15 Best ACNH Suburban Neighborhood Layout Ideas

Some people like living in large towns.

Some people like the quiet pleasures of the suburbs.

If you like living in the suburban, this list is sure to help you bring that feeling right into your Animal Crossing island.

You can relax without the hustle and bustle of big towns, but you can still enjoy modern conveniences like WiFi, which some rural areas don’t have.

You know, the best of both worlds?

15. European Neighborhood

Most villager houses are really cute, and most of the time they have soft pastel colors.

This is great because it makes it easy to put them together.

The muted colors and whites in this neighborhood give it a charming look that reminds me of an Eastern European area.

Maybe it’s all the stone walls.

Lots of outdoor things, like a rocking chair, a dog house, and a clothes rack, give this area a lived-in, comfortable look.

Even though it was cold outside.

14. Japanese-Inspired Neighborhood

This idea comes from a neighborhood in Japan, and it has an amazing theme.

Even though these houses look like the people who live in them (but aren’t very specific), this player built the whole world around them.

This build looks like a normal Japanese suburb, minus the houses, because it has sakura blossoms and vending machines.

Shisa sculptures are also helpful.

Cool details like petals or leaves on the ground make this idea feel more real and less like a game.

The mossy walls do, too.

When things are too clean, they look too good for their own good, you know?

13. Dreamland Neighborhood

If you like bright colors, this could be the perfect place for your island in the suburbs.

All of the houses in the village are close to each other, and a thin stream and a few bridges link small islands.

If you don’t have much room, this is a great solution. And those happy, bright colors make it very cheery.

In a build like this, where there isn’t much extra space, it’s important to choose the right things.

Getting something like this to work can depend on how well they match (like that blue and yellow phone box).

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12. Woodland Neighborhood

If you don’t like bright colors or want a forestcore or cottagecore island, pay attention.

This building instead uses the beauty of nature to make it look nice, with things like wooden walls, lots of flowers, and bee boxes.

You’ll love watching the butterflies flit around the flower yard, and your helpful villagers should also water the hyacinths, daisies, and roses.

Also, make sure to put in one or two street lamps. Safety at night is important!

Having houses on different height levels helps keep things interesting with the help of terrain tools.

Get shoveling!

11. Sleepy Suburbs

Homes should be warm and inviting. I think that’s what the law says.

And it’s easy to feel at home in this quiet, sleepy area.

This is a good place to live because it has things like a phone box and gas for your (nonexistent) neighbors’ cars.

A bus stop, an apple tree, and lots of outdoor room all add to this cozy feeling.

During the day, bugs and butterflies are out and about in the suburbs, just like your locals.

And enjoy the quiet at night.

10. Tropical Suburb

I love how creative the people who play Animal Crossing are on the Internet. I mean it.

But in the end, New Horizons is about life on an island. And builds like this that focus on the “island” part make my brain release chemicals that make me feel good.

Your people can have a barbecue party at the park across the street from their homes.

The swaying bamboo trees and other Asian-tropical elements help create a calm, warm atmosphere that is great for daydreaming about summer.

A clothesline and a birdhouse also give these houses some personality, which you should definitely add to your next suburban neighborhood.

9. Springy Suburbs

Isn’t it great to be alone?

With this beautifully spread out, natural residential area, you can now have all the peace you want.

Be a part of nature with the woods, the stream, the waterfall, and even the beach.

Some players, like Isabelle, don’t see how beautiful the flowers are that grow everywhere.

But since they turn into different flowers, they make great decorations if your star rating is high enough or you don’t care about that sort of thing.

You can put as many or as few homes as you want in this place. Then put some flowers there and leave it alone!

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The look of being too old is good here.

The Secret Garden is so well-known for a reason.

8. Riverside Residential Area

Now, here’s another neighborhood with a lot of peace, quiet, and privacy.

Imagine waking up to the sounds of water running and birds singing. That’s what makes this neighborhood plan interesting.

In the morning, ride your bike down the rolling hills, and in the evening, do some farming.

You can even do these levels on your own island if you take care to change the land.

With this design, you’ll have enough room to be alone but not so much that you feel like you’re all alone in the woods.

And it looks like a great place to fish, doesn’t it?

7. Mushroom Fairy Mountain

Fairycore is just so cool.

If your island has a fairytale theme or you just want to add some magic to it, you might want to build something like this.

Each house is on its own little island with waterfalls and a river all around it.

But save your Bells, because those hills and bridges will cost a lot.

It’s a great place for the fae and their friends to live because it has pieces of stars, flowers, and big mushrooms.

What a great way to build something to catch bugs or watch shooting stars.

6. Boardwalk Village

Here’s a really cool idea that works well in a small town.

Instead of putting the houses in rows, give each one its own little island and link them with bridges and wooden planks.

Flooding won’t be a problem in New Horizons, after all!

Each house can have a “lawn” that is as big or as small as you want. You can also try raising one or two of them and putting a waterfall next to them.

The scene with the fishing would be great. And can you picture the sound of the rain hitting the water all around you?

Every day, your people will love to check out the bridge chains.

This would be a fun thing to build and take pictures of.

5. Pink City Center

Do you like pink?

Do you like flowers?

Do you like things to look like they belong in a storybook?

Then, here’s a skyline that looks more like a town, which I think you’ll like.

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With houses quite far apart, you can use existing roads or make your own to make a paved area.

Custom panels are used to make the houses look bigger than the normal four-sided shack.

These panels can also be used to store or hide things, like turnips.

I can’t stop looking at how pretty it is. Excuse me a moment.

4. Coastal Neighborhood

All of these entries are truly coastal, since they are all on islands.

But this thought really gets it.

Whether your house is right on the beach or right next to it, the ocean is just a hop, skip, or jump away.

Enjoy the fresh air from the ocean and make the suburbs your own.

Details from the coast, like the lighthouse, help bring this theme together.

Villagers can also sit on the new seats if their little animal legs get tired.

And if people want to go explore, they can follow the signs to other parts of the island.

3. A Peaceful Suburb

This quiet neighborhood is a great place to settle down and enjoy the rest of your Animal Crossing years.

Muted beige and green colors look great with brick walls and stairs. And the fall colors of the grass and trees look great together.

Setups like these are great for saving room on an island with a lot going on.

Because each villager doesn’t need a lot of room outside. Just a few of your own things will do.

2. Neighborhood Entrance

If you have a lot of room, try building a big suburban neighborhood like this so that each of your villagers has their own green space!

As you can see, there is a lot of room between the homes.

Which means that everyone needs a lawn.

The stone bridges, white street lamps, statues, and flowers in this area make it look elegant and classy, but still friendly.

I’d move here in a heartbeat!

1. Elegant ACNH Neighborhood

This area is beautiful and classy, and it feels like it’s for the top 1%.

But if your island is rich enough, that could be you and everyone else who lives there!

This neighborhood looks like something out of a fairy tale, with its beautiful pinks and whites.

The houses look like little mansions because they have a lot of custom-made walls and are placed in a smart way.

If only money could grow on trees the way Bells do.