32 ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas

One of my favorite things about New Horizons is that players can pretty much do whatever they want to their islands.

People have different ideas about what makes a good neighborhood.

Because of this, so many of the towns and servers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be changed to look how you want them to.

One thing that’s popular in the Animal Crossing community is the cottagecore theme.

If you’ve been to some of these places, you might want to try this look for yourself but didn’t know how!

Well, I’ve got you covered with some amazing cottagecore designs and some tips on how you can make some of them yourself.

32. Pashminas House

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31. Autumnal Cottage Garden

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30. Mush River

Is there a better way to kick back and relax than to sit on a big mushroom by the river?

This little island makes me feel everything.

You can also make this:

Gather your best custom designs for rustic paths and place them around the area. Even how they are put together doesn’t matter.

Add a few small pieces of hedges and some flowers all over the area.

Don’t forget the big mushroom and the well-known mush lamps to finish the look.

29. Forest Core Circle Path

This little patch of cottagecore is just what you need to spice up your walks!

You just need to lay down your best path design and leave a small circle of grass in the middle.

Put some plants and flowers in the middle to add color.

They even put a bunch of star pieces in this area to make it look even better.

This is such an easy way to make a corner of your island more interesting. Anyone who lives in the village would love to wake up in this area.

28. Mush Dining Area

I love everything about this little eating area, from the mushroom stools to the piles of leaves.

And it’s not too hard to make.

You only need a small piece of cliff to work with. Add your best slope and a custom-designed wooden floor.

Then, add the ironwood kitchenette to fit in with the style. To make this, you’ll need the cutting board DIY.

Now, turn a stove around so it faces the wrong way, and you have a handy little shelf area!

To finish, add some trees and plants to make the area look better.

27. Rocky Path

If you don’t know what to do with a small room on your island, this cottage core path is a great idea.

All you need are some stepping stones with a custom pattern and rocks to make a path.

You can also put flowering shrubs and a lot of cedar and hardwood trees around the area.

Of course, you’ll need a small wooden sign to show the people on your island where to go. You can also decorate this place with jail bars.

Finish by making a cute little place to sit in case anyone needs a break during their hike through the woods.

26. Flower Hill

Flower lovers dream about this beautiful place.

Here’s how to make your own rocks with flowers on them.

Start by building a few levels of cliffs and putting waterfalls where they make sense.

Cover the very top of the hill with yellow flowers, though you can use any color you want.

Finish by adding lots of wooden items and your best seats so you can sit back and look at your work.

25. Hidden Hangout

The best place to relax is in this hideout with a cottagecore theme. Invite your friends over to this cute little secret seating area so you can catch up with them.

You can make this by putting in a step with a slope that goes down into a hole and then putting in a floor made of bricks with unique designs.

You can start to decorate by putting together a bunch of wooden furniture and stacks of books.

Put a lot of yellow and white flowers all around the area. Then you can add some wedding lights to make it feel like a real cottage.

I also can’t miss the wedding cake on the table. The colors are a great fit for the theme.

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Who doesn’t like cake, anyway?

24. Bridge Through the Forest

This lovely design looks like it could be on a postcard. It would be a great addition to any island with its flowing rivers and waterfalls.

You can make this work of art by changing the shape of a few rocks and adding waterfalls to them.

On your island, there is a river that flows through all the waterfalls.

Place a mix of cedar and hardwood trees in the rest of the area and a wooden bridge across the main rocks to connect the two.

Add some plants and old things to finish the look. And don’t forget to bring a bike so you can ride through the forest whenever you want.

23. Rustic Farming

This place was made for people in the village who like to grow plants.

If you want to keep your gardening skills sharp, you could make yourself this great farming place.

You just need some pieces that can be changed to look like a barn. You can also put a fire oven and barrels outside.

A bunch of log tables and hay beds with cute little place settings were used to make the sitting area. This place will be a treat for your villagers.

You could even build this around a house in your village. On your island, has anyone ever wanted a farm?

22. Reading Area

What a cool place to read this is in a cottagecore style.

You can make your own area like this by putting some wooden furniture in the spot on your island that you like best.

Add some custom paths and stacks of books to make the place more interesting.

Put some flowers in this area for sure, but also make sure to add a lot of barrels to make it look like an island.

You can’t forget that every reading place needs a wooden duck, though.

21. Stone Arch

This pattern is very easy to make, but it looks very complicated.

It’s a great way to use small areas on your island.

