27 Best ACNH Living Room Ideas

The living room is typically the first room you see when you enter someone’s home in the real world.

It creates that first impression that either makes you feel welcome or makes you wonder if you should have even gone there in the first place.

There are many ways to make your Living Room Ideas in Animal Crossing feel warm and welcoming. And just here, we have a tonne.

Here are a few fantastic living room layouts to help you freshen up your residence in New Horizons!

27. Cozy Brick Living Room

If red bricks are more your style, miss_acnh’s brick living room idea could give you some ideas.

The brick walls are only on one side of the room. The other walls are white. This adds a pop of style and a nice difference to the living room.

If you’re asking about the bookshelves, it’s just a Classic Library Wall. Because the brick counters and pillars are put in front of it, it looks like a bookshelf because it is partly hidden.

Adding glow-in-the-dark stickers that are made just for the fireplace can bring it to life. I think it’s really clever, don’t you?

26. Living Room with Wall Aquariums

Reddit user u/gxxsn adds two-wall tanks to their design to add color and detail to a white and cream living room that is mostly white. It is the part of the Underwater Wall that is divided by pillars and a Partition Wall.

We had to look around for the chairs. The seats are Simple Sofas, and the table is a Nordic Table with a vase of Casablanca Lilies on top.

Plant Partitions and Scheffleras also give the room some green and leafy goodness. With their blue colors, the porcelain vase (Wisteria) and the small vase (Daffodils) go well with the tank.

25. Traditional Japanese Home

It will take a lot of work to make this traditional Japanese house, but the time will be well spent.

It’s hard because you have to change all the simple panels and wallpaper to show the different Japanese images you see around the room.

Rush tatami flooring is also needed so that it looks good with the wallpaper.

For the middle of the room, you need floor seats and a kotatsu.

Even though you can use any table decorations you want, a simple tea kettle and cups fit in well with the idea of a Japanese home.

Once you’ve added plants like bonsai trees and monsteras to the space, you’ll be able to relax in your new Zen spot.

24. Cozy Mountain Cabin

Have you ever stayed in a cozy house while skiing?

Well, I haven’t. But I still like the way a nice wooden house looks and feels.

To set up this interior, you need a log wall and a wooden knot floor.

You’ll need some plants like the cocoa tree and monster again.

The red kilim-style carpet and the two white chairs go well together and make the cabin look more like a home.

Small things like the boomerang hanging over the doorway or the cushions on the floor around the board game really make this cabin a great place to live.

23. Fairy Woods

With this design, you can bring out the magic in you by making a room in your house look like a scene from a fairy tale.

All the different kinds of plants are what really bring this design to life.

Both the wildflower field floor and the misty garden wall make the room feel magical, and Saharah will sell you both of them while she is there.

A floating biotope and a cacao tree are both great plants to use as ornaments.

The two rocket lamps on the sides also add to the mysterious feel of this room. So make sure you go to Nook’s Cranny to get some.

And the green checked blanket makes the room feel like a natural home.

22. Modern Monochrome

I’ve found that white is a popular color in many modern homes.

It’s easy. It matches everything. It can help make the room brighter.

For this design, you would add some basic white furniture, such as a box-shaped corner sofa, a fireplace, and a low wooden table.

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You would also need to gather star pieces to make the two huge nova lights that really make the room brighter.

Some items, like the lucky cat and the pine bonsai trees, add color to the room. Shake some pine cones off of trees to make them.

Put a 50-inch TV above your fireplace to finish it off, and you’re one step closer to modern chic.

21. Goth-Themed Living Room

If you didn’t notice, this goth-style sitting room is all about how everything is black.

You’ll need a black box-shaped seat, a black low table made of wood, and even an old clock. In black, yes.

If you want to show your dark side, you have to have the skull print floors.

And if you want to be even more goth, use a skull wall. But the black wall in the hallway works just fine.

For your gothic cave to look complete, you’ll also want to buy a throwback skull radio, a chessboard, and a birdcage.

20. Dog Lover’s Dream

This style stands out to me for two reasons:

First, there are pictures of dogs on the wall. To show off your own dogs with pride, you’ll need to make your own patterns.

The other thing is how cozy this place feels at night. Just thinking about it makes me want to stay up late, read a book on the couch, and pet my dog.

Standard things you can buy in ACNH are the sofa and fireplace.

But you’ll need peaches to make the chairs made of peaches.

Also, you’ll need star pieces to make the crescent moon chair and starry garland that will give your room a warm, midnight feel.

19. White Christmas Room

Here’s a beautiful design for the holidays or if you’re one of those weirdos who keeps their Christmas lights up all year long!

The white color plan makes this living room stand out from other holiday-themed rooms.

The sofa, table, and chairs are all part of a set of log furniture, which is made from hardwood and is customized for white wood.

During the holiday season, shake the ornaments off of cedar trees to make the Christmas trees.

Once you buy a fireplace, you can get a cup of hot cocoa and relax in your new, cozy room.

