25 Best Dog Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

People say that dogs are man’s best friend, and this is truer than ever in the world of Animal Crossing.

After all, the series is about making friends with animals so they can move into your town with you. It makes sense for them to be there since they are locals.

If you own a dog, you already know that they are the most loving pets you can have at home. Everyone loves them because they are loyal, brave, protecting, and friendly.

Plus, they have cute faces and traits that people like. In Animal Crossing, all of these things can be seen in the dog villagers.

They look different, which says something about who they are, and their names often say something about who they are.

Also, some of the people in the game are dogs, like Isabelle, who works for Tom Nook, or Harvey, who owns Photopia and is always chill.

Are you excited to have a dog as your next-door neighbor?

Read on to learn about them all.

25. Booker

Booker is a brown bulldog who works as a guard in Wild World and City Folk and as a police officer in Animal Crossing and New Leaf.

Still, in every game he’s in, he watches over the “Lost and Found” area.

In New Horizons, the only way to call him is to use The Roost to read his Amiibo card. It’s a play on the word “book,” which means to put someone in jail.

24. Megumi

25 Best Animal Crossing Dog Villagers

Megumi only showed up in Doubutsu no Mori e+, just like the other dog neighbors.

She is a character who looks like a peppy dog and has light pink fur.

She has dark-pink paws, a white belly, and dark-pink ears and the top of her head.

Her cheeks are also pink, and her eyes are dark.

23. Masa

Masa is a dog peasant who is a jock and is only seen in Doubutsu no Mori e+.

He is always wearing a black cap and is a brown dog with a black nose.

His face and the paws on his legs and arms are a light brown color, and there are black markings around his mouth that look like whiskers.

22. Bow

Bow doesn’t have a favorite saying or a birthday because neither of these things are in the game where he was last seen.

Bow is a man villager who is a lazy dog. He only shows up in Doubutsu no Mori e+. After his first game, he doesn’t show up again.

He is a yellow dog, but his face is green, like an LCD screen that only shows one color. He has brown ears, white and brown paws, and a white chest.

21. Frett

Frett is a male dog character who is grumpy and has only been in two games: Doubutsu no Mori e+ and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

His body is mostly yellow, but his face is white.

His thick eyebrows and the tips of his ears are black, and his nose is brown.

20. Digby

Digby is Isabelle’s younger twin brother. Like his older sister, he is easygoing and relaxed.

In New Leaf, Digby runs the Happy Home Showcase. You can find him at the front door at any time of the day.

He’s always willing to help out.

And he is also one of the Happy Homeroom Judges in Pocket Camp.

19. Portia

Portia might not be as nice at first.

But after getting to know you for a while, she will start to warm up to you and show her true loving side.

She loves surprises and gifts. If you keep paying attention to her, she will become your friend as soon as possible.

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This snobby villager shows off her Dalmatian style with her patchy look, but she is still very stylish. She looks great in that bright purple dress.

She loves all things classy and beautiful, and her stylish home, with its record player and rose bed, is proof of that.

18. Mac

Mac, the bulldog villager we love the most, is an exercise machine.

You can find him working out alone or with other people in the town at the plaza or on the beach. If you want to get in shape, this is the guy for you.

Because he is so competitive, he can’t help but criticize how fit other people are, which can make him seem mean to other locals.

But the way he decorated his house is pretty cool.

With its ivy-covered walls and doghouse, his house screams “outdoors!”

Even better, he has a plastic pool in the middle of the room.

17. Marcel

We all know Marcel as the dog dweller who looks a little bit scary.

Given that he has marks on his face that make him look like a mime, it’s possible that he was named after Marcel Marceau, a famous French mime.

He will keep the snobby locals on their toes because they often make fun of the way he looks.

Even though Marcel is a lazy local, you’ll see him around your island quite often. Even so, you’ll probably find him chilling out with a snack, taking a nap, and just living a pretty chill life in general.

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day doing nothing?

The inside of his house is the perfect place to unwind. When you walk into his home, which has a goldfish, a paper light, a bamboo speaker, and a futon, you might feel a sense of peace.

This is what zen is all about.

16. Harvey

When your hair is looking good, you can’t miss going to Harv’s Island.

Harvey is a kind person who lets you use his photography workshop on his own private island.

It’s a great place to take pictures that will last a long time, either by yourself or with your fellow locals. Harvey is more than willing to help.

Even though he has a photo studio, he tries to avoid computers as much as possible.

He’s much happy outside watching the birds and being in nature.

15. K.K. Slider

Since the first Animal Crossing game, this dog musician has to be one of the most well-known figures.

Since then, he has been a big part of the game, and in New Horizons, you can find him every Saturday in front of Resident Services.

So make sure you come every week. Sit down and enjoy the musical snack he has made for you.

K.K. is a free spirit who plays his music everywhere he goes. He will even play songs you ask for and give you a copy of his music after he plays.

Who doesn’t like something for free?

14. Benjamin

So, you like fishing?

While you’re busy catching a bunch of Sea Bass near the shore, you’ll find Benjamin there.

He likes to fish and look for fossils, and in his free time he likes to catch bugs all over the island.

Make sure you talk to Benjamin. He will tell you all about “Fashion Lad,” a character who fights fashion crimes, and his secret identity.

You can find him sleeping under a tree, eating, or talking to other locals when he’s not thinking about clothes.

Normal villagers like him because he is lazy, but snobby and athletic villagers don’t like him because he is lazy. They just don’t like his laid-back way of life.

13. Isabelle

Where would we be if Isabelle didn’t give us the morning news?

