How To Farm Penguins & Use Them in Epic Seven?

In Epic Seven, penguins are mostly used for three things.

First of all, they are often used to Level Up Heroes to improve their overall stats.

They can also be used to level up Fodder Units and Phantasmas to get them ready for their Promotions.

There are also three rare types of penguins:

Newbie Penguin5,500 EXP
Experienced Penguin16,500 EXP
Epic Penguin49,500 EXP

TIP: The more rare something is, the harder it is to get it in the game. You can’t get Epic Penguins outside of Shops, Achievements, or Events, so please use your Penguins wisely.

You can also raise penguins in a few different ways, which we’ll talk about in more detail later in this guide.

But if you want a quick guide, here are the most common ways to get penguins:

  • Clearing Stages with Max Level Units (best method for farming)
  • Exchange Shops
  • The Forest of Souls
  • Participating in Events
  • Achievement Rewards

Leveling With Penguins

Leveling Heroes

Heroes can also level up by going through Adventure Stages or going on Expeditions, but they can level up much faster with the help of Penguins.

Leveling Phantasmas

The main units that are used for Hero Promotions are Phantasms.

Each time they’re Promoted, they need to level up to the maximum, so they can be Promoted to higher Grades. This is where Penguins come in.

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Instead of running each of them through Adventure Stages (Dog Walking), you can make things easier on yourself by using Penguins.

Leveling Fodder Units

You don’t have to use Penguins on Fodder Units, and most players only do so when they’re out of Mega-Phantasms.

But you can still do this.

Some people think that leveling up Fodder Units with Penguins and promoting them to 3 so they can be used as Promotion Materials for Max Level 3 Phantasmas is a cheaper way to use them.

How to Get Penguins?

You can get penguins in Epic Seven in about 5 ways, which are as follows:

Exchange Shops

You can get Experienced Penguins from a few Shops, like the:

  • Event Currency Exchange Shop
  • Friendship Point Exchange Shop
  • Transmit Stone Shop

Each of these shops needs a different currency, and the Penguins for sale are also pretty pricey. So you can choose whether or not to buy them.

Forest of Souls

How To Farm Penguins & Use Them in Epic Seven?

You can get free Penguins from the Forest of Souls, but you have to wait a certain amount of time, which depends on the level of your Forest of Souls.

But if you don’t have much time, you can use Stigma to get Penguins right away. You can also wait for Phantasmas or Molagoras instead.

It’s also possible to get Experienced Penguins or even Epic Penguins here.

But your Forest of Souls needs the right upgrades for that to happen.


When you take part in Events, you almost always get at least one or two Experienced Penguins.

You can also get Epic Penguins from Events, but they are very rare.

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So, if you want to go this way, I’d suggest keeping an eye on the Events Page in your Mailbox!

Achievement Rewards

Penguins are often a reward for meeting certain requirements on both the Adventure Map and the Event Map.

These include the Region Rewards and Quest Rewards in the Adventure maps, which you get when you finish all of the stages in a given region.

Reputation Rewards, on the other hand, are usually part of Event Quests and are unlocked by meeting different requirements for that event.

Clearing Stages with Max Level Units (Best Method)

After they were changed, this is by far the best way to farm them.

To do this, you just need to take Heroes with the highest level on every stage you clear.

This way, the extra EXP will be turned into Penguins. How many you get depends on how hard the stage is, your Pet Bonuses, and any EXP boosts you brought with you.

TIP: If you want to farm Penguins with this method, you should run stages with a Blessing of Knowledge or an EXP Booster buff on your account and a Pet with EXP Boosting Skills.

With these buffs, you’ll get a lot more EXP per run, which means that you’ll be able to farm more Penguins after every stage you clear.