Epic Seven: How To Make 6-Star Heroes?

You can make 6-star Heroes by levelling them up to their current maximum level and then promoting them with either Phantasms or Units of the same Grade.

At first glance, this might seem easy, but it can get confusing because Epic Seven has a Promotion system that is a little bit complicated.

This guide will show you how to make Max Level Heroes from scratch in 8 easy steps:

  1. Enhance your White Phantasma unit by using weaker units as “fodder” to level it up.
  2. Use Penguins to bring your 3★ White Phantasma unit to the maximum level.
  3. If desired, you can also use Penguins to level up your other weaker units (optional).
  4. To further strengthen your team, you can use these leveled up weaker units to promote your 2★ units (optional).
  5. If you want to take your 3★ White or Yellow Phantasma unit to the next level, consider promoting it using your leveled up 3★ fodder units (optional).
  6. If you want to bring your 4★ White or Yellow Phantasma unit to maximum level, use Penguins for this purpose (optional).
  7. To fully promote your 4★ White, Black, or Yellow Phantasma unit, use other 4★ Phantasma units.
  8. As needed, promote your other heroes to continue building a strong team.

NOTE: Mega-Phantasmas will be called White Phantasmas, Giga-Phantasmas will be called Yellow Phantasmas, and Tera-Phantasmas will be called Black Phantasmas.

Step 1: Promote White Phantasmas with Fodder Units

Epic Seven: How To Make 6-Star Heroes?

This Step will be much easier if you use Bulk Promotion, since you usually have too many White Phantasmas and Fodder units to go through and sell one at a time.

White Phantasmas leave the Forest of Souls already at level 2, so you don’t have to worry about levelling them up at this step.

Step 2: Level up 3★ White Phantasma with Penguins to Max Level

After promoting your 2 White Phantasma to a 3, you can just click Auto Select to level them up.

You don’t have to worry about wasting EXP because any extra EXP you get while leveling up will be given back to you in the form of Penguins.

Step 3: Level Up Fodder Units with Penguins to Max Level (Optional)

Now, you can skip this step and go straight to Step 5 if you don’t have enough Fodder Units for the next two steps.

Obviously, it will be cheaper to not skip this step, since Fodder Units are easier to farm than White Phantasmas.

But that’s up to each person.

Step 4: Promote Max Level Fodder Unit with other Fodder Units (Optional)

Again, you don’t have to do this step if you don’t have Fodder Units.

After all, you’ll probably use most of your Fodder Units right after Step 1.

Check out our separate farming guide on Fodder Units if you want to learn more about them and where to get them.

Step 5: Promote your Max Level 3★ White/Yellow Phantasma with the 3★ Fodder Units or 3★ White Phantasmas

At this step, things get a little tricky.

Not much, though, because all you have to do is decide if you should:

Use 3 Fodder Units or other 3 White Phantasmas to promote 3 White or Yellow Phantasmas to their highest level.

No matter what, you will be able to get 4 White Phantasmas for the next few steps.

Step 6: Level up 4★ White/Yellow Phantasma with Penguins to Max Level (Optional)

Like in Step 2, you’ll need to level up either the 4 White Phantasma or the 4 Yellow Phantasma to their maximum level before you can promote them to 5.

But you don’t have to do this step if you have a Black Phantasma. The reason for this is that they are already max-level 4 units when you get them.

Step 7: Promote Max Level 4★ White/Black/Yellow Phantasmas with 4★ Phantasmas

This will be the last step in the long process of levelling up and getting promoted as a Phantasma.

After this step, you can get a 5 Phantasma that you can use to promote a 5 Hero to its highest level.

Now, all you have to do is start over from Step 1 to make five 5 Phantasmas, which is what you need to do to make any Hero a 6 Hero.

Step 8: Promote Your Heroes Accordingly

This is the end of all the hard work you’ve put into levelling up and getting promoted.

You’ll finally be able to get your 6 Unit!

Just remember that you have to promote Heroes based on their Grade when you first got them.

For example, a 3 Hero needs three 3 Phantasmas to be upgraded to a 4 Hero.

And before you can promote all 4 Heroes to 6, you’ll need to first promote four 4 Phantasmas to 5.

6-Star Heroes: Some General Tips

Take note of the following information so that you can make 6 Heroes as quickly and correctly as possible:

  • Never use units with the highest level as Promotion Materials.
  • You can use Dupes instead of Fodder Units or Phantasmas as Promotion Materials, as long as they are on the same Grade.
  • When you use Dupes as Promotional Materials, your Hero’s Memory Imprint will automatically go up.
  • Try to get as many Yellow Phantasmas and Black Phantasmas as you can to help protect Penguins.
  • Dog walking phantasms is another way to level them up. As long as you have the time, strength, and patience for it, of course.


Is there an easier method of promoting?

Phantasms are powerful monsters that can be used to promote heroes in the game. They can be obtained through summoning in the Forest of Souls, completing urgent missions, or earning them as rewards in the Abyss or Adventurer’s Path.

Phantasms have a slight EXP boost (+10%) and often come at maximum level, making them a convenient choice for promotion. You can also use your Mega and Giga-Phantasms to promote each other, or save them to potentially reach 5★.

Keep in mind that the game developers intentionally make it challenging to promote heroes in order to maintain balance in the game.

Which stage should I be grinding?

To make the most efficient use of your time and resources, try to multitask while grinding for experience. Look for opportunities to complete other tasks, such as collecting catalysts for an Awakening or Connection, or hunting specific monsters for a Specialty Change, while also leveling up your weaker units and promoting them.

Choose a stage that allows you to accomplish multiple goals at once, such as one that provides a Shiny Enchantment in the AP Shop and has monsters that you need to kill for other tasks.

Alternatively, if you’re not concerned with efficiency, you can grind the hardest level you can with a team of fodder units. Alternatively, if you have high level friends who can solo levels with a single supporter, you can choose the level that provides the best EXP per stamina.

Is getting a 6-star hero even worth it?

It is generally worth the effort to promote your heroes to 6★ because they will be significantly stronger at this level, with about a 25% increase in stats compared to their 5★, level 50 counterparts.

This can be especially beneficial if you want to compete in the highest levels of the Arena or Guild Wars, or if your goal is simply to have a strong team.

Ultimately, whether or not the time and effort spent on promoting your heroes is worth it depends on your personal goals and enjoyment of the game.