Unlockable Facilities and Shops ACNH Guide

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are a lot of places to go, unlock, and enhance.

This page explains how to open each building, how to extend them, and what each one does also about Unlockable Facilities and Shops.

Services to Residents

The initial location of Resident Services was a lone green tent occupied by Tom Nook.

You can accept and execute assignments from Nook inside, as well as use the Nook Stop terminal to exchange Nook Miles for goods.

When you initially come, Timmy and Tommy will also be selling goods here.

After bringing three more inhabitants to your island, Tom Nook will convert Resident Services into a full-fledged office facility, allowing you to change your town’s tune, create bridges and ramps, and relocate existing buildings.

For further details, view Resident Services.

The Blather Museum

Unlockable Facilities and Shops

After you give Tom Nook five distinct items, Blathers the owl will initially arrive on your island in a little tent Critters.

The entire Museum will then be constructed after you have given Blathers 15 Critters and/or Fossils. Any bug, fish, or fossil that you find and give to Blathers will be housed and shown in the museum.

For additional information, visit the museum!

Nook’s Cranny

Speak with Timmy at Resident Services after upgrading from a Tent to a House.

Give him the resources he requests, and they’ll construct Nook’s Cranny, a store with additional merchandise.

Nook’s Cranny has further information.

Able Sister’s Shop

You’ll encounter meet Mable there once you’ve constructed Nook’s Cranny.

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On a haphazard weekdays and weekend, she will start showing up at Resident Services to sell clothing and accessories.

Mabel will set up the Able Sisters Shop permanently the following day in the town if you spend at least $5,000 on goods from her to activate it.


A camel named Sahara walks around on any given day of the week. You may buy rugs from her as well as Mysterious Wallpaper and Mysterious Flooring.

You can get tickets for her Mysterious Wallpaper or Mysterious Flooring by purchasing rugs from her.

Interesting products like these include flooring that resembles a stream and wallpaper that mimics a stormy sky.

More information can be found at Sahara – Rugs, Mysterious Flooring, and Mysterious Wallpaper.


Label is a self-employed creator of the brand “Labelle” who won’t appear in the town square until the Able Sisters Shop is constructed.

Once you have modelled it for her, she will offer you a party top and a cap to go with it.

Kicks (Shoe Shop)

After the Able Sisters Shop is constructed, Kicks the skunk will occasionally set up shop in the town square.

He offers shoes, stockings, and many forms of footwear, as his name suggests.


After you enhance Resident Services much later in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nook will come up with a plan to bring more tourists to the island.

The Campsite Construction Kit can then be created and placed. Once constructed, guests will stay here.

They are people you can meet and occasionally persuade to remain!