23 Best Cat Villagers in Animal Crossing

Every time a new Animal Crossing game comes out, we can’t wait to see who will be on the team and who will be added that we never would have thought to love.

Even though it’s true for almost every type of villager since New Horizons came out, it’s especially true for the cat villagers, who have 23 different types.

If you love cats a lot and aren’t sure which cat villager you should try to bring to your island, then celebrate! We have put together a list of the best cat neighbors from the Animal Crossing games.

Of course, he added a few of his own picks as well.

23. Genji

Genji is a dynamic and charismatic Cat villager in Animal Crossing, renowned for his strong personality and unwavering determination.

With his disciplined nature and samurai-inspired appearance, Genji exudes an air of noble strength.

He approaches every task with a focused mindset and a commitment to excellence, whether it’s engaging in friendly competitions or pursuing his personal goals.

Genji’s presence adds a sense of honor and dedication to any town or island, making him a respected and admired member of the Animal Crossing community.

22. Felyne

Felyne is a charismatic Cat villager in Animal Crossing, known for his charming personality and fashionable flair.

With his friendly demeanor and impeccable style, Felyne never fails to make a lasting impression on fellow residents.

Whether he’s engaging in lively conversations or showcasing his latest fashion finds, he exudes a delightful and playful energy.

Felyne’s presence brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any town or island, making him a beloved member of the Animal Crossing community.

21. Tabby

Tabby is a lively and playful Cat villager in Animal Crossing, known for her vibrant personality and stylish outfits.

With her friendly nature and energetic spirit, she brings a contagious sense of joy to any town or island.

Tabby’s presence is sure to add a dash of excitement and charm to your Animal Crossing experience.

20. Tom

This cranky villager wants to become a musician. He might have looked like Tom from Tom and Jerry.

Even if a villager is friendly and easy to talk to, Tom won’t be too pleased.

His nature makes him a little bit of a technophobe, and he will find any reason to talk to you about the good old days of his youth.

But that’s not the only thing he likes to do. He will also talk about other people and spread rumors about them.

Not a watching Tom, but a yapping Tom!

19. Felicity

Felicity, who is always happy, has to be the first of the top cats. She’s friendly, cute, and warms up to the player character quickly, which makes her easy to like.

However, this is true of most personality types in recent games, so it’s not unique to her.

The only thing that keeps her from ranking higher is that her appearance isn’t as interesting as some of the other cats’. But that’s not a bad thing!

Most types of villagers end up being pretty simple, but they’re still cute and fun to have.

18. Purrl

Purrl will seem rude at first, but she will soon warm up and tell you how she feels.

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This snobby village cat is also not going to like a casual sense of style. Because she likes to wear makeup and just as much likes to talk about how other people dress.

This girl isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. Because of this, she might seem rude at first.

She’s just being honest, though.

This is also why she gets along well with angry villagers and, most of the time, with regular villagers as well.

Purrl has to dress to impress!

17. Moe

Moe is a peasant who likes to play. He is cute and laid back, and his eyes look like puppy dog eyes.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t like having fun?

He is crazy about food, superheroes, and comic books. And love talking about them.

But that might turn away jocks and snobs from the village, since that kind of life is a big no-no for them.

But Moe likes to have fun, and that shows in the way he decorates his home.

If you go inside his house, you’ll see that it’s full of toys and bright colors, and he even has a bed that looks like a car.

Fun fact: His name might come from the sound a cat makes in Chinese.

16. Stinky

This villager’s name might come from the fact that he wears his underwear on the wrong way around over his head.

He wears them as a mask when he wrestles… So, yeah, this jock is so into wrestling that he will try to catch bugs and fish with the locals.

If Stinky’s style didn’t show that he loves wrestling so much, the way he decorates his house will prove it.

His house has a boxing ring, fighting mats, and a bell. The walls have animated wallpaper of people at a wrestling match.

And if you ring that cute bell, the fake crowd will cheer for you!

I wouldn’t suggest that you challenge Stinky to a match of arm wrestling.

15. Rudy

Rudy is a mix of flippant playfulness and a love for fitness. He has the same bright red nose as his famous character Rudolph the Reindeer.

This guy likes to play games and talk about exercise with the other people in the village.

It’s interesting that Rudy’s favorite song is K.K. Blues, even though he seems like a normal happy friend from every angle.

But none of the things in his house are blue. It has a lot of toys, bright colors, and a happy vibe.

14. KidCat

Animal Crossing will never be wronged because its heroes are always there to save the day.

KidCat is one of the five villages with a superhero theme, and he is one of the best. Filly, Big Top, Rocket, and Agent S are the other four.

In addition to their superhero outfits, these peasants are also wearing a number that shows they are on the superhero team.

KidCat is first.

This cat villager is a jock, which shouldn’t be a surprise. In the Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, his house looks like a locker room.

But he added a basketball hoop to New Horizons. Oh my!

13. Katt

Kat, a local who looks like a sister, is a rock star who loves to play maid.

Kat is a very helpful person who will help you if you get stung by a bee. She sounds crazy interesting, and she is.

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And they will even tell you how to beat other neighbors.

Such a sweet sister!

She definitely stays up late. She likes to stay up late, so if you want to take a shot of her, wait until after dark.

