12 Best ACNH Fruit Furniture Design Ideas

Let me guess: you’re an apple lover.

Then why not use the beautiful fruit furniture from Animal Crossing to turn your island into a fruit paradise?

These designs give your island paradise a fun place to hang out and a bright and happy theme.

So, if you have a lot of fruit furniture but don’t know what to do with it, we have a lot of ideas to help you get started.

Or, if you don’t have any fruit furniture yet, you’d better get to it!

How to Unlock, Get, and Craft Fruit Furniture & Clothing

When you reach the point in Animal Crossing: New Horizons where Tom Nook asks you to build three house plots for new people moving to the island, you will first unlock two DIY crafting recipes for your Native Fruit’s main furniture items.

But there are a lot more fruit things, like clothes and rugs, to find in the game than just the two standard furniture pieces.

Find the making recipes to unlock the furniture for fruits other than your native fruit.

How to Find and Unlock New Fruit DIY Crafting Recipes

You can learn new DIY Crafting recipes the same way you learn most other recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This lets you make new fruit things. Here’s a quick rundown of the different ways to find new recipes:

  • letting balloon gifts fall from the sky
  • Messages in bottles found on the beach
  • Learn how people in the village make things in their homes.
  • Online players can trade copies with each other

Most of these ways to find new making recipes are completely random, so if you don’t want to trade, there’s really no way to be sure you’ll find the fruit recipe you want.

Trading with Friends for Fruit Items

But if you don’t get lucky and learn the fruit recipes you want, you can easily get the things from another player who has them if you play multiplayer over the internet or locally with wireless.

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We suggest that you trade your fruit furniture with someone who has furniture made of a different fruit, so that you can both gain from the trade.

If you want to save your friend some trouble, you can try to gather the necessary fruit goods yourself instead of asking them to use their own fruit.

Using a Nook Miles Ticket to go to other mystery islands is a great way to find fruit from other places.

12. Peachy Keen

Oh my gosh, the peach items are so cute!!

That why we have one more peach item in this list down below.

That Chair!

Everything looks so great!!

I love it!

You should get more peaches and more ways to cook with them!

11. Fruit Themed Bedroom

This is a Cute little Bedroom that was created by a reddit user pipmaster9.

And i really like this, if you like this bedroom you can check this post out on reddit to know more about this.

10. Pear Study

Fruit Furniture Design Ideas

With this player’s suggestion, you could turn your home into a paradise full of food and green plants.

To set the scene, you’d first need to put up your best green wallpaper and floor.

Then, make sure to add the wooden block table, the shelves, and, of course, the pear wardrobe and the pear bed. Those are pretty much the room.

And make sure to put in a wooden closet. You can even change it to be green to match the theme.

Finish the look by putting in a bunch of plants.

9. Peach Bedroom

This super cute (and super pink) bedroom idea will make you feel as good as a peach.

Here’s what you need to do to make it:

Use your best pink flooring and wallpaper. This will give your room its basic look.

Then, you can put down a pink rug and add some peach chairs to tie the room together.

Make sure to add some flower pots and shelves made of wooden blocks.

Then, add the cherry lamp to give the room some much-needed atmosphere.

8. River Fruit Café

Any island with a fruit theme needs to have a small café outside.

But throwing it over the edge of the river? Now there’s a thought.

Here’s how to start your own fruity restaurant by the river.

First, get some stalls and decorate them with fruity patterns that you like. You can also put a coffee machine and a fruit bowl up there.

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Then make sure your outdoor area has some apple chairs and orange tables. This is where things really start to get… fruity.

And if you want to plant a few fruit trees close, I think they would fit in just fine.

7. Bright Living Area

If you don’t have this crazy fruit theme in your living room, it’s not really a living room, right?

I can smell the lemon already.

To make this, you’ll first need to make the apple wallpaper that will make the room come to life. You can also put down wooden floors, or anything else you want.

Then you’ll need to add cherry speakers, a pear closet, an orange table, and an apple TV. All of these things should bring out the idea of fruit.

And don’t forget to add an orange mat!

Orange you glad you could make one?

Then complete the look with a yellow couch, a yellow fridge, and some other yellow tools.

6. Orchard Café

This fruity café design will bring a breath of fresh air to your island.

To set the scene, you would want to create an orchard around this area first. But leave any kind of open space for where the café will be.

Then you can get a few custom-made clover patterns to put on your grass.

Next, you can add some booths and decorate them with your best fruit designs. You can also add some cardboard boxes with fruit designs on them.

Add your fruit chairs and tables to finish the look, and your orchard eating spot is done.

5. All The Fruit

Make your home look like this tropical paradise with a fruit theme.

Before you can start, you’ll need to make the apple wall. It’s the best choice for a room like this one.

And then, make sure to add a wooden floor and some wooden chairs.

Then add a bed and a closet made of pears. One of your tables can also have cherry speakers added to it, like this player did.

But the orange rug is a must-have for the look to come together.

Lastly, add a bunch of umbrellas with fruit designs, and you’re ready for rain or shine.

4. Downtown Fruity Café

This fruity outdoor café is like the idea we talked about before, but it’s closer to where our people live this time.

With its bright colors and lively vibe, this is the perfect addition to any island. It will soon be the place where everyone wants to hang out.

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If you want to make this cool design, you’ll need to get as many fruit chairs as you can and as many different kinds of fruit as you can.

You should also gather a lot of fruit tables. Once you’ve done that, you can put them wherever you want.

Make sure to add some stands with your favorite fruity patterns to the area. Add some cherry speakers and fruit bowls to your stands to finish the look.

3. Beach Smoothie Bar

Is a juice bar really complete without a beach café with a fruit theme?

I doubt it.

Well, here’s how you can get one for yourself.

The stands are an important part of your smoothie bar. These can also be made to look like your favorite fruits.

Then put some coconuts and blenders on your stands to get ready for all those beachgoers.

After that, you can decorate your beach. Make sure this beachy scene has a lot of peach chairs and orange tables.

2. Fruity Dining

A dining place is an important part of every home.

So let’s use this idea to make our kitchens more fruity.

You’ll need to get some wooden floors and make the apple wall yourself. You can throw them up once you have them.

You can also put in the stereo made of wooden blocks and a kitchen sofa and table.

Also, make sure to add a lot of fruit tables and a unique stall just to be safe.

Add some plants and an orange clock to finish the look. I also have to say that those orange tables look pretty cool.

1. Fruit Kitchen

This tasty kitchen design will give you a sense of the past.

Before you can start this cool design in your own home, you’ll need to build the orange wall and lay down your best wood flooring (or dark tiles, if you prefer).

Then add some chairs that look like peaches and apples to bring the idea to life. You can also add yellow table tops from a diner to match the style.

I’d also suggest putting more yellow highlights in the room. This player put in a fridge and a coffee maker, but anything similar can work.

Make sure to add plants as well.

Add a bookshelf in the back, a fruit bowl on the table, and a notice board with your daily tasks to finish the look.