27 Waterfall Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

When players reach 3 stars and have 9 people living on their island in New Horizons, they will be able to use terraforming to change their islands.

This lets you change almost anything you want. And once you’ve opened the Island Designer app, you can buy the water scaping permit from your Nook Stop Terminal, which is inside your Resident Services. (It will cost you 6,000 Nook Miles, though!)

With this, you can start putting streams all over the place.

But where do they really need to go?

Well, you’ve come to the right place on the Internet if you’re stuck for ideas on how to add waterfalls to your island.

Just remember that you can only waterscape over straight cliff lines, and you can’t waterscape on the beach.

Just something to think about as we get started on our list.

27. A Fabulous Island Entrance

This lovely island entry by SailorKelsey is just wonderful.

The fountain square garden in the back and this waterfall valley look like such a warm welcome to one’s town.

I can only guess what the rest of the island looks like.

26. Waterfall View Animal Crossing Terraforming Ideas

SimSativa posted this great picture on Reddit. In it, they are standing in front of a waterfall that is right in front of their cute house.

And because they made those Mushroom Lamps, the door looks very mysterious and magical as a whole.

You can also see that they made two of the same slopes on the side to make it easy for people to get to the house, which is the main attraction.

25. Clifftop Waterfalls

This island has a simple, bright look that makes it look beautiful. The beautiful range of hyacinths really brings the “green finger” look together.

I love how the colors make the flowers on the sky really stand out.

The little weeds that have grown give this design idea a cute, wild feel.

24. Sitting By The Falls

Looks can be deceiving, because this is a very simple idea that is easy to do on your own.

First, you’ll need the moving bench DIY, which you can get from Nooks Cranny by buying the Test Your DIY Skills pack.

Then you’ll need to build a two-tiered piece of cliff, which can be any size you want.

After that, you can add trees, flowers, and any kind of furniture to complete the look.

Don’t forget the cute log fence, either!

23. Peace and Tranquility

What I like most about this design is how well the balance is shown. It’s so clean and well put together.

The roses give the waterfall a touch of beauty and make it look like the perfect place to relax.

The path here is a really cute feature that really jumps out against the dull grass that covers most of the island. (Hint: To look for custom patterns, use the kiosk inside Able Sisters!)

I love how you can also see bamboo trees in the distance. You won’t find these on your island, but you can fly to mystery places and look for them there.

22. Home By The Falls

I can imagine most users will make their own houses the hot spot of their island.

The walkway leading up to this house, surrounded by a body of water, must be one of the coolest places to hang when friends come to visit.

The Zen fence (x3 Iron Nuggets, x3 Clay, x3 Stone) and the street lamps can both be brought on your Nook Stop Terminal for 1000 Nook Miles.

Although the color you purchase will be the only available to you. So choose carefully!

Also, the scattered white and red roses on the clifftops brings a fairy tale feeling to this design.

21. Floral Fantasy

When you look at these complicated streams, you can feel like a pixie.

This isn’t as hard as it seems to be, either.

You’d just build two levels and dig where you want your waterfalls to be. Put a cute custom stone path in front, and maybe finish it off with a toadstool pattern.

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Then you can put down different kinds of flowers and maybe a few hyacinth lamps, which you can make yourself with 5 purple hyacinths and 3 pieces of clay.

As you can see, there is a Lily of the Valley on the edge of the cliff. This means that this island gets 5 stars. Very nice!

20. By The Beach

This simple, small pattern will look beautiful on any island.

I like that the streams are small. They are so cute and won’t keep you from enjoying the summer sun on the beach.

To get this look, you’ll need to build one level up, and it needs to be pretty big. Then you could put your lighthouse anywhere around it, but it would be best if it looked out over the ocean.

Then, you’ll have to make the waterfall and climb down a tier (you’ll need a ladder). Once you’re at the bottom, you can dig in to make a “mouth.”

Now water can flow down and pass into the ocean!

19. Moon River

I’m sure Celeste would really like this!

This beautiful waterfall spot is easy to get to and feels very elegant.

The custom path is so interesting that you can’t help but follow it.

The moon and nova lights are also a really cute touch.

You need to get the moon DIY from Celeste before you can do this on your island. After 7 p.m., she wanders around your island at random to watch the stars. If she’s not on your island, one of your friends might have her!

To get the star pieces, you have to press A and make a wish on them. The next morning, you should find star pieces washed up on your beaches.

For the moon DIY, you need 15 small star pieces and 1 big star piece.

