21 ACNH Bathroom Ideas & Design

People spend a lot of time in the bathroom, whether we like it or not.

We can also use all of that TP time on our Animal Crossing island.

So why not make it a place we like to be?

Decor, toiletries, and a few trinkets are included in the design.

Even though it might be tempting to skip giving a whole room in New Horizons to a simple bathroom (Robot Hero room, anyone?), these player-made builds have us running to Nook’s Cranny for lots of toilets, tubs, and sinks.

21. Cherry Blossom Bathroom

Try out golisopod-mutual’s bathroom design to add the beauty of pink and cherry flowers to your bath time.

This idea uses easy-to-find items. You only need a Cypress Bathtub, Simple Panels as dividers, an Old-Fashioned Washtub, a Cherry Blossom Trees Wall as bathroom wallpaper, a Toilet, an Ironing Board, and a Paper Lantern, Blossom Lanterns, and a Blossom Viewing Lantern for lighting.

Since there aren’t many ACNH bathroom sink things, most people use a Plain Sink.

20. Outdoor Bath

Taking a bath outside in the fresh air can be very relaxing and rejuvenating.

Reddit user u/wandering12th wanted to show this with their outdoor bath design, which included a Cypress Bathtub, Bamboo Partitions, and a Custom Design for the water.

Two customized Stalls and Simple Panels are put together to make the bathroom.

A Wooden Bucket, a Mum Cushion, a Rattan Basket, a Fragrance Diffuser, a Kerokerokeroppi Lantern, and a Kerokerokeroppi Snack that looks like a floating flower pad are also part of the design.

Those who want to know how to sit in a pool can do so by taking advantage of a glitch.

19. Vine and Jungle-view Bath

For an aesthetic ACNH bathroom design that incorporates vines and an exotic jungle view, get inspired by Thorin_ACNH’s use of Vine Garlands on their ceiling and jungle window thanks to nessie_acnh’s Custom Design.

The bathroom furniture in this idea includes Cypress Bathtubs, Bathroom Towel Racks, Rattan Towel Baskets, Wall Planters, Bamboo Spheres, Wooden Island Counters, and Iced Caffe Lattes. Refreshing bathroom take with refreshing drinks!

18. Marble and Stone Bathroom

If you want a monochromatic-ish color scheme for your bathroom but retain that elegant look, this design from Twitter user Oceanacrossing_ is the bathroom for you.

This design incorporates ACNH 2.0 bathroom ideas too, with the use of Concrete Pillars, a Fancy Bathroom Vanity, Bath Stool, Toothbrush, and Cup Set, and a Simple Shaded Lamp to light your bathroom use.

17. Girly Bathroom

Listen, I’m a pink girl.

The dream is to be able to find and pay for everything in a bathroom to be pink, right down to the washer and dryer.

This bathroom has a spa that is set into the floor, a shower, and a bathtub that is set up straight. Details like hanging flowers, a tealight, and a bonsai tree with cherry blossoms make the room bright, bubbly, and pink.

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Slippers with pink and white stripes are ready for you to put on when you get out of the bath, if you can convince yourself not to stay in there forever.

16. Botanical Bathroo

If only all flats had bathrooms as clean and big as this one.

This ACNH bathroom has a natural look because it has things made of light wood that go well with the plant wall art.

With clothes hanging on the wall, hand towels, and a soft rug, this bathroom is a great place to take a bath.

Or maybe you don’t really like baths?

With a shower extension on the tub, there are more ways for everyone to get clean. And a washing machine makes better use of some of the room.

15. Sleek Bathroom

Now this bathroom from Twitter user @honeyACNH is a clean, modern build.

Predominantly featuring black items, like the vanity and bathtub, gives some sleek contrast against the white tile walls and light wood plank floors.

Plenty of hanging plants, little succulent pots, and a wee terrarium also give this design build a pop of color, and help to make the space feel full.

What a cute spot to do some fancy skincare!

14. Pink Bathroom 2: Electric Boogaloo

What could be more relaxing than sitting in a tub in the middle of the room like royalty? All with your diffuser blasting aromatic oils.

Imagine doing all that, but the tub is pink.

Twitter user @ShannonZKiller delivers the sweet goods with this Barbie Dreamhouse level bathroom design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Dark panel walls help offset the lighter items so that the build looks tasteful and not sickly sweet. Pinky wood floors and a cherry blossom floor vase tie in the bathtub so everything looks well put together.

I would not leave this bathtub. Period.

13. Antique Bathroom

Now this build gives off two simultaneous vibes with a surprising amount of overlap: neat antiques, and rich druid fairy.

Did you ever think you’d read those words in that order?

It’s true, though.

The monochromatic woods, open book, dried flowers, and cathedral windows give this bathroom a very nature-inspired vibe of times past.

While using a bird bath as a sink might be unusual, it’s an adorable way to keep to the antique-druid-fairy theme. And I love it.

Also note the wood panelled lightswitch. This design is full of little details like this, and we love it.

12. Mermaid Bathroom

The look of a mermaid is very popular right now.

It’s popular, and for good reason: it’s so cute!

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the mermaid line of things is made up of pastel pinks, blues, and bits of yellow to make them look like they belong under the sea.

