21 Japanese Island Design Ideas For ACNH

So you’ve seen all these beautiful Japanese Island Design Ideas and now you want to make your own.

But you don’t know where to begin.

I’ll take care of you!

With New Horizons, players can add hundreds of things to their islands to make them their own.

Many of these items have a Japanese theme.

Making the rising sun island of your dreams is easier than ever.

21. Japanese Restaurant for Cousteau

Without a Japanese’s Rostro how can you say your island is complete.

am i right?

I think you will like this design.

20. Cherry Blossom

Japanese Island Design Ideas

How beautiful is this place with all the cherry blossoms?

If you don’t try this style on your island, it’s just not complete.

Build a hill and a waterfall that flows into a river that runs through your island. In the middle of the picture above, you can see this.

Then you can add two brown zen bridges, one on top of the cliff and one at the bottom.

Make sure to add a lot of things with cherry blossoms and, of course, a lot of cherry blossom trees.

Add a bunch of custom stalls with extra bonsai trees to finish the look. Don’t forget to add a tower, either.

19. Rock Garden

This place to meditate is the perfect addition to any island in the Japanese style.

It’s also very easy to make.

All you need is a design made just for you on some wood floors. Put that down where you’re supposed to.

You can also make a pattern in the sand and place rocks in different shapes around the area.

Make sure to add lots of trees and bamboo things to finish the look.

Then add some cedar trees and bushes around the sides to finish.

18. Monument

Make this memorial that looks like something from Japan and praise it every day.

You can do this by making a cliff and putting some simple panels on top.

You can then add your own pattern to these panels to give it a real Japanese style.

Add a bunch of tall lamps to the area to make it feel more like it fits in.

Don’t forget to put a lot of pagodas on top of the hill and, if you want, also around the bottom.

Finish by putting lots of different plants and bonsai trees around the area.

17. Marketplace

Start by putting down some stone paths to make this busy shopping place on your island.

You can add some cliffs on either side of your main path and fill them with custom stalls.

You can decorate these stalls with your favorite designs and goods to sell at your market.

To make it feel like a real Tokyo market, don’t forget to add a lot of bright signs and utility poles.

Last, add lots of cherry blossom things, and don’t forget the moon to give that evening glow.

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16. Zen Island

Put on your kimonos and take some cute pictures on this bridge area that looks like Japan.

This Instagram-worthy place is also very easy to make.

Start by making a waterfall with a jungle of bamboo trees around it. This will be the background.

You can start making a lake, but make sure to leave an island in the middle so that the bridges can join.

Add two red zed bridges that go over the island, and you can also add some blooming bushes.

Put on your kimono and strike a pose to end.

15. Futuristic

Make something a little different on your island, like this Japanese-style city in the future.

Make a big lake on your island first, and then you can make this cool design.

Hint: You can turn your paths into city drains with custom patterns.

On the other side of your lake, you can put some easy panels with custom light designs.

You can make it look like high-rise buildings with easy custom designs. You can also add a pagoda to this area.

Add some utility poles at the end to make it look like a real city.

14. Pancakes and Dumplings

This pancake and dumpling shop is my life.

This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen.

You can make this by getting a bunch of handmade stalls and decorating them in your favorite Japanese style.

Putting pancakes on plates and dumplings in bowls is easy if you use custom designs on hats, which you can add right to your stalls.

You can even make your own personalized menus for your shop.

Add some iron tables and chairs to finish off your small store.

13. Picnic Area

A picnic wouldn’t be a picnic without a picnic place in the style of Japan, right?

Making this little place is so easy. All you have to do to start is put stone flooring all around the area you’ve picked.

Then you can add some stone tables and stools so that you and your people have somewhere to eat.

Put some zen fence around the area to make it feel like it’s just for you.

Last, add a bunch of trees and bamboo things to finish.

12. Japanese Garden

This Japanese-style garden is a great place to kick back and rest.

Start by getting a custom design for the stone path and laying it through your yard.

You can make your yard feel very relaxing by putting it near cliffs and waterfalls.

Make this area come to life by adding a lot of bamboo things and a lot of bamboo trees.

You want some pretty rocks? Just throw them in!

This place can be finished off with a pagoda, and then your Japanese-style garden is done.

11. School Area

Everyone wants a school on their island that looks like one in Japan… not just me, right?

Start by making a cliff. In front of the cliff, you can put custom panels and stalls, which you can then decorate with any Japanese style you like.

