27 Best ACNH Stall Design Ideas

I’ll bet you want me to explain what this is about, but I’m not going to do that yet. I’m putting things off.

Even though it was a bad joke, the stall in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very useful DIY item.

The stall has many uses, some of which you may not have thought of before.

For example, it can be used to make small shops or as parts for cars.

Well, here are some of the best ways to use stalls to make beautiful island designs.

Using Custom Stall Designs

If you don’t know how to design your stalls, we’ve put together some of the best original designs that look great on this item.

You can get ideas from these designs or use the code provided by the maker to add them to your own game.

Once you’ve gained a stall (or five), head to the kiosk at the back of the Able Sister’s store.

Each picture here has a custom design code and, in some cases, a creator’s code that you can put into the kiosk to save the pattern on your Nook Phone.

After saving your plan, take the stalls to your crafting table to make them fit your new design. To change the way they look, you’ll need three customization kits for each one.

After you’ve changed them to your liking, you can use your brand-new design to decorate your island.

The images we’ve put together for you can be used in many different ways, so take a look and see what you can get ideas from.

Here are some of the best custom stall ideas you can use in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

27. Light Bamboo

A wooden stand selling coconut juice says “island” better than anything else.

This pattern would look great on a beach with palm trees nearby.

26. Free Recipe Stall

Have extra DIY recipes to give away?

Instead of just putting the recipes on the ground, you can use this stall design to let people know that they are free to take.

25. Fortune Teller Stand

Stall Design Ideas

I can see into your future, and this stall plan is going to work for you.

One easy idea for a stall is to make a fortune teller shop out of just a few things.

You only need to buy a fortune teller set, since you can already tell tales without it.

Then, all you need to do is give the stall a nice purple beaded design and put up a handmade sign to let people know about your business.

24. Surf Shack

Those waves look pretty rough.

Even though I can’t use that word, you should definitely think about making a surf shop near the beach.

Start by making a wooden shack design on some simple panels and laying down some custom boardwalk paths.

Set up your stall and your unique shop sign next. I really like how this stall is decorated with flowers, so I’d suggest something similar.

Then, proudly show all your customers the surfboards, wet suits, and water shoes you got over the summer.

23. Outdoor Soup Stall

If you’re going outside in the winter and want a warm meal, you might want to try this soup-er stall design.

This is another easy idea that only needs a few things. In this case, you’ll need two stalls.

This player set up four soup kettles, so your friends can eat different kinds of food.

You’d also set up some easy boards that looked like menu boards and had beautiful pictures of your different soups on them.

Then make a couple of yard chairs out of iron so that everyone has a place to sit when they start digging.

22. Snow Cone Stand

I usually think of snow cones as a summertime treat, but I guess there’s more snow in the winter…

Start out with this idea by giving your stall a fun winter look. If you like them in the summer like I do, then a summer pattern will also work.

The cut ice maker is an important thing to buy here because you can’t make your product without it.

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I also like the drink machine, which looks like it shows all your snow cone choices. But I just found out that all the syrups for snow cones taste the same.

21. Pink Lemonade Stand

Now this is a treat for the summer!

You can make your own pink lemonade stand by decorating it with pictures of lemonade.

You will also need a unique sign to let people know about your store.

Making iron outdoor chairs and tables can add to the scene and give everyone a place to sit in the shade during the hot summer months.

Speaking of which, putting in cherry blossom trees gives your customers shade and fits well with the pink lemonade theme.

20. Japanese Food Market

This little pig went to the market and bought octopus to eat for dinner.

(Let’s just hope Truffles doesn’t eat Zucker for dinner)

Start making this Japanese-style market by putting your food on show in a way that makes sense for each stall.

The name of this stall is octopus. You can make sushi, dumplings in a steamer basket, or even soup.

For this specific octopus stand, you’ll need to catch an octopus while it’s swimming in the ocean and put it in a tank on the counter.

Make a cutting board as the last step. Then you’re ready to cut up some fish and serve it.

19. Greenhouse Flower Shop

The stall doesn’t have to be the most interesting part of your unique builds.

Maybe it should go with the main feature of the design.

Start building this beautiful greenhouse by making some simple panels look like hand-made stained glass windows.

Then add a vine design to your stall and lay down some white wood paths that you’ve made yourself.

Then you should set up plants pretty much everywhere: on tables, stalls, shelves, and the floor. Check out our list of garden ideas for more ideas on how to do this.

You should also buy a mini cactus set, a cypress plant, a monstera, a floating biotope planter, and a fan palm for your guests to enjoy.

