skyrim, but this turns up the heat to over 9000 °C.

1. Saadia – Time of Need

One of my favorite women in Skyrim is Saadia.

She is pretty and tough, and her past is interesting.

After I helped her deal with Kematu, she doesn’t want anything to do with me.

With the Saadia – Time of Need mod, all of this changes.

It makes it possible for her to be a follower, a potential spouse, a steward, or even a traveling trader.

It also makes her quest a little longer, giving you more time to find proof that she is innocent and build up enough trust to ask her to follow you or marry you.