18 Best ACNH Farm Island Ideas

These Animal Crossing: New Horizons farm ideas will help you design your 2.0 Farm Island.

New Horizons’ recent update added cooking, food recipes, and potato, tomato, and wheat farming crops.

You may need to build or extend a farm on your island to grow the new commodities.

We have a variety of elegant, practical, and creative island farm design ideas.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 farm design ideas include unique signs and barns.

18. Custom grass gap

Farm Island

Use this grass gap custom design from AlienKnife on Twitter to generate one giant dirt patch for all your crops.

The design is a strip that matches the grass texture and has transparent sides to fit in. It divides a large dirt patch into smaller regions when applied on top of it.

17. Flowers, trees, mushrooms

Trees, flowers, and mushrooms will make your farm look wilder. These give your farm an overgrown forest look.

Custom designs to simulate more mushrooms, grass textures, and pebbles can complete the scene. Bioluminescent moss could make your forest farm more magical!

16. Farmhouse

Your farm may be small or hidden on your island, depending on space.

To make it fancier, move your house nearby or rebuild your farm around your house to make it a farmhouse. Make your house look like a busy vegetable farm by adding a silo and dirt roads.

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15. Barn and new pergola

Twitter user dearanipii made a farmhouse utilizing panels, stalls, and the new Nook Miles pergola.

There’s even a small inside room, but you might use a panel to make a door and decorate your crop farm with the improvised barn.

14. Add Nook Miles

Since the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update, there are many new Nook Miles furniture items you can use to build floral pathways around your farm.

You can create intricate garden displays with topiaries, flower beds, and pergolas on your island.

You might utilize the pergola as a flowery tunnel to and from your farm or as a junction point in the center of your farm that leads to the different crops, with flower beds and topiaries to make paths clearer.

13. New western ranch windmill

Reddit user Laineyyz built an American ranch farm with numerous Nook Miles windmills. The windmills and other furniture make the farm look busy.

Laineyyz also utilized a perspective trick to make the windmills appear larger.

11. Gyroid farm

If you don’t like new food or cooking, consider a Gyroid farm. Set up a small farm-like area to house buried Gyroids and fragments ready for irrigation in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The new permanent ladders allow Twitter user AnaisElysium to bury Gyroids in a small area. Water several and dig up Gyroids the next day.

10. Barnyard


You probably pictured a big red barn, right?

You’ll need to design simple panels for the red siding to build this barn in ACNH.

Mum cushions and grape caps are great faux plants to harvest.

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The Aries rocking chairs and Taurus bathtub as animals are my favorite parts. That’s hilarious and gives this agricultural area livestock to care for (well, kinda).

It’s even hilarious if your island has feral sheep or bulls.

9. Melon Patch


Your island can grow watermelons!

Melons aren’t melons. Watermelon beach balls. Strange. Effective.

Put your melon balls in a patch bordered by country fencing.

Handcarts, hay beds, lawnmowers, and melons stalls can liven up the atmosphere.

8. Farming


This design most resembles a farm.

A simple agricultural farm feels more natural with light and dark dirt patterns for crop areas.

Houseplants can be bought or made. I like moss balls, mum cushions, and bonsai trees.

7. Industrial Farm


This notion now looks industrial and wooden, making it stand out.

This player’s orange flora complements the earthy color scheme.

Custom pumpkins are easy to make or download.

Plant your favorite orange flowers with them. I like orange cosmos.

The wooden shed’s simpler panels require bespoke designs.

6. Pig Pen


The simple panels bring these thoughts to life. Make your pig pen.

Make garden wagons and hay beds to decorate and feed your pigs.

The buckets around the pen are nice since piggies need to drink.

Piggy water from the garden faucet is nice too. It comes in a brick design, which I think would match the silo better.

5. Japanese Farm


A farm on your island can be designed to look Japanese.

This idea requires silos, scarecrows, hay beds, and handcarts.

This player’s anthurium crops fit the aesthetic.

Cacao trees are very abundant here. This design uses many and uses them nicely.

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The key is covering your farm with bamboo.

To liven up your Japanese farm, grow bamboo trees around it!

4. Horse Stables


The horses and stables are made from custom-designed panels, like the pig pen.

It’s unique.

I love the apples on barrels. Horses eat it easily.

It’s simple. Only country fencing surrounds the place.

This idea’s simplicity and the stables’ intricacy make it worthwhile.

3. Chicken Coop

Image by @ KIRELIA_

This idea gives Animal Crossing things a unique spin, no matter your favorite barnyard animal.

Silos, stalls, and corral fencing. Make sure you have all the materials to make these.

These panels may have the most spectacular personalized designs.

This player meticulously created chicken coop rows. Once set up, your hard work will pay off!

2. Vibrant Vineyard


The diversity of fruit trees in Animal Crossing (not the ostrich villager) is cool. You can visit friends’ islands to bring back all the fruits, unlike me.

To start a fruit farm, plant one of each in the background.

Grapes cannot be grown now. Vine-grown grapes. However, you need grape hats to display on the ground. Thus, the vineyard effect.

The alternating barbed wire fencing and hedges between grape rows provide authenticity to this vineyard design.

1. Spooky Pumpkin Patch


We presumably all cultivate pumpkins in a patch around Halloween. How to make this idea special?

After growing enough pumpkins, you can make Halloween decorations.

Any decent farm needs a creepy scarecrow. I like the pumpkin-shaped corner table.

You may also add additional pumpkins and eerie lanterns! This idea has several possibilities.