Add some brick steps that lead up to the first floor, and then you can decorate the whole market.

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Add some golden chairs, and your school will really come to life.

You can change the colors of these frozen pillars and bridges to match whatever you want. Red goes well with the theme.

Add some bonsai trees and bikes outside to finish.

10. Rockpool

This place that looks like it came from Japan is a cherry blossom lover’s dream.

If you have your own island and want to make a paradise like this, all you need are some roads and bamboo.

Make a stone road that goes through your island as a first step. You can also put up a fence made of bamboo around the place.

With a stone arch and some hedges, you can show where this place starts.

To keep with the theme, make sure to add a lot of cherry blossom things and trees.

Then add lots of bushes, rocks, and of course a rock pool to finish.

9. Small Neighborhood

You can make this Japanese-style neighborhood street by putting house designs on some easy panels. You can also change the look of the stalls that go on top.

Make sure to put a lot of different kinds of plants there, too.

You can also put up some clotheslines and utility poles outside to keep with the idea.

Also, think about making the ground’s sidewalk look unique. Your little street can be made or broken by the way it looks.

Add some wooden boxes and a bike to the outside to finish.

8. Downtown Tokyo

If you want your island to look more like downtown Japan, this is the style to try.

Start building this downtown area by putting down some stone roads to get ready for city life.

You can also make your own signs for the street! All you need are easy panels with your own designs on them.

Then add two hills on each side, your simple panels, and some custom stalls on top to make it look like tall buildings.

Finish by putting in some vending machines and utility poles to make it look like a Japanese city.

7. Meditation Area

Who wouldn’t want their own quiet place to meditate?

It doesn’t seem as hard as it is. You only need a few bookcases and some easy walls to make this area.

First, turn the shelves around so you can see the back. Then, you can make some simple panels with your best Japanese-style design and put them up against the bookcases to look like walls.

Then, put down a custom-made wooden floor and fill the space with books and pillows. You know, things that are nice.

You could also put some plants and flowers in there to finish the look.

6. Restaurant Space

If you don’t have a Japanese restaurant on your island, is it even a real island?

Around the outside of this diner, custom stalls were built and lined up. You can also put your restaurant by a river if you want the best view while you eat.

Then you can decorate your restaurant by putting rugs on the floors or making your own patterns like the ones above.

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Make sure there are tables and floor seats for people to sit on.

Finish your restaurant by putting sauces on the tables and cherry blossom lamps outside.

5. Cityscape

You’ll love this look if your island is a mix of the city and the forest.

Build a piece of rock in your favorite place to make this yourself. Then, if you like fancy things, you can add waterfalls running down the rocks.

Make sure there are stone steps leading up to the top level, and put a lot of lanterns on the sides of the cliffs.

Put a tower on top so it looks out over the whole island to finish the look.

4. Japan Haven

This easy design can make any place look like a Japanese haven right away.

This is great for making quick changes to small parts of your island.

All you have to do is add a lot of things with cherry blossoms.

To go with the idea, you can also add a custom cherry blossom design to the road. This part is probably the best!

And to really finish off the look, walk around town in a robe. Believe me, it will look great!

3. Zen Bridge

This Japanese island bridge is good enough that even Celeste likes it.

This design is so easy, but it looks great!

All you have to do to make this place is dig out a river that runs through your island. Then, to keep with the idea, you can add the zen bridge going across.

Add lanterns, bamboo things, and maybe a gong to each side of the river to make it look nice.

Also, don’t forget to add a lot of flowers to the area.

And maybe help Mother Earth by planting a lot of bamboo trees.

2. Japanese Forest

This lively forest area is a great place to start your Japanese island.

I love the waterfalls and pagodas in the background of this design. Here’s how to get this look for yourself.

Make sure you have a lot of wood and bamboo trees. You can also put in a lot of rocks.

Make sure to add lots of red flowers and trees that bloom.

Add some models of butterflies as well.


If you give Flick three of the same bug when he comes to your island, he will send you a bug model that he made just for you.

1. Japanese Temple

This area, which is made to look almost like a temple and has a Japanese theme, is by far my best.

It really is a beautiful thing to have on an island.

Most of this design is made up of simple panels with easy-to-make patterns. You can stack these panels on top of each other to make the whole temple.

For this theme, make sure to add a lot of cherry flower trees.

You can also add a lot of lights to give it that calming glow. Include the big rock-head statue and maybe some tall lanterns and Japanese-style fences.

And now we’ve got our very own kindly Japanese island god.