15 Boardwalk & Pier Design Ideas For ACNH

It’s safe to say that the beach (and boardwalk) are a big part of what makes your island unique, whether you fish, dive, or just walk along the sand.

And if you’re like me, it can be hard to come up with cool ideas for your coastal scenery.

So I’ve put together some of my favorite ACNH pier ideas right here so that the people who live on your island can have a new favorite beach spot!

15. Boardwalk Café


With some iron tables and chairs, freshly picked flowers to decorate, and your chalkboard menu to show off the latest dish, this might be the best place to watch the sun go down.

Maybe even add a cart to showcase your hot beverages or favorite new snacks.

Or do you have a shopping district?

Create a path that’s just a quick walk away leading right to your boardwalk café! Then add some stalls along the way to show what you’ve got to offer.

And with that said: can we all start a petition for Brewster come and open his coffee shop here?

14. Perfect Pool Area

Does this not just scream holiday?

So many options that all work together so easily.

A dip in the pool, a chill in the hot tub, followed by a rest in the sun loungers, all while listening to waves break onto the sand.

Imagine this all lit up at night-time, how amazing would that be?

Maybe add in a campfire, sauna heater, and glass candles to set the whole zen mood.

I can just see my snooty villagers living it up here.

13. Fairground Fun

How cool would this look added into a town-style island?

Leave your bustling town square behind and follow your road lit by lampposts down to the fair, nestled in the outskirts of your island hidden between the trees.

You could even add in seating close by the beach to create the ultimate place to chill.

Mixing so much together to make this vibrant space can make a real difference. The fair is in town folks!

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12. Scenery Seating

Is this not the most adorable scene you’ve ever seen? (see what I did there?)

The boardwalk on the sand, the different types of seating, and the shell décor all go together perfectly!

Add in all of those potted plants you’ve been hoarding in your storage, too. (Orr is that just me?)

I love the color-matching combinations behind this. It has such a relaxed and chilled vibe. You could turn this seating area into the cutest cottagecore style.

Maybe add some cedar trees around the beach edge, log seating too, and dot some different types of flowers around and fence with log stakes for extra aesthetics.

11. Sunbathing Solitude

The sunbathing serenity of this area is calling out to me.

I mean, the simple aesthetic for this beach is just so calming. And the different items and codes that used to make this paradise?

They all complement each other so well.

Make it that little bit more zen with the fake statues you’ve been sold… wait, fake? Redd, you’ve got some explaining to do buddy.

Or if you prefer a busier beach then maybe add a pool, more loungers, and a table with some chairs to entice more of a crowd.

10. Fishing Pier

Albeit there’s not a lot going on in this one, I still think it’s so effective.

The blanket, books, and fishing rods give this pier a practical use.

But maybe you’re not into reading?

Then add some potted plants to the end of your pier, or some artwork & pottery instead.

This would be the perfect spot to showcase your favorite hobby.

Or you could add your latest ocean catches all around, stored in their very own tanks to show who’s the best angler around.

9. Perfect Picnic Place

Throw on your favorite K.K Slider tune and take the weight off!

This picnic area is just gorgeous. And you could make it even more secluded by adding some coconut trees around your pier.

I mean, who doesn’t love a hidden picnic place?

Or maybe you’re going for more of a beach/tropical vibe.

Well drop in some tiki torches at your pier steps, add surfboards lined up on the beach, and be sure to add lots of rattan seating.

8. Smoothie Bar

Let’s make your getaway island that little bit more tropical with this custom smoothie bar.

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It’s got part smoothie, part tiki, and it’s 100% awesome for any pier.

Use your island’s very own fruit to stock up behind the scenes and fill your friend’s cups with delicious smoothies. Sounds like the best job in the world!

You could also create your own smoothie pictures to place around bar, or add a stereo and a small dancefloor on the sand.

Then decorate by surrounding the area with coconut trees and a bonfire to bring in the nightlife.

7. Letter Writing Station

A letter writing pier *squeal*.

love the idea behind this design so much. Could this be where all the letters in a bottle first came from?

Is it our villagers past and present sending off DIYs one by one? I have so many questions!

You could even find your favorite rug pattern to plop down, with a candle and cushion to make it that much cozier!

Or do you want to make it a little more mysterious? Try adding a dirt path to this secluded spot.

And we definitely need a campfire, and your spare DIYs scattered along the floor.

6. Lighthouse Pier

Well here we are. Drumroll please!

It was a close call, but this design is one I just cannot stop thinking about (give me two minutes while I go and move my lighthouse).

Let’s go for a wander down the pier, catch some fish, do some diving and just take in the view. Then you turn around and there it is: your island’s very own lighthouse in all her glory.

This would be the perfect idea to update with the seasons.

Add fruit trees in the spring, beach towels in the summer, stone table & chairs in the autumn, and Christmas trees in the winter.

Maybe even add some wooden boardwalks around the base, that’s definitely gonna fit the beach-y aesthetic.

And some flowers and trees too, or maybe a wooden bench with lampposts?

I reckon this could be Gulliver’s new favorite spot to wash up on!

5. ACNH Great Pool Area

You want to stay somewhere fun and different, and you’ve found it!

There are so many things to do, from swimming in the pool to relaxing in the hot tub.

After taking a break, you can go for a walk on the beach or get a drink at our great bar in the evening.

You deserve it, so take it easy and relax.

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4. Acnhmerakiisle

The next idea for an ACNH fishing pier is also very pretty. The brick pathing makes us feel like we’re in a cafe.

The pier itself is a small place to fish. Here is where you would talk to Kapp’n.

You can come and take cap and boat tours for free.

Since we got Kapp’n, we’ve been waiting a long time for this guide, because how do you decorate now?

That the pier has a purpose, and this is a great example of that, it still feels full.

The pier doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything, and it’s a great place to still visit Kapp’n.

3. Lattevus

This Animal Crossing pier was kept pretty simple in its form. But these custom drawings on the ground and these little gyroid boys are so cute.

All of these pictures from an Instax mini printer that are on the ground are so cute, and once again, we have a place to wait.

This is kind of like a bus stop for the Kapp’n boat trips, but it’s not quite. Even though there aren’t many plants, this area looks green because of all the plants.

This is a great way to decorate the pier if you want to keep your beach pretty clean and not too crowded.

2. Stori.crossing

Since we got Kapp’n, we have used these simple string party lights to make little archways on the piers. How beautiful is this beach?

The wheat fields are so straight that it’s hard to make them look natural.

But this person did a great job of making the wheat fields look natural and like they grew out of the ground instead of being these fixed things like they are in real life.

The pier itself is very simple. If you count the lights, there are only four things on it.

1. Toadstoolthings

The next island is very beautiful.

They were right next to each other, and both of them used the wheat fields around the pier.

This one is a great example of a pier made by nature.

There are leaf patterns on the ground, and we even have this little lamp made of vines.

Again, the beach fits in very well. We have this kind of old-fashioned look going on.

The small storage sheds there also look great.