18. Magical Mermaid Palace

Even though it’s not the most original idea, putting together all the pieces from the same set of furniture makes a beautiful room.

Almost every step in making this scene calls for a lot of shells.

After you find scallops, you’ll also need to talk to Pascal to get the mermaid DIY recipes and the pearls you’ll need to make them.

The mermaid sofa and shell table, which make a cozy place to sit, are two interesting pieces here.

For the undersea look, mermaid floors are also important. This person has a blue heart-patterned floor and blue heart-patterned wallpaper.

You could also try the underwater wall.

Under the sea, life is a lot better.

17. Living Room in a Hobbit Hole

Living Room Ideas

The Shire from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which you should see if you haven’t already, served as the model for this concept.

However, you should start by buying the lacy rug, ivy wall, and mossy garden flooring from Saharah.

The log chairs and couches are made from timber and may be personalised with either the picture’s floral pattern or your design.

You can create a mushroom lamp or two to add to the décor and have your own lovely hobbit hole if you save some mushrooms from November.

16. Cherry Blossom Forest Room

Really, there’s just something really beautiful about an Animal Crossing house that mimics the outside.

This notion was also influenced by cherry blossoms.

Almost every item you’ll need requires cherry blossom petals for making, so you’ll need to gather a lot of them while they’re in season.

The cherry blossom flooring and wall are crucial for creating the impression of being surrounded by a stunning cherry blossom forest.

These petals are also needed to make other goods, such as the cherry blossom bonsai, cherry blossom branches, and blossom viewing lantern.

While you are allowed to create more of each thing if you so choose, there are occasions when less really is more.

15. Living Room in Hotel Lobby

Anyone else feel that the furnishings in a hotel lobby are much more comfy than those in your actual room?

You may now design your very own hotel lobby using various crafting methods and things available for purchase!

I really like the box sofas in the middle looking outward, even though they are generally arranged in a corner facing one another. Just a fresh and innovative approach to put the thing.

You’ll also need a white hallway wall and palace tile flooring from Saharah to replicate this design.

Another crucial component is building a bookcase, which requires books (obviously).

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And without a front desk complete with den desk and typewriter, no hotel lobby would be complete!

14. Themed Chinese Restaurant

What could possibly be disliked about a living room that includes a Chinese restaurant?

Simple living room furniture is one of the necessities you’ll require here. such as a rocking chair, short wooden table, and double sofa.

The voluminous amount of ornaments, mostly from the imperial era, is what distinguishes this room.

That’s right, to furnish the dining area, you’ll need an imperial dining table, imperial seats, imperial chests, and imperial dividers.

You’ll also need a red rug in the kilim style, and then it’s time to settle in and enjoy your new home!

13. Living Room from the 1970s

I must say, this is a cool design.

Perhaps it’s the wall covered in an old-fashioned flower print or the orange and green twin sofas, but this vibrant interior is quite stunning.

To do it yourself, you’ll need a brown shag rug to further spice up your space and light herringbone flooring.

Then decorate the area with the most awesome plants possible, such as cacao trees, cat grass, and fan palms. Far fetched!

12. Deep Sea Cavern

ACNH has the talent to combine various furniture sets to produce beautiful results. It’s simply amazing.

You’ll need starry skies flooring and wallpaper for this concept, but you’ll also need the mermaid series for the furniture.

Shells and a few pearls are needed to make mermaid couches, rugs, tables, shelves, and lamps. So start looking for some scallops to trade for recipes from Pascal!

Even a wooden block bookshelf, which needs softwood, and an Astrological Cancer crab table, which needs star fragments, are incorporated into this design.

The animated picture, more well known as the Birth of Venus, adds the finishing touch to this underwater paradise and takes it to a whole new level.

11. Anime Playroom

Who here enjoys anime?

I’m sure that many of you who are reading this have dabbled in anime, going by the fandom.

This design isn’t particularly complex, but it’s more like the convergence of all these components into one brilliant idea.

You’ll need a tonne of magazines to make the manga library wall for this (which I think is a totally weird and awesome wallpaper design).

Then fill the space with a tonne of toys, including a rocking horse, board game, doll, daddy bear, and baby panda.

To participate in your favourite anime, you’ll also need costumes like ninja hoods, power helmets, and zap helmets.

10. Rattan Home Garden

Although the concept is quite simple, the execution is excellent. I’d even say perfect.

All of the furniture is made of rattan and is a neutral shade of brown.

There are rattan seats, tables, closets, tiny tables, and vanities that can all be purchased through Nook Shopping.

Another lovely addition to the space is the white upright piano, which gives it additional character.

This living room feels more like an inviting location for guests because the yellow Persian rug is the focal point of all the furniture here!

9. Living Room Library in the Basement

Even though this space has more of a study than a living room aesthetic, it is nonetheless incredibly gorgeous to look at.

Probably one of the more original concepts for an indoor library.

All of the couches are double sofas, and low imperial tables are also present.

To create all the bookshelves for this idea, you’ll need to purchase a lot of books using Nook Shopping. What good is a library if not for research?