When she greets us with a cute smile and stories about her day, it makes our day better.

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She is such a kind and nice person. And it’s clear that she has a big crush on K.K. Slider.

She works with Tom Nook in Resident Services, where she’s always ready to help you with any problems you’re having on the island.

12. Bea

With her sleepy eyes, this cute little dog just melts our hearts.

Bea is a villager who is nice and well-mannered. She is very nice and always willing to talk.

She’s shy at first, but once you get to know her, she’ll be your best friend for life.

Even though she gets angry when people are mean to her… so we have to protect her no matter what.

She wears cool clothes and has a cool house to match. If you want a midnight snack, you know where to go!

11. Bones

We always have time for another lazy villager, and Bones is no different.

He has a big brown patch around his eye and looks like a typical dog from the town.

If you give him snacks, you’ll make his day, because who doesn’t like free food?

He is a nice guy who will try to make you laugh with a corny joke. And, of course, fishing and catching bugs are two of his favorite things to do.

He also likes to read, which you can see when you go to his house, which is a lot like a library. If you need a book, go to him in the town.

10. Butch

This farmer is just as grumpy as his name says.

Butch seems like a tough guy because he always has a frown on his face. Even though he looks like a Rottweiler, he has a soft heart.

He often walks around the island singing to himself.

Even though he gets along with most people in the town, he won’t be too friendly with people who are always on the go. And might try to get you to talk about them behind their backs.

Even though he is a singer, he wants to be a race car driver. This is clear if you go to his house.

When you walk into his house, it feels like you’re on a racetrack. There’s a road and even a bed that looks like a red race car. He is definitely living out his dream.

9. Walker

Walker is another lazy character that we like.

He is a friendly little puppy who gets along with almost everyone.

If you can’t find him on your island, it’s likely because he’s sleeping.

He does more than just sleep though. He also likes to hunt for treasures and catch bugs.

Even though snobby and jock-like locals find Walker’s laid-back way of life strange, this sometimes causes problems between him and them. But he knows how to keep his cool when things get tough.

His house has the cutest little study room, which is the right place to relax with a book.

8. Shep

You might be surprised that Shep is so high on this list, given how full of himself he is.

But his white hair and cute little jean gilet make it impossible not to fall in love with him.

He is a real gentleman because he talks in a smooth and charming way and sometimes flirts with you.

He will also sometimes talk about his hobbies, such as how much he loves trains and how his collection of plastic bottle caps keeps growing.

This dog is very interested in fashion and will sometimes talk about what he is wearing. His clothes are just as wild as the way he decorates his house, which has bright colors and wood cladding.

7. Maddie

When Maddie didn’t show up in either Wild World or City Folk, it left many fans with a big hole in their hearts.

But in New Horizons, she’s back with a rage.

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This popular, lively character lets out her competitive side. She often overreacts when she thinks she might lose, and she often asks people in the village for furniture or clothes she needs just to join contests.

But her super cute home shows that she likes to have fun.

With her Meadow Vista wallpaper and Meadow flooring, it’s the right place to bring some snacks and set up a picnic.

6. Daisy

This young farmer is very shy and fragile.

Even though Daisy gets angry quickly, she is kind and polite to everyone else on the island. Daisy wants to be a fossil digger when she grows up, so she often spends her spare time on the island digging for fossils.

She gets along well with other people in the town, and she does have a made-up friend named Moppina who she sometimes talks about.

Daisy also gets up early. So she will probably be at home during the day.

It’s worth going to her house because it’s so cozy and the right place to hang out in the middle of the day.

5. Biskit

As we get closer to the top of the list, it’s clear why Biskit is here at the top.

His cool style includes a t-shirt with a cat on it whose eyes are laser beams. What else can I say?

His favorite things to do are sleep and stuffing his face with as many tasty treats as he can find.

You might see him running around outside Resident Services with his arms in the air.

His house is set up like a backyard, complete with a lunch basket and a jungle gym set.

4. Lucky

Who doesn’t like a lazy farmer in a mummy costume?

Lucky is very friendly and likes to play. Even though he lives a laid-back life, his best thing to do is hang out with other villagers and play outside Resident Services.

Lucky gets along with almost all of the villagers, but jock villagers may think he’s strange because their ways of life are so different.

The inside of his house, which looks like a cemetery and even has a skeleton and a gravestone, fits how he looks.


3. Cherry

Cherry is the big sister you can count on. She is very nice and quick to put an end to any tales that are going around the island.

With her always-adorable smile, she has to be one of our best people.

She cares about people and is very kind to them.

Stung be a bee?

Don’t worry, Cherry will give you the medicine you need.

Her home is beautiful, with a big Rose Bed and a Cityscape Wall. It goes wonderfully with her strange look.

2. Cookie

Cookie is one of the cutest villagers, and it’s easy to tell because she looks so cute and has a sweet attitude to match.

This cheerful farmer is always happy and ready to spread happiness all over the island.

She wants to be a movie star. She loves fishing and getting bugs on the island, though.

The pink puppy’s house is full of pink things, from her cute bed to her pink heart rug. It’s a pink lover’s dream.

1. Goldie

Now that we’re here, Goldie has to be our favorite neighbor.

She treats you and the other locals like her own children and is always there to help.

Goldie often feels bad when she has to ask someone for help. But because she is so nice, you can’t help but want to help her in any way you can.

She is very sensitive and often sad, but she is also easy to cheer up.

And it’s easy to be her friend: she’ll ask you for clothes at some point, and if you give it to her, she’ll give you a picture of herself.