How To Farm Gold in Epic Seven (Best Place & Methods)

Gold farming is one of the most important ways to get money in Epic Seven.

There are many places where you can Farm Gold, but these two methods are the best and most reliable ways to get a lot of Gold:

During “Blessing of Wealth” events, the Sanctuary (Heart of Orbis) Hunt Stages are available.

In addition to these two, there are other less well-known and underrated ways to farm.

In this guide, we’ll talk about all the best ways to get Gold, since even if you use a different method, you’ll still get a lot of Gold in the long run.

Heart of Orbis

By far, the best way to passively farm Gold and Skystones is to go to the Sanctuary’s Breath of Orbis every day and pick up your rewards.

TIP: If you want to get the most Gold and Skystones out of this method, you should max out the Breath of Orbis as soon as you can (9/9 Levels).

Doing this will not only increase the maximum capacity and generation speed of your Breath of Orbis, but it will also make it more likely that you will get double rewards every time you claim the resources you have collected.

Hunts For Farming Gold

Doing Hunts is one of the best ways to farm gold. It will drop a good amount of gold and resources at the same time if you have enough firepower until you can do Hunt 13, but you can still get by doing lower hunt stages until then.

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Hunt Stages is the best place to farm gold for experienced players with the right units.

This method will not only give you a lot of Gold, but it will also drop a lot of equipment that you can sell or put money into (if they fit your standards).

To give you an idea, the Wyvern Stage is the most popular hunt to farm. Starting with Stage 11, this will give away up to 12,000 Gold per run.

TIP: In Hunt Stages, players should wait until a buff called “Blessing of Wealth” is put on. This will definitely increase how much Gold you get for each clear.

Selling Fodder Equipment For Gold

One of the most obvious but underrated ways is to sell equipment you don’t need.

Equipment is a very common resource that you shouldn’t be afraid to sell because it can be found in almost every battle stage in every game mode.

You can also use Fodder Equipment to upgrade your higher-tier gear, but it will cost you a lot of Gold.

TIP: It should be common to sell equipment that is uncolored (normal) and green (good).

Keep in mind, though, that you can get equipment set cores from high-level blue (Rare) and pink (Epic) gear.

If you want to save up Gold, it will be cheaper to just sell Red (Legendary) fodder equipment.

Abyss Purification

How To Farm Gold in Epic Seven (Best Place & Methods)

Cleaning up the Abyss Tower is probably the easiest way to get more Gold and Stigma.

Every day, you get 3 Free Daily Tokens, and the higher up in the Tower you are, the more Gold you can get per purification.

TIP: Clean the Abyss Tower every day as often as you can.

Even if you’re stuck on a certain floor in the tower, you’ll still be able to do this.

Certain Abyss rewards give a really huge gold reward for certain floors that you clear.
Take note of some of the floors with gold rewards:

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Floor 15200,000 Gold
200 Skystone
Floor 26750,000 Gold
Floor 30300,000 Gold
300 Skystone
Floor 45500,000 Gold
500 Skystone
Floor 461,500,000 Gold
Floor 601,000,000 Gold
Floor 663,000,000 Gold
Floor 751,500,000 Gold
1,500 Skystone
Floor 853,000,000 Gold
5 MolaGora Go

High Command Missions

Clearing High Command missions in the Sanctuary will give the least amount of Gold out of all the ways listed here, especially on a daily basis.

But if you use this method, you’ll also get EXP points along the way.

Simply put, High Command Missions are great if you want to get some extra Gold while also training low-leveled characters on your roster.

TIPS: For each High Command mission, try to choose the Characters with the skills that are needed. This will make it easier to get more EXP and Gold after each mission.

Gold Farming: General Tips & Tricks

To really fill your wallet with gold, you should be aware of a few things:

  • Choosing your Lobby Pets Wisely
  • Joining a Guild for Gold Buffs
  • Keeping an eye out for Events

These things can help you make sure you have a few extra ways to make money when things get tough, since gold is needed almost everywhere and can run out at almost any time.

Choosing Your Lobby Pets Wisely

It can be hard to find good Lobby pets, and it can be just as hard to make them.

But having just one or two pets with skills that help you earn more Gold or save Gold can save your life.

In general, you want pets in your Lobby that have skills like increasing selling prices (like in the image above) and lowering costs.

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TIP: Pets give gifts that can have a lot of Gold and other valuable resources in them, no matter how rare or skilled they are. So make sure to put one in your Lobby as soon as you can.

Join a Guild for More Gold Buffs

If you join an active Guild, you will get the Blessing of Wealth and the Blessing of Knowledge on your account in addition to the ones you already have.

This means that more Gold will drop from Hunt Stages, Adventure Stages, and even Event Stages!

TIP: Donate to your guild often, since guild buffs can only be bought with guild currencies, which can only be earned by giving money to the guild.

Keeping an Eye Out for Events

If you don’t mind using Stamina for things other than Hunts and Adventure Stages, clearing Event Stages might be for you.

Even so, as shown in the image above, most Events have a stage called S. Goblin’s Den, which can bring in a lot of Gold for your account.

Keep in mind that you can only pass this stage once. Once you’ve gotten the Gold rewards, you won’t be able to pass it again.

TIP: Most events have Exchange Shops where you can trade Event Currencies for Gold. But it’s best to wait until you’ve bought all of the rarer or more important items before doing this.

Other ways on Farming Gold

Some of the other ways that will help you farm gold.

Improve Heart of Orbis

You can improve the Heart of Orbis to increase the Gold