Place a stone arch between two of your rocks to get this look. Make sure there is a winding waterfall coming down the side of the hill to pull the whole thing together.

To take your design to the next level, make sure to add some custom stone shapes to the grass.

Add some bushes, log furniture, and leaf piles, and you have the perfect cottagecore waterfall nook.

20. Private Lake

Build your own lake dock right outside your front door to reach your cottage-style goals.

There’s nothing better than getting up early and going fishing or sitting down and reading until the sun sets.

Put some waterfalls on the side and let them flow into the lake around your house to make it feel even cozier.

Then put some log chairs and tables on your dock and don’t forget a fishing stick so you’re always ready to cast a line.

Last but not least, make sure there are a lot of trees in the area.

19. Cottagecore Cranny

This super cute Nook’s Cranny pattern will help you get in touch with your inner cottage-cool.

A lot of custom-made patterns that look nice have been put on the ground around the store to make it stand out.

If you want to try this design, make sure to put a lot of plants around the store and in the area around it. Different styles. You can also add some trees with flowers.

Add a barrel and a birdcage if you want to go all out with the old country idea.

You can also make a cute place to sit outside. A log bench or one made of iron would be the right finishing touch.

And if you want even more ideas for Nook’s Cranny, check out our list!

18. Hearty Lake

How cool is this lake that looks like a heart?

Use your river-building tool to make a heart-shaped hole, and then make sure to add lots of custom tracks that wind around the area.

Around the lake, you can also plant a lot of flowers and bushes.

Lastly, put an iron bench by the lake so you can sit and watch the weather.

With a lover, maybe?

17. Forest Picnic

With this super cute design, your meals in the woods will look as nice as a postcard.

Using two tree logs as seats and a wooden table, this is a great place to have a tea party in the woods.

Spread any extra nuts around as well. You can also let any weeds grow, which is the best way to decorate.

To take your cottage core vibes to the next level, you can also add custom floor patterns, flowers, or wooden planks.

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16. Sunken Library

All of my cottage-style dreams are coming true because of this underground library.

Set your house up on a cliff and make your front yard into a living place.

Add some custom-designed carpets and a cozy sitting area with wooden furniture and tree trunk stools on top. I like that umbrella stand, too.

You can also put out lots of teapots and cakes in case anyone stops by. Because, really, who doesn’t like snacks?

You can put a lot of bookshelves on top of the cliff to make it feel like the best library ever. You could also put up some art around the spot.

Use your own unique art or some fakes you’ve bought from Redd before.

15. Antique Island

This plan for a cliff with multiple levels looks amazing.

If you like going to old shops, you should add this to your island.

Just put a table and chair made of wood in the middle of the land you dug up. It would be a great place to set up a reading area or even a small painting area.

Fill the sides of the cliffs with a lot of old and wooden things, as well as a few plants.

You can use some mushroom lamps to light up the area, and it will look great at night.

14. Laundry Area

Have you ever wondered how people who don’t have cleaning machines clean their clothes?

So, why not set up this vintage place for them to do their laundry?

All you need are a lot of old washtubs and lines to hang the clothes on.

Set them up next to the lake and add barrels and hay beds to complete the look.

To go with the idea, you can also add a clay oven and some bamboo trees.

Lastly, you can make the wooden planks that lead to the lake by adding a unique floor design.

13. Market Core

This is what cottagecore was supposed to be about.

You can make your own market like this by making your own old-world-looking stands.

Just talk to Sable a lot if you don’t have any plans you can use. Over time, she’ll get to know you better and give you more ideas.

You can sell any kind of goods you want in your shops. But make sure to put wooden fences along your paths to keep with the idea.

Add the tree’s bounty arch and a customized market sign to finish.

Soon, it will be the island’s biggest market.

12. Outdoor Office

This idea is really taken to the next level by the custom flooring.

Choose the brick floor design you like best and start setting up your working space.

Grab a fireplace and turn it around to make the ideal desk. You can really set the scene by adding stacks of books and papers lying around.

For a creative look, get some simple panels and make patterns on them that look like file drawers.

Don’t forget to add a plant or two, because, let’s face it, everyone needs a plant in their office!

11. Village Core

What a cute little village this is!

You can do this by planting trees, bushes, and flowers all around your house. The typical way for cottage music.

Place some mush lamps around the area to light up this super cute town area at night.

Use wooden slopes to really make the idea work. This way, you can also fit more things.

You can even add small details, like those awesome wreaths you can give to the locals.