18. On The Rocks

When you see this waterfall design for the first time, it seems to say in your ear… anyone else? Just me?

In front of the stone arch, the bamboo trees and shrubs are simple but beautiful.

And the sound of the water running makes it quiet enough to help you focus on your thoughts.

Start by making some hills to build this yourself. Then add waterfalls all around the edge of the cliff.

You can keep with the same theme by adding things like purple roses, a tall lantern, and a craft table.

17. Hidden Sitting Area

This style is very cottage-y and makes me want to know more about it.

I really like how the different shades of green stand out against the brown floor. This makes it possible for the bright blues of the waterfalls to stand out.

For this idea to work, you need to make a number of waterfalls wherever you want. Then put out furniture, decorations, and plants that remind you of the outdoors (who doesn’t love plants?)

Your townspeople would love to hang out here, for sure.

16. Signpost By The Pond

This is a great way to use space, and I want it right away on my island.

You could fill this area with flowers and put a location sign down to help your friends find their way.

The two ‘islands’ of land in the middle of the pond also give the room depth and shape.

Also, when making ponds, certain fish will spawn if they are bigger than 33.

Note: You can buy the location signpost from Nook Stop for 1,500 Nook Miles and four pieces of hardwood and eight pieces of softwood. It also comes in six different styles.

15. Entrance Into The Falls

Make your guests feel really special by letting them step into a dream world full of waterfalls.

Now this is a good idea for how to get to an ACNH island.

The streams really stand out against the Windflowers, which you can get from Leif, the Mystery Islands, or your friends.

If you wanted to make this look again, you might also add some garden lights. They’d look so good here, wouldn’t they?

14. Sightseeing Waterfalls

This design idea makes you feel like it’s summer all year long.

I mean, this place looks like it would be popular with tourists. The use of palm trees alone is so good!

Even the path made of Terracotta fits this summer theme a lot. I also like how the iron fence stands out from the walk.

Adding some tiki flames would be the perfect way to finish off this design and tie it all together.

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Or you could add some flowers with bright colors to make them stand out against the grass.

13. It Must Be Love!

This is a really cute way to fill the empty space between the falls… The flowers around the heart outline really make this spot stand out.

I also really like the two Easter eggs. These are from April 2020, when Bunny Day was held.

I don’t know if there will ever be more, but they really stand out from the rest of the scenery. Do what you can to get more Easter eggs.

12. Follow The Stones

This is a nature lover’s paradise!

I mean, just look at all those roses and shrubs.

The twist and turns of the waterfalls here flow so beautifully.

And this spectacular area has so many waterfalls, it’s just straight-up unique. The stone arch is the only piece of furniture, so it really stands out against the shrubs so well.

I also love the small individual islands surrounded by the water, with the roses on top.

Not to mention the custom path of stones really captures your attention and draws your eye.

11. Waterfall Valley

When I first saw this design, I didn’t know where to look first!

It’s breathtakingly beautiful, and it’s hard to believe this is possible in an Animal Crossing game.

The waterfalls break up clumps of land to really leave it looking spaced apart.

Plus all the variety of trees and flowers really gives a natural theme to the space. You can spot mushroom lamps and mushroom custom designs everywhere.

The one lone pumpkin just over the bridge projects the natural vibe even more, and the custom path on the floor is so alluring, it just has you focused on that particular spot.

To add even more: the massive amount of flowers and hybrids are just plain stunning. They help divert your attention from one thing to another.

It’s weird that the waterfalls are almost not even the main focus here!

10. Statues On The Falls

Now, this beautiful waterfall would be the main attraction on any island.

Everything is put so well that the symmetry is perfect. Nothing feels too full.

I love how the furniture, flowers, and figures in this idea show how much thought went into it.

The white furniture gives the room a sense of luxury, which makes me like waterfalls even more.

Not to mention that the white handmade path looks great against the green grass. And that fence makes the white floor really stand out.

9. White Waterfalls

The figures on this user’s island give this scene its mood.

Specifically, there are 2 Valiant Statues and a Beautiful Statue in this design idea, which you can get from Redd when he comes to visit.

I also like how well the Tall Lanterns fill the space here.

You can get the instructions for making them from balloons, a message in a bottle that washes up on your beach, or a crafty local.

The white tiles here are part of a custom path that this player made all by themselves. And it goes so well with the white garden wagons and the waterfalls.

I would make this myself if I had a few hours.

8. Cherry Blossom Falls

These waterfalls are so cool!

This waterfall-themed design is the only one you need on your island.

