Expert Guide to Speed Set Farming in Epic Seven

Wyvern Hunts are where you can farm Speed Set farming the most, but you can also get them as event rewards.

By gathering Drake Claws of various rarities and crafting in the Steel Workshop, you can assemble the entire Speed Set from scratch.

The only other material you need to make Speed Sets is gold, which is quite expensive, so make sure you have plenty before beginning.

Wyvern Hunt

Speed Set Farming in Epic Seven

Wyvern Hunt has 13 stages. The better the loot you can get depends on what Stage you can clear.

Wyvern Hunts’ drops are exclusively focused on one of these three sets:

  • Critical Set – boosts Critical Hit Rate by 12% per 2 pieces equipped.
  • Hit Set – boosts Effectiveness by 20% per 2 pieces equipped.
  • Speed Set – boosts speed by 25% per 4 pieces equipped.

Hunting Stages may also drop items besides crafting materials, such as bookmarks, skystones, powder of knowledge, the heart of an ancient dragon, manifestation stones, and even stamina.

Of course, you can also get Equipment Set pieces as drops from Hunts, though their rarity is highly dependent on RNG.

Recommended Units

It is strongly advised that you only have Ice Element Heroes in your party during Wyvern Hunts in order to capitalise on the boss’s weakness.

When selecting Heroes for Wyvern Hunts, there are typically four key roles to take into account. These are what they are:

  • Frontline Tank
  • General Buffer/Debuffer
  • Main DPS
  • Secondary DPS
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Here are some of the top Wyvern Hunt Heroes, listed in order of their roles:

Frontline TankAngelic Montmorancy, Angelica, Tywin, Krau, Bask, Crozet, Rose
General Buffer/DebufferDizzy, General Purrgis, Luluca, Taranor Guard, Seaside Belona, Yuna, Furious
DPS (Main & Secondary)Sigret, Chloe, Kise, Alexa, Karin, Luna, Clarissa, Sez, Mistychain

Best F2P Team Composition

Fear not if you lack the majority of the heroes mentioned above; you can still easily assemble a Wyvern team using F2P Heroes, which even newer players can acquire.

Frontline Tank: Montmorancy or Crozet
Debuffer: Furious or Taranor Guard
Main DPS: Alexa
Secondary DPS: Mistychain

In the first several weeks as a beginner, you can reach Repeat Battling Wyvern 11 with this squad.

Depending on how well your equipment rolls go, you might even encounter Wyvern 12 or 13.

Artifact Recommendations

The only thing you need to know about artefacts is that Daydream Joker is fantastic for your DPS units.

On the other side, Prophetic Candlestick is a great artefact for your Frontline Tank.

There are many superior Artifacts available that you might want to try.

These two low-grade artifacts, however, are unparalleled in their usefulness in Wyvern Hunt for new players with scant resources.

Wyvern Combat Tips

There are various bosses and mobs with varying levels of power for each Wyvern Stage.

The struggle gets tougher as you ascend.

Try to keep at least two debuffs on the Wyvern during the boss waves of the hardest stages, especially Wyvern 13 so that your frontline tank receives all of the aggro.

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The best debuff you can use on Wyverns is unquestionably Defense Break because it makes it much simpler for your DPS heroes to reduce their health.

Wyverns also engage in a “Barrier Phase” after performing an AOE attack, during which they self-generate a shield.

When they enter this phase, they slow down. However, you must take down the Barrier as quickly as you can because if you don’t, Wyverns will launch a high-damage AOE attack that could easily eliminate your entire team.

Repeat Battling Tips

You can run Wyvern Hunt Stages automatically with Battle Pets. At Account Rank 45, the Pet System becomes available.

One thing to keep in mind is to try to bring Battle Pets with Hunt-Specific Skills on them, as they will greatly increase the effectiveness of your farming.

Turn off the “End Repeat Battling after Hero reaches Max Level” setting for convenience’s sake.

The “Restart Battle when Defeated” setting should also be enabled because you might lose a few battles even in Wyvern Stages that are simple to defeat manually.

Events For Speed Sets

Another way to get Speed Sets in E7 is through events.

While it is rare, some of them offer free high-level Speed Sets completely out of the bat, no questions asked!

Not only that, but some of these giveaway Speed Sets really have amazing base Substats on them – making them absolutely worthy of investment.

So remember to watch out for Events – because you never know when these free Speed Sets can drop!

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