18. Circus Tent

Come one, come all!

Step right up and watch the show with this fun idea that doesn’t take much work on your part.

You’ll need to have this bright striped pattern put on stalls, kid tents, and simple panels.

To set this up on your island, you’ll need to build some cliffs on either side of the main opening tent to make the tent wings even higher.

Then put those simple panels and stalls in front of the cliffs, along with a handmade sign advertising the best show in the world.

17. Pirate’s Cove

Ahoy, you rogues! If you want a strong nautical design for your stall, give this pirate’s cove a try!

Start by making sand paths, and then put boardwalk paths on top of those to lead to all the little sites.

Then, make your stalls look like the path by giving them a wooden pattern and putting paper tigers and scorpions on the counter.

Gongs, royal chests, candlesticks, barrels, birdcages, and anchor statues are some other things you will want to buy or make for your docks.

When you’re done, put on your pirate hat and wealth robe, and you’re ready to go shopping for seaside treasures.

16. Flower Delivery Stall

Maybe your flower shop goes above and beyond by delivering bouquets and boxes to customers who want to give something special to that special someone.

So, if that’s the case, you might want to get this unique design.

I really like how this stall is put together. The handmade flowers are cute and make it feel like home.

If you change this yourself, make sure to show heart bouquets as the things you’ll be sending.

And make sure to pick a lot of flowers so you can make a garden wagon to bring even more flowers.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy a mountain bike. So, you’ll be able to make it to each drop on time.

15. Outdoor Keroppi Garden

The newly added Sanrio villagers and the things you can find in their homes have become very popular.

I want Chai to come to my island more than anything.

With this idea, boxes are used to make awnings for the outside of a Japanese-style house.

Start this idea by shaping some rocks into a row of zen fences for the second floor. You should put your stalls in front of the rocks. You can make them look like shingle roof tiles.

Then add some simple, custom-made screens that you can use as sliding doors.

And don’t forget to add some Kerokerokeroppi things, like the cake, bridge, and stone lanterns.

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Then, at the end, just add some zen and imperial fencing along the way to your unique stall design.

14. Valentine’s Day Boutique

Stalls are not only for use outside. So you might want to set up a store inside for all the happy couples who want to spend a special day together.

Set up the stalls along the walls and put a room desk in front of each one to make this Valentine’s Day treat.

Then put up some wedding decorations on the walls to make the mood even more romantic.

Next, set up some wedding chairs and iron outdoor tables for a couple of couples to use on their dates.

For a counter, you’ll also need to make some wooden boxes.

And finally, buy a mixer and an espresso maker so that all the happy pairs can have drinks.

13. Carnival Pier

When it comes to stalls, sometimes “the more the merrier” is true.

This circus pier is proof of that.

To do this yourself, build a custom boardwalk way as close as you can to the beach.

You’ll want to put a lot of things on the stalls, like a magic set, a fortune-telling set, and some hats that look like cakes.

And buy lots of fun things like a climbing wall, soft serve lamp, inflatable pool, mama bear, and fortune cookie cart.

You can’t really enjoy the fair until you spend some Nook Miles on a teacup ride.

12. Vinyl Record Shop

Everyone loves music.

You could start selling K.K. Slider songs at your own record shop since there are almost 100 of them.

Start by giving your stall a pattern that has something to do with music. It can be something like music notes or records, which do draw attention to your goods.

Then buy some things to set up the stall, like amplifiers, portable record players, and record boxes.

Last, put out some of your favorite songs as samples.

Bubblegum K.K., Go K.K. Rider, and K.K. Metal are some of my favorite songs.

11. Honeycomb Stall

Here’s one more fun thing you could sell at your stand:


This means you’ll need a lot of wasp nests to make beekeeper hives and put on show.

I really like how the stall is made to order and how the simple panel supply boxes are also made to order. It’s always good to have a lot of supplies on hand.

Set up some flowers close, like tulips, so your bees can get nectar from them.

Don’t forget to make a custom wooden sign for your store to bring in lots of people (and hopefully not too many wasps).

10. Market Square

Marketplaces bring in a lot of money.

And a market with lots of shops is a good way to make a lot of money without much trouble.

There are only six stalls in this plan, but you can make your market square as big as you want.

Put different kinds of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, sweets, flowers, drinks, and anything else you can think of on each market stall.

Items like mom’s homemade cake, fruit boxes, watermelon beach balls, infused water dispensers, coffee grinders, and a lot more can be bought or made.

And don’t forget to add your custom shop sign so your people know where to go for all their shopping needs.