The candles and the sepia globe are small additions that make the room feel cosier.

A stunning artwork to place on the wall is the last thing you should get, however any large-scale painting will suffice. How diligent!

8. A living room with stars

Goodnight, and pleasant dreams! Actually not at all.

But you’ll definitely feel drowsy after looking at beautiful night sky.

To put up this living room idea, you’ll need wallpaper and flooring that features starry skies.

Spend some time outside and make wishes on some shooting stars since you’ll also need to make a moon and crescent moon chair out of star pieces.

There are also some nova lights in this concept, and Celeste can be approached on starry evenings for the recipes.

Last but not least, strew some star fragments across the floor. This gives it a more cosmic feel.

7. The Common Room of Hogwarts


Like me, you probably love Harry Potter a lot, therefore you should definitely check out this common area!

This concept makes use of common furnishings found in ACNH, such as a fireplace, rattan seats, and twin sofas.

However, you’ll also need to make some things yourself, such barrels, which need for iron and wood. Additionally, books and wood are needed for the bookcases.

The lab experiments that are prepared on the table for your homework on potions are the cherry on top of this area.

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You can even alter stuff to fit the colours of your preferred Hogwarts house if you are aware of it.

As a Slytherin, I would make everything green and silver, unlike this Hufflepuff player who chose yellow. You truly have a choice!

6. Discussion Pit

Source of the image: PUZZZLEDBELUGA

This is not your typical living room, while not being the most visually stunning concept.

In Animal Crossing, it’s fairly simple to create something that would be really wonderful to have in real life.

Start by lining the walls with as many white den desks as you can afford.

Next, arrange a number of box couches and corners to form the circle.

To make the log table and the bookshelf wallpaper, you’ll need some hardwood and a lot of books, respectively.

Last but not least, adorn the tables and desks with lots of bookstands, candles, cushions, and plants to spice up the chats you and your ACNH friends will have here.

5. Club Room


If the living room is meant to be the pinnacle of home entertainment, then this space lounge will definitely strike the mark!

You’ll need to use some wood to make a low table and some star bits to create the sci-fi wall and nova lights for this.

You may easily purchase the remaining pieces of furniture and accents from Nook Shopping when you require them.

To effectively reflect the other lighting, white is preferred for box sofas and den workstations.

For a great spot to serve drinks, you’ll also need some bar chairs and espresso equipment. in the family room?

Hell yeah.

The final feature is distinctive in that the neon signs for the diner are turned to face the wall, giving you all the light without any intrusive “We’re Open” signs. really cool

4. Garden of the butterfly

Source of the image: @ACNH HONEYBEE

One of the most prevalent bugs on your island is the butterfly.

So why not adopt their style for your living room?

It goes without saying that you’ll need the butterfly wallpaper in addition to standard living room furnishings like twin sofas and a fireplace.

It never occurred to me to use a log bench as a table, but it is perfect for this style!

Last but not least, you’ll need floral rush mat flooring to finish off your butterfly haven!

3. The palace of Ice Wizard


You’re in luck if you were able to collect some substantial snowflakes over the winter.

A few steps will bring you to the palace of the ice wizard!

To create the ice block flooring and wallpaper for this idea, you will need snowflakes.

You can mix and combine them as you choose, however this player used both a log bench and a log wild bench to go with their log dining table.

To help with the ice appearance, you should alter them to white wood.

Everything you add—basically, the decorations—is what really transforms this space into an ice wizard’s palace.

A retro gothic mirror, a Sagittarius arrow, a plasma ball, and wall-mounted candles are a few of my personal favourites that truly add to the wonderful atmosphere of this space.

2. A living room in an overgrown greenhouse

Source of the image: @ZARABOWS

I’ve demonstrated numerous ideas that effectively utilise indoor plants, but this concept goes even further!

I don’t even know where to begin because this room is filled with so much great stuff.

I suppose I’ll start by highlighting the unique leaf patterns that this gamer added to the common flooring.

Additionally, there are furniture items like bookcases, rocking rockers, log chairs, and log benches that require different types of wood to construct.

You’ll need to make the plants, leaf piles, and garden benches out of various flowers and weeds.

You can purchase cacao plants, monsteras, and fan palms on Nook Shopping. So start ringing those bells and start decorating!

Also, have a look at our selection of greenhouse design ideas if you need more inspiration for your lush living space. There is a lot of crossover.

1. Living Room With A Fruity Funhouse

Source of the image: Harvard Lynch

I won’t lie: I specifically looked for a living room with furnishings with a fruit motif for this piece.

I was not let down. I don’t believe you will be dissatisfied if you construct something similar either.

Here are some items that stand out in the space:

Orange rug, peach rug, delicious apple TV, and orange clock on the wall. All of these combine to create a lively and delicious home!

Other things you’ll need to make yourself are a shell table, a double yellow sofa, a vintage mitt chair, and a refrigerator.

This can become a fruity-funky hangout that actually feels like a special living room by hanging some of your favourite albums on the wall.