11 Best ACNH Winery & Vineyard Design Ideas

Wineries are a welcome part of holiday spots from Pelee Island to Hawaii and the many Italian islands.

Even if you don’t like adult grape juice, more and more farms are starting to sell ciders and wines made from stone fruits.

This is a great way to use all the fruit trees in New Horizons!

If you want to create your own vineyard area, you can get ideas from these modern designs.

This is especially true if you want to add a touch of refined country to your island.

11. Autumn Vineyard

The trellis is such a clever addition.

I’ve never seen a farm like that before.

This is so cool!

I found this post on reddit that you can also check out.

10. Reneigh’s Vineyard and Winery

Vineyard Design

This show is great. But it really needs a wider range of plants that can be harvested.

This player uses purple hyacinths instead of grapes to make the best of a bad situation. A neat row of a villager’s things next to his or her house is a creative design.

The best part of a wine tour is, of course, drinking the wine. This small wine bar has something for everyone, whether you like a sweet Merlot or a dry Chardonnay.

Just try not to get upset about the long lines on a busy day.

9. Apiary Vineyard

Did you know that the only difference between red wine and white wine is that red wine is made by leaving the grape skins on?

Any wine would be a treat to sip in this beautiful farm, whether it’s red or white.

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It can also be used as a beehive, which is a great idea because bees can fertilize the grapevines and make the grapes healthier.

Bright pops of purple hyacinths go well with the upright grapevines that were made just for this building.

The features of this building are really what make it beautiful.

Even the bee in the upper left corner is made of clay. The sheer amount of materials needed to put something like this together is always very amazing. Well done!

8. Vineyard Restaurant

There are restaurants on the grounds of many IRL wineries that serve really good food. Which makes perfect sense, since putting wine with food has been an art for a long time.

A good steak with a dry Cabernet Franc or a flaky treat with a sweet icewine is hard to beat.

This cute winery and outdoor diner looks like it would serve some pretty delicious food.

Invite your friends to your island to take fun pictures around this building, and cheers to spending some great time together!

If you can’t go to a real winery, the next best thing is to visit one in ACNH.

7. Springtime Vineyard

The smell of spring, the sight of cherry blossoms, and the promise of good wine are three things that make you want to try them all.

This structure looks like grapevines and wrought iron because it has three different walls and purple roses. And with a lot of luck!

Some barrels, a pond, and a stone light give the building a rustic yet elegant look.

It’s a great idea if you don’t know what else to do with an awkward spot on your island. And even if a lot of people visit your island, they can’t step on your “grapes” because the area is completely fenced off. Heck yeah!

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6. Outdoor Winery

A successful farm needs a bar with good drinks.

This outdoor tasting bar is fun and rustic, with barrels used as bar tables and low stools, wooden stepping stones, and a lot of plants.

Invite your favorite neighbor over for a glass of Shiraz, or toast with a friend you met online.

This look can be made with any bar, some custom-made walls, and any rustic items you like, like buckets, barrels, clay items, or flowers.

Things that aren’t perfect are interesting and beautiful to look at. So don’t worry if you don’t have sets that fit yet.

5. Coastal Winery

Wineries don’t have to be fancy to look nice or make good wine.

This coastal build uses barrels, plaid, and pillows that don’t match to make a place that looks interesting and rural.

There are also many places to sit at the long table. So, have a fun night with all your friends.

It’s a great place to throw a virtual birthday party for a friend who likes wine. Or just to sit with Celeste and watch a meteor shower.

The back garden can also be reached through barn doors.

Did someone mention peach wine? Yum!

4. Simple Vineyard

Here’s a great farm to start with if you’re new to the game or just don’t have a lot of resources on hand.

Purple hyacinths planted in rows look like grapes, and silos, which can be reached through the Nook Stop, give the building some great levels.

Also, fun things like a wheelbarrow, a shovel that fell over, and a water pump are easy to find.

Terraforming is useful here, but you don’t have to do it.

When the sun goes down, a few candles on top of a barrel will make a fun bit of light.

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3. Roadside Wine Bar

Ah, booths. The main thing that people who make material for New Horizons do.

They are so useful for building all kinds of things, including this cute little wine bar.

Brick fences, iron outdoor chairs and tables, and even clay jugs, if you’re feeling crazy, can turn something simple into something elegant.

Add barrels for extra points.

Barrels and wine cellars go together so well. And these make great tables—just put some flowers, candles, or drinks on them for more detail.

2. Waterfront Wine Bar

Just think back to what I said about wine and barrels.

Well, it seems to be something that everyone agrees is true. Because here’s another place where barrel tables are used.

At this wine bar on the water, you can sip wine and listen to the sound of waterfalls.

Autumn is the best time to drink wine, so it’s a great idea to have some trees close so you can enjoy the fall colors with your wine.

For this plan, make vertical wine racks out of custom-made panels. You can even put some glasses on a table if you want to feel really fancy.

1. Woodland Vineyard

Did you know that weddings are often held in vineyards?

I can see why, given how beautifully they’re designed.

This winery in the woods is full of fun things, like a fall arch, a flower-filled wagon, and lots of trees and flowers.

At the back of the restaurant, racks of different wines are displayed on walls that were made just for that place. Usually, you don’t find wineries in the woods, but I’ll make an exception for this gem.

I’m sorry, waiter. Top me up, pal.