10. Campsite Picnics

This beautiful cottagecore space will make your island the best place to camp this summer.

Start by making a sign for your campsite that tells your neighbors what it’s all about.

You can make your blanket unique by adding a pattern, and you can put a variety of things on top, like books, picnic supplies, or even a ukulele.

You can add a clothes line and a bunch of things that look like mushrooms to go with the forest theme. So, your guests will have a place to hang their clothes!

The most important thing is to bring a flame and marshmallow sticks.

Can you smell s’mores?

9. Yellow Flower Road

Follow the road with the yellow flowers!

What a great place this bridge is! With this beautiful design idea, you can cross over into cottage-chic heaven.

To make this super cute set up, you’ll need custom designs for the stone floors. Then, add a stone bridge and watch this look come to life right before your eyes.

Don’t forget to put in a lot of fruit trees and a few foliage trees as well.

You can also add random pieces of wooden fence in any order.

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8. Gardens and Orchards

The best way to make hybrid flowers fast is to use these tiny gardens.

The best way to grow rare colors of flowers of your own is to plant them in 3×3 rows with spaces between each flower.

And keep them in these cute yard areas with wooden fences so they don’t get stepped on.

You can also make your garden look like an orchard by putting your fruit trees in rows and making walks between each row.

For the finishing touch, make signs for your gardens and orchards.

7. Campsite Core

This campsite might be the best example of cottagecore yet. It has everything a camper could want, like a roaring fire and a nice place to eat.

Start by adding your best path designs to make your own amazing campsite between the cliffs.

Then add a blanket pattern and a lot of log furniture made of wood.

You can’t forget the campfire, of course. Those log chairs are a great addition to the area.

Finish by putting in lots of flowers and lighting your walks with tiki torches.

6. Able Sisters Cottagecore

With this front yard idea, you can turn your Able Sisters into a cottage-style haven.

You can do this by putting up a wooden fence around your store and putting down flooring that looks like wood.

Make sure to add a table and chairs so that your villagers can take a break outside and rest. After all, shopping for clothes is hard work!

You can also add a place to do laundry near your store. Doesn’t it fit the theme?

I’m sure Mabel and Sable will love the new entrance to their shop.

5. Hiking Path

What better way to see your island than to walk along the edges of its cliffs?

You can do whatever you want to decorate these paths:

You could start by adding a lot of custom floor patterns, like flowers and log slices. Or add some dirt tracks to make it a bit messier.

Be sure to add lots of flowers and some wooden fencing to the sides to make them look nice.

And it wouldn’t be a forest without a bunch of evergreen plants.

4. Cottagecore Forest Bridge

Make this forest bridge area, which will be the perfect addition to your cottage core island.

All you have to do is build a circle of cliffs and streams around your bridge to show off your terraforming skills.

If your waterfalls flow into the river that runs through your island, you can add a wooden bridge to connect the waterfalls to the island’s center point.

Make sure to put a lot of cedar trees and hardwood trees, as well as a few shrubs.

To finish off the area, you can also add some custom trails and a lot of barrels.

Lastly, don’t forget to add some old-fashioned lamp posts to light the way when it’s dark.

3. Forest Diner

Check out this idea for a restaurant in the middle of the woods.

It has everything you need for a quick snack while you’re hiking.

Here’s what you need to do:

Start with a place on your island where trees are everywhere.

Hide away a variety of things, like coffee machines and fire ovens, in case any wanderers stop by to eat.

Don’t forget to make a small seating place and maybe a small sink and cutting board that are close together.

And, of course, a wooden sign telling people where the food is.

2. Pumpkin Patch

This great design will give your yard a cottage-style look.

Make the best pumpkin patch and bring fall into the front yard of any town (does anyone else like that coffee table area?)

Just put down some custom-designed wooden planks and a straight path to your front door.

Add some wooden furniture and lots of pumpkin-themed things to the outside.

Finish the room by putting in a stove and a stack of books to tie everything together. Then add some old-fashioned cottagecore pieces where you want.

1. Cottagecore Entrance

This is such a great way to welcome guests to your island. It will blow their minds when they step off the plane.

And if you want your whole house to look like a cottage, there’s no better place to start than your front door.

I really like the custom rock road that goes deep into the island. There’s also a cute custom sign.

You’ll need to put up wooden walls to keep people out of your island, so if you do this, plant a lot of trees as well.

You could even add a rope or an old mailbox to make it more interesting. Just to make sure.