To make this yourself, you’d have to build two cliffs and dig your streams. Then put down a path (maybe a cute custom path) and plant some Hardwood Trees that don’t grow fruit.

Remember that you can only buy Cherry Blossom Trees for 10 days during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

This event is in the spring, when the Hardwood Trees bloom, but here’s the catch…

This happens in April for people in the Northern Hemisphere.

But for players in the Southern Hemisphere, it takes place in October.

People, plan around your time zone!

7. Close-To-Airport Waterfall

These waterfalls are really neat!

The only design you need for your island is this one with a waterfall theme.

To make this yourself, you would have to build two hills and dig your streams. Then build a path (maybe a cute homemade path) and plant some Hardwood Trees that don’t bear fruit.

During the Cherry Blossom Festival, you can only buy Cherry Blossom Trees for 10 days.

This event takes place in the spring, when the Hardwood Trees grow, but…

People who live in the Northern Hemisphere see this in April.

But it happens in October for players in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Plan around your time zone, people!

6. Sunken Waterfalls

I mean, who came up with the idea of putting a waterfall part under water?

I don’t know who first thought of this, but it’s a great idea!

Let me start by saying that the waterfalls here are really cool, especially the space between them. All around them are bushes, flowers, trees, and outdoor chairs.

I really like that one streetlight that stands alone and lights the way when it gets dark.

On one of the clifftops, you can even see a model of a butterfly. Very focused on nature.

5. Snowy Falls

This winter beauty shows that waterfalls can be used at all times of the year.

So let’s start by talking about those lovely golden roses. So much about them stands out against the snow.

Then, let’s look at how beautiful the moon looks as it floats above the two rivers. And with big pieces of stars lying around near the waterfalls? Delightful.

I also like how the outdoor bath fits into this area. And despite what you might think, it doesn’t look out of place.

You can buy outdoor baths from Nook Stop. There are four different kinds, and each one costs 20 Stone and a shovel.

To use this idea on your island, you’ll need to build two clifftops and maybe decorate them like this player did. Watch out for the little things as you go!

I say add a couple telescopes and go all out with the stars.

4. Villager Falls

If you’re stuck on how to design a chic neighborhood, well this waterfall style should fit beautifully.

This imaginative player has used multiple sections to bring this look together, and it’s just flawless.

I love the fact they’ve used two different fence styles, and yet they go together so well.

The flooring can be purchased from Nook Stop, however it’s the custom design on top of it that really grabs my attention.

It’ll be hard for your villagers to ever forget where they live with this incredible fountain in the center of town. What a neighborhood.

3. Hydrangea Waterfall

What could be more relaxing than sitting by the waterfall with a drink and just listening to it?

If you don’t know how to make your Resident Services the most popular place on your island, here’s a simple idea you can use.

So far, this is the most beautiful place I’ve seen. And, like the one above, the blue flower theme is one of the best things about this one that really stands out to me.

The woods around the waterfall hide some of the island, but they also give you an idea of what’s to come.

You can build this yourself by making a waterfall stand alone or by making a river like this player.

Then add some flowers and bushes, along with a few trees, and you’re done!

2. Nook’s Cranny Falls

This thought is wonderful.

It’s so unique and beautiful that I’m sure Tom Nook would like it.

It’s just like nothing else.

I love how it says “Cottagecore” to me. This is the main idea of the island.

Even though the streams are small, you can’t help but notice them because they are surrounded by furniture and flowers, like the mushroom stool.

Overall, this is one of the better designs for Nook’s Cranny, even though it’s a very different idea.

If you want to do this on your own island, make sure you have a lot of matching outdoor furniture. Try to find a plan that goes with it, preferably near the beach.

1. Autumn Falls

Now, without a doubt, this is my best waterfall design for ACNH.

The wide shot shows how much this place says “tropical paradise” to me.

And there are so many things to like about this place, like the custom path, the unique flowers, the matched furniture, and, of course, the waterfalls.

I love how bright and lively this is. Beautiful fall colors can be seen everywhere.

Note that the camping sign on top of the cliff is a piece of furniture. Once you’ve tied your Pocket Camp to your My Nintendo Account, you can buy it from Nook Shopping (in the promotions tab).

It will cost 2,500 bells. But it might be worth it to have your own camping place near these waterfalls that look like paradise.

And if you want to do this again, maybe change the theme a little. Try different flowers or even just different plants or trees.

It’s such a flexible idea that you could easily change the way it looks to fit any theme.