Repeat Battling in Epic Seven ( Unlock + Settings)

Repeat Battling can be unlocked when your Account Level is 45 and you’ve unlocked the Pet System.

The Pet System lets you adopt and raise Pets that can make it easier to get rewards in the game. It also lets you farm a Stage over and over by letting you do Repeat Battles.

There are also Pets that go with your Characters in the lobby and give you a lot of random rewards, but you can’t use them to Auto-Repeat Stages.

Battle Pets are the ones you can bring with you to Auto-Repeat battles, while Lobby Pets are the ones you can’t.

How Do You Unlock Auto-Repeat?

Once you reach Account Level 45, the Auto-Repeat System, also called Repeat Battles, is automatically unlocked.

Then, you will be shown a short but informative tutorial about the Pet System. Don’t forget to pay attention, because it will show you how to take care of your Pets by adopting them, leveling them up, and more.

Account Level 45 might seem far away, but all you really need to do to get there is clear as many Story Stages as you can.

Also, if you want to get to Level 45 faster, you might want to do Boss Hunts (preferably Wyvern Hunts) often.

Repeat Battling Settings Overview

The Repeat Battle System’s Settings Page is pretty easy to use.

There are only 4 main settings to choose from:

  • Restart Battle When Defeated: If you lose a battle, this option restarts it until the Repeat Battle Limit is reached. If you don’t turn off Repeat Battling, it will stop after you lose a battle.
  • End Repeat Battle after Hero Reaches Max Level: Stops Repeat Battles when any unit in the Party reaches its maximum level. If you don’t check the box, Auto-Repeat will keep going even if one of your characters has reached their level cap.
  • Auto Charge Energy: During the Repeat Battle Session, the resource you’ve chosen is used to automatically restore your Stamina.
  • Repeat Battle Limit: Sets how many times a Stage can be cleared over and over again. You can set the limit to a certain amount, which can only be raised by making your pet’s Grade higher.
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Auto Charge Energy (Options)

In the Auto Charge Energy setting, you can choose which resource you want to use for Stamina if you run out of them in the middle of a battle.

These are your four choices:

  • Do not charge: Does not use up any Stamina resources. When you run out of Stamina, the Repeat Battle session will be over.
  • Recharge Energy: Skystone: This costs 30 Skystones and gives you 60 Stamina whenever you run out of Stamina during a Repeat Battle.
  • Recharge Energy: Leif – Consumes one Leif for 80 Stamina every time you run out of Stamina during a Repeat Battle session.
  • All Resources: Recharge Energy – Restoring your Stamina costs both Skystones and Leifs. In this option, Leifs are most important and are eaten first.

Accessing the Auto-Battling Settings Page

You can change a pet’s settings by clicking on your Pet Slot at the beginning of every battle, as shown in the image below.

You can also change settings in the middle of a battle by clicking or tapping on the cog icon, which is shown below:

No matter when or how you access the Repeat Battle Settings, the changes you make will take effect right away. So, you can do it however you like.

Recommended Settings

In general, you should turn on the Restart Battle Setting and turn off the End Repeat Battle Setting.

If you do this, your farming session won’t be cut short, unless you’re just levelling up units through Repeat Battles or you’re not sure you can consistently clear the Stage.

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As for the Auto Charge setting, you should probably avoid the “Use Skystones” and “Use All Resources” options. If you’re not careful, these can quickly use up your valuable Skystones.

You can make exceptions when you need to (like when there’s an Event going on), but using Leifs or not recharging your Stamina at all are by far the two safest choices out of the four.