ACNH: Why Raymond Is Popular & Why Everyone Wants Him?

Raymond is the most popular and wanted villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now. Why did he become so famous so quickly?

Raymond is one of the most famous villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and almost every player wants to keep him on their island.

But what made this smug cat villager in New Horizons become so famous all of a sudden?

There are more than 400 people to choose from in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But it seems like a lot of people are interested in Raymond and want him to move in.

Raymond is definitely different from the other villagers in the game in a few ways.

Even though he’s a bit smug, people like him a lot, which makes him a popular choice when New Horizons players choose locals for their islands.

Raymond is one of the most loved villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Raymond first showed up in the Animal Crossing series in 2017, when the first mobile game in the series, Pocket Camp, came out. Players liked the smug cat peasant right away, and there were a couple of good reasons for that.

Raymond is the only character in Nintendo’s life-simulation games who has heterochromia. One of his eyes is brown, and the other is green.

This makes him look flashy and different. Also, Raymond has a unique outfit in New Horizons. He wears a gray coat and a blue tie, which makes him look like a businessman.

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Also, Raymond is one of only 38 villagers in New Horizons who has a smug personality, which fans of the game find very appealing.

One of the most sought-after personality types in New Horizons is the smug personality, because people with this personality tend to act very politely and like gentlemen.

They also get along well with most of the other neighbors, which makes it less likely that people will fight with each other.

Even though smug people might seem arrogant and full of themselves at first, it’s kind of fun to watch them show how cool they are.

Because his character style and personality type are so unique, Raymond is one of the most expensive villagers in New Horizons. He can be bought or sold at Nookazon for a million Bells.

Raymond is a fan favorite villager in many Animal Crossing games, starting with Pocket Camp. This is because he has a unique attitude and looks.

Raymond’s Unique Character Design and Personality

Raymond  ACNH

When players first meet Raymond, they will notice right away that he has heterochromia, a disease that makes a person’s eyes different colors.

Even though this might not be a big deal for most people, the fact that Raymond is the only one in the town with this condition made him stand out.

Raymond’s eyes aren’t the only thing that makes him different. He also has a smug attitude, which, for some reason, Animal Crossing fans find very appealing. Animal Crossing: New Leaf was the first game to have a smug character.

At the height of that game, Marshal, who is also smug, was as famous as Raymond is now.

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Those who don’t know much about the smug personality type might not know that smug farmers often act like gentlemen.

They will also get along well with most people in the village, and they can mix personalities. But smug farmers may also seem arrogant because they are always trying to boost their own egos, and talking to them shows how cool they think they are.

At the time, it’s hard to say why so many AC:NH fans like this personality type, but one likely reason is that there are only 35 smug villagers in the game, making it the second-rarest personality type after the sisterly type.

Most of the people in Animal Crossing: New Horizons wore bright and odd clothes, which made them more like cartoons than animals that act like humans.

Raymond, on the other hand, wears a business-like outfit with a gray vest and a blue tie. This, along with his big glasses, makes him look more like a real person than the others.

No matter what the reason is, though—whether it’s his eyes, his looks, or his smart personality—it looks like Raymond will continue to be the most popular guy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a long time.

Why does everyone want Raymond in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Raymond is one of the most popular cat neighbors.

Even though he is a proud villager, he is very famous in the community because he looks cute and is nice to the players.

Raymond always has a frown on his face and wears a suit and black rectangle glasses. He is also the only character in the game with green eyes and brown eyes of different colors.

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This also makes the game more open to everyone, which warms the hearts of the group.

Raymond’s cocky personality is also a very appealing trait, since cocky villagers are known for being very nice and gentlemanly, which makes their behavior very appealing to players.

They are also nice to other villagers in the game, which makes it less likely that there will be trouble on the island where the villages live.

At first, smug personality types seem like they are full of themselves, but as time goes on, players learn that they are actually a lot of fun to talk to.

Raymond is one of the most popular villagers in the game, so the amiibo version of him is in great demand. His amiibo card sells for a lot of money, and you can trade his figure on Nookazon for a million Bells.

Two smug cat villagers, Raymond and Ankha, are on the list of the most famous villagers in the Nintendo life simulation game New Horizons.

Ankha is also well-liked because she looks cute and treats the other people in the game with kindness. But, even though she is very famous, she hasn’t been able to pass Raymond in the popularity rankings.