12. Mitzi

Mitzi is a normal peasant whose name comes from the mitten-like shape of her paws. Her cute catchphrase is “mew.”

She’s been in all of the Animal Crossing games so far.

Because of how she is, she is easy to get along with.

And wouldn’t you want a person who hula-hoops often to live in your town?

11. Kabuki

The cute little grumpy Kabuki is even more rude than a haughty farmer.

Even though he’s cranky, it’s not often that locals are rude to you, so it can be kind of cute.

The marks on his face are based on kabuki makeup, and his home is also heavily influenced by Japan. Even a mochi pestle is lying around in Kabuki.

10. Kiki

You might think of Drake when you hear this villager’s name, but it actually comes from the famous Studio Ghibli movie Kiki’s Delivery Service, in which the main character, Kiki, had an all-black cat.

Just like this Kiki!

She definitely keeps the island’s mood up by being a nice person.

She gets along well with the other people quickly, so you don’t have to keep asking, “Kiki, do you love me?”

9. Merry

As her name suggests, this peppy character is happy, easy to get excited, and always has a smile on her face.

Merry is always in a good mood because of the way she is wired. When she talks, she often overreacts to the smallest things.

Even though she gets angry quickly, it doesn’t matter because she can’t pay attention for long anyway.

This happy little cat is always ready to have fun and hopes to become famous one day.

I’d say she already is to Animal Crossing fans.

8. Rosie

Rosie is a happy cat who lives in the town. She has been in every Animal Crossing game and even on the covers.

She wants to be a movie star and likes to sing karaoke to show how good she is.

Like her, her house does not have a single theme. It has a lot of strange items, like a punching bag and a gas pump.

Just goes to show how happy and different she is.

7. Punchy

Even though the word “lazy” sounds bad, Punchy gives it a new meaning by living a relaxed, easygoing life where nothing gets him down.

His name sounds like he might get hit in the face a lot. But that’s just because “Binta” is his Japanese name.

Gotta give it to him, his eyes do look like he’s been hit in the face!

He is very attractive and a great person to talk to.

Punchy is cute no matter what anyone says. And we can certainly learn from what he did.

6. Tangy

Another local cat that is lively? Yes, thank you!

We can’t get enough of these people who are always on the go. But Tangy is special because she loves oranges.

This fashion queen has a tangerine for a head and a green leaf for bangs. She brings Vitamin C and taste to your island.

But she’s crazy about more than just oranges. Her house is also decorated with other fruit-themed items.

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With a pineapple bed, an orange chair, a lime chair, a watermelon table, an apple clock, and a pear closet and cabinet… Tangy will make sure you don’t forget to eat your five a day.

5. Olivia

Classy and stuffy Olivia is another person on this list who is a fashion queen and loves to tell other women in the village what to wear.

At first, she will seem a little too interested in herself. Let’s be honest, she was on the cover of K. K. Bazaar.

But she opens up in the end while still being slightly rude.

The way she looks is also reflected in the way she decorates her home, which has a lot of pieces from the Regal Series, as well as a bass and an ivory piano.

4. Ankha

Ankha is another snobby peasant who likes to live a luxurious life. Her eyeliner makes her look like Cleopatra, or maybe Cat-eopetra.

Pretty good for a farmer who lives with cats and is interested in Egyptian history.

People say that her colors and snake ornament were inspired by the mask of the Egyptian god Tutankhamun.

Also like her, Ankha always seems to have a frown on her face. And her smile and her frown are exactly the same.

In the first Animal Crossing game, Ankha’s house only had one thing: a master sword.

But in later books, different things were added to her house. She got a tower, a gold toilet, and a Libra scale on New Horizons.

Plus a lot of other things that were inspired by her Egyptian roots.

3. Lolly

This grey tabby cat with a normal attitude not only has a cute little house, but she also has cute eyes that look like commas turned upside down.

Or scary, depending on how you look at it.

Her name comes from candy, and the first word in her name, “bonbon,” is the French word for candy.

She’s cute right off the bat because she’s friendly, and her cuteness goes up tenfold when she wears some of her many other clothes.

She’s also on the covers of Lucy K. K.’s records.

2. Bob

Bob, a lazy villager who says that chilling out is actually in his blood, is a fan favorite and near the top of the list.

Now, if that doesn’t show how committed he is to a laid-back way of life, I don’t know what does.

His first word is as cute as his all-purple outfit.

It could also be a reference to the sound a cat makes when it throws up hair. Major lols.

People often compare him to Pee-Wee Herman because of how rough he is with interior design. Of course, in the nicest way possible.

1. Raymond

Ask any fan of Animal Crossing who their favorite cat neighbor is, or even who their favorite character is.

Raymond is likely at the top of their list.

Since his first appearance in New Horizons, this cocky cat villager has been at the top of many fans’ Internet votes and Twitter feeds.

His fame is helped by the fact that he dresses up, has different-colored eyes, and likes anime.

He will even wear a maid’s uniform if someone gives it to him.

Now that’s something to enjoy.

Raymond is very picky about what he likes, and it shows in the way the inside of his very business-like and very clean home looks.

It’s no wonder so many stars love him.