And many of these things are used in this bathroom. You can get them by giving scallops to Pascal, everyone’s favorite chill otter.

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With the chairs and desk, this bathroom can also be used as a sort of dressing room. This is a very cute replacement for a tub or shower.

Plus, the scalloped rug that goes from the desk to the floor is a nice touch. And the big shells make a cute makeshift wall between the toilet and the potty. This building was built for taking selfies.

11. Royal Bathroom

Even kings and queens need bathrooms.

And this royal-themed design does not disappoint.

Plenty of candles give the room some cozy lighting, and the wallpaper is printed with cute crowns to make sure the message comes across.

Did you feel like maybe your bath time was missing music?

Stereos and speakers are so 1990.

Here in the future we use entire harps. That’s the kind of luxury that comes with being a monarch, champ.

10. Japanese Bathroom

Try this Japanese-themed bathroom idea for something a little more chill.

Bamboo lanterns and tea lights cast a pretty glow on a wooden tub filled with steaming, calm water. The walls are made of natural wood, which makes the building look almost monotone in the best way.

It might be one of the best Japanese interiors I’ve ever seen.

If you don’t want to take a bath, you can use the free shower instead. Cute sakura trees add a pop of pink to the room, which will make anyone feel calm.

9. Teal Bathroom

Sometimes it’s hard to decide between blue and green… so why not mix them to get teal?

Teal is the perfect color for a bathroom because it’s muted, chill, and translates well to relaxation.

This bathroom build uses teal tiles on the wall, which is a really nice contrast against the off-white wood plank floorboards. A sunken jacuzzi and modern sink give the bathroom really avant-garde vibes, and the pops of white really bring the space together.

No overhead light? No problem!

This room uses a shell lamp and a standing lamp, which may be an unconventional choice for a bathroom. But can you imagine the dim lighting while taking a bath?


8. Modern Bathroom

Here’s another sleek & cool modern bathroom.

This design relies heavily on black and greys for the color scheme, including grey marble floors and wainscotting.

A few potted plants break up the dark colors for some nice contrast, as do a few white accents. A matching washer and dryer also make an appearance, rounding out the tub, upright shower, toilet, and pedestal sink.

The CEO of bathrooms!

7. Simplicity Bathroom

Sometimes, a bathroom is just a bathroom. We can respect that.

And this quaint bathroom design, courtesy of vera-crossing, keeps it simple.

There’s a toilet and tub, as well as space for an ironing board. A bathrobe hangs by the tub for easy access, and the colors are all muted(and a little rustic).

A few details, like plants, baskets full of supplies, and a wardrobe, all make this feel like a real living & breathing space.

6. Japanese Spa Bathroom

Here’s a spa bathroom with a Japanese theme that stands out for its attention to detail.

Sometimes it’s really hard to fill up a room. It can be hard to get everything to look good together when you have to worry about matching colors and finding things from the same set.

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This spa bathroom at a lodge has hanging plants, a steaming tub, and a place to drink tea.

You can put on face masks at a cute vanity sink, and a closet can hold a lot of clothes.

We also love the Japanese touches, like the bamboo divider, the shoji screens, and the wall design.

5. Plant Lover’s Bathroom

Even though plants are often used as ornaments in this list… This bathroom was made for a nature fan with a focus on plants.

Some trees, like cypresses, live between the toilet, bidet, sink, and bathroom.

There is a china jug, which looks like it could be used to water all the leafy greens. There are even some great levels, since some of the pots are on the ground and others are hanging from the wall, giving the room a lot of depth.

The white items, floor, and walls in this bathroom help the plants to stand out. Talk about being green!

4. Cozy Bathroom

The idea of taking a bath in this bathroom’s tub with a fire going next to me and a cup of tea close by makes me swoon.

A monstera plant and a table with cute bonsai trees add some color and a sense of nature to the mostly wooden building.

We also like the stove here.

This is an interesting way to use something that is usually used as a pizza oven.

Either that or there’s a pizza oven in the bathroom. And that’s just being good at what you do.

3. Shoji Bathroom

This cute ACNH bathroom design is all about how simple it is.

The wood of the shoji walls really stands out against the white tub, shower, sink, and toilet.

A place to iron gives the room some purpose, and cute tea lights add some light that isn’t coming from the ceiling.

Honestly, this is a renter’s dream.

Sad that it’s locked up in Animal Crossing, huh?

2. Butterfly Bathroom

Usually, designing with a nature theme in New Horizons means plants.

This adorable, candlelit bathroom uses butterflies instead.

They cover the adorable wallpaper, the focus of the room. A book rests by the tub for easy access to read, and the few plants, plain wood, and big stone, all give the room a pretty chill vibe.

Talk about giving us butterflies!

1. Luxury Spa

If I’ve ever seen a winner, this is it. This god-level build is for something a little bit fancy.

This place is more like a spa than a bathroom, and it has a check-in desk to help you get ready for your meeting.

Between the lounge chairs and the spa tub, every animal in your village will be able to find a way to unwind. Roses, a handy blanket, and a terrarium set the mood for a luxuriously comfortable time to relax.

The Aquarius urn, which is really a vase, is a key part of this build.

Celeste gives the recipe for this, which is made from pieces of stars.