9. Summer Camp Bus

You can use stalls in New Horizons in a lot of strange ways.

And one way I’ve seen them used many times is to make cars.

You could try making a summer camp with a bus to bring all the happy campers to the spot. If so, well, here ya go.

In this case, the stalls are both the roof of the bus and the counters where you can show off your plush doll and dog campers.

Put some handmade standees in front of each booth to act as the bus windows. Then buy a diner couch to put in the driver’s seat.

You can also make toys out of tires to make the bus’s wheels, which I’ve heard go round and round.

8. Apothecary Shop

Here’s another creative idea for an indoor stall: a pharmacy shop that sells all the medicines your island needs.

Start with some green wedding wallpaper, which will go well with the green of all your plants.

Once you’ve given your stall an earthy pattern, add some simple panels with custom patterns of plant shelves.

Then, set up a couple of den desks as a cash register. The plants would be all you’d really have left.

For all your herbal medicines, you’ll need fan palms, potted ivy plants, moss balls, terrariums, floating biotope planters, and bonsai trees.

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7. Book and Coffee Shop

I like how this person put a cedar tree right in the middle of this shop. Sitting in the shade and reading a book looks like a fun thing to do.

As for the wooden cabinets, you can make a lot of them out of books and wood, so be sure to stock up.

You can also make tables and chairs out of iron to make a real place to sit.

And you’ll need an espresso machine to make coffee for your guests.

But the personalized stalls, panels, and shop sign have to be the best part of this design.

Not only do the colors go together, but this player also made a Starbuck’s sign that looks like a Tom Nook.

That is just amazing.

6. Blue Palace

No, I’m not talking about Skyrim’s Blue Palace (though that would be awesome). This is simply a blue house.

Still, it’s pretty neat.

To make this yourself, you’ll need to make two different levels.

Next, change many simple panels to show the windows, doors, walls, plants, and other parts of the house.

Set up the palace towers with a silo and some lighthouses on the upper floor. To make the parapet of your castle, don’t forget to add some iron fence.

You should put your stall in the middle of the lower level as the big entrance to your grand estate.

5. Marty’s Pompompurin Bakery

So, this player made a shop for Marty that was just for him.

I really like how the floor and stalls are all made to match the colors of Marty’s pompompurin. This is a great idea in every way.

To make this yourself, you’ll need tables, chairs, and even pudding made of pompompurins. Yum!

On the stands, you’ll want to show off all the tasty baked goods you’ve made.

Some of the tasty things you can get here are Mom’s home-made cake, yule logs, pi pies, and first wedding cakes.

4. Newspaper and Magazine Stand

How many people still read newspapers and magazines?

If you are still one of those people, you should try this newspaper stand.

This idea is easy because all you need to do is make some stands and buy a bunch of magazines.

You can use the magazines to make stacks of magazines or magazine racks to show off your goods. Or either.

Then you can make changes to your magazines so that they focus on farming, news, or even comics.

3. Spirited Away Food Market

Spirited Away is a movie I haven’t seen. But I can still tell that this person got the creepy feeling of this market scene down perfectly.

Set up this market between two of your locals’ homes to make this on your island.

This player used Octavian and Zucker, but you can use anyone you want.

Set up your stalls in front of some simple walls that you’ve changed to show the ghostly shadows.

The stained glass windows are made by adding two more custom pieces.

The last thing you’d do is make some wooden stools, and you’d be ready to go.

2. Doggy Glamping Tent

You might want to go glamping instead of camping if you don’t like being outside and don’t like camping very much.

Set it up in front of your island cabin to make this idea work. It doesn’t matter where that is.

Then you want to add your stall with a white pattern and put your precious puppy plushie on the counter.

Put a wooden bunk bed next to the stall. Because your dog should be as comfortable as possible.

And then you’d put some homemade standees in front of all this to act as your glamping tent’s windows.

Then all you need for sitting outside is a wedding bench. Now you and your dog friend are set for a nice camping trip.

1. Victorian Vineyard

Here’s a great idea that doesn’t put the stall in the middle of the room, but instead uses it as a way to make this area more interesting.

To make this vineyard design, you’ll need to do some landscaping and water gardening to make two small waterfalls and rocks. Then, put a bridge over the river at the lower level.

Show off your brave statue as the middle of the vineyard between the falls.

Set up a lot of simple panels that look like lattice fence with vines growing out of them on both levels.

On one side, you should put your wine bottles, some sparkling cider, and a custom cake hat on the counter of your shop.

And don’t forget the food board in the café. That way, everyone will know that you only serve the best.