10 Best Mario Warp Pipe Ideas For ACNH

Let’s a-go… With our new Mario warp lines, we can get halfway across the island.

With the latest Super Mario update in Animal Crossing, many fun Mario-themed items were added, including the famous warp pipe.

You can use these pipes to get to any part of your island fast. You can get to the other pipe as long as you have at least two.

But if you drop them in strange places on your island, they can look strange or out of place.

Since we’ve already talked about Mario-themed ideas for ACNH, let’s take a close look at how you could use these warp pipes to get around in a creative way.

10. Super Mario Levels

Warp Pipe

Even though this is the clear choice for the warp pipes, I think it’s worth talking about, because why not?

You could add a fun Mario level to your island using this idea.

You can make both 2-D and 3-D levels, so you should first decide which one you like better.

Then, to make your levels, all you really need to do is buy a lot of Mario things.

The Thwomp, the question mark block, and the goal pole are some of my favorite things.

Set up your warp pipes to connect parts of your level that may be split by cliffs, rivers, or even blocks that block your way!

9. Easy Wasp Escape

The fact that the warp pipes work is one of the coolest things about them. It’s easy to get there!

If you’ve ever spent a lot of time hacking wood or shaking down trees, a falling wasp’s nest probably attacked you at some point.

You probably got stung, and Timmy and Tommy had to sell you medicine. Not fun at all.

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Now you can make an easy way out by putting a warp pipe near your favorite place to chop wood.

As soon as you put the pipe in place, you can shake those nests without worrying about getting stung.

8. Random Pipe Minigame

The pipes in New Horizons don’t have to be used to move things across the island.

You can make a random pipe minigame if you buy a lot of pipes (nine in this case). If you are really creative, you could even mix this with the idea of a maze to make something really fun.

I do like how the floor was made just for this place and how the numbers on the wheel are matched by the color of the tiles. That’s cool.

And with this many pipes, where you come out is totally random. So spin the wheel and hope that you win the surprise prize!

7. Secret Forest Pipe

Find the pipe, will you?

If you can, you must have x-ray vision, because it’s carefully hidden in this pattern in a small group of cedar trees.

As I said before, the pipes are very useful, but they can look strange in some places if they don’t match the decor.

If you don’t want them to stand out like a sore thumb, hide them in a small bush like this one.

Even trees aren’t necessary. Just as well, you can hide the pipes with some tall furniture.

Though I love the idea that the pipes are mysterious holes in the forest that lead to unknown places…

6. Hidden Mermaid Cove

In Mario games, warp pipes often lead to super-secret places where you can get more coins or even skip whole levels.

Well, they might not do that in Animal Crossing. But we could still keep some things secret. For example, you could use this idea to build a secret room in your own house.

To make this yourself, you’ll need underwater wallpaper, water flooring, and custom patterns to make the beach along the wall.

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Make a shell bed, a shell pond, nova lights, and palm tree lamps.

And, of course, don’t forget the warp pipes!

You’ll need to hide one of them somewhere on your island in a very secret place.

I like how the brown wooden deck rug is set up right at the entry, like a dock leading to your secret underwater paradise.

5. Secret Backyard Launch Pad

If you just started working as a secret astronaut, you might be able to relate to this fun plan.

You haven’t?

Still, this is a fun idea that you should try.

Start by building your house on some hills on the north side of your island, near some rocks on the shore.

You’ll need a warp pipe near your house and one on the rocks.

Once you’re there, put down a rocket you made from star pieces (not the helpful gorilla villager, though she’s a good idea).

Now you can warp down to the launch pad and shoot for the stars. As part of the space idea, you could add a place to look at the stars.

4. Zelda Time Portal

If you like Nintendo in general like I do, you’ve probably already played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

If you haven’t, you aren’t helping yourself.

Well, with this idea, you can make a time portal and use those warp pipes to go back in time like Zelda.

Start by making hills around a pipe that is already there.

After that, make a bunch of tall yard rocks and put them all around the warp pipe hole.

You’ll need some unique designs to make the time portal seal, and then you can go to the future, past, or wherever you want.

3. Simple Subway Station

If you want to get from one island to another, you could set up your warp lines like a subway system.

Here, you’ll need to set up the same thing twice, but on opposite ends of your island, and make them look exactly the same.

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Start by building some steps down to the subway by making some slopes.

Next, you’ll need to do some planting to make cliffs around the slope so that you can only go down.

Then, all you have to do is put a warp pipe at the bottom of each slope, and your subway system is ready to go.

And if you want to build something that feels like a subway, take a look at our ideas for train stations. There are some cool patterns in there for sure.

2. Alice’s Rabbit Hole

With this idea, you’ll never be late for an important date.

To make this scene from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, find a small wooded area on your island.

You’ll need to choose a spot that’s at least one level above the ground because you’ll need to dig a hole for your warp pipe.

It can be hard because you have to shape the rocks around the pipe, but if you work hard, you won’t be sorry.

Once your rabbit hole is set up, all you need to do is add some mushroom things, like mush parasols, super mushrooms, and small mushroom platforms.

Where does your rabbit hole take you? It’s completely up to you!

1. Sewer Entrance

Here’s one more idea for a hole in the ground:

Making a hole in the ground that goes into the sewers.

Start by putting a warp pipe outside and building hills around it. Place a manhole cover you made from iron pieces right next to the pipe.

Going through the pipe to the inside (preferably the basement of your house), set up this room with a stone wall and a flower river floor.

Adding things like prison bars, trash bags, cones, and work signs really helps set the scene. But you could arrange pretty much however you wanted.

But if you go into the drain, watch out for alien clowns that kill people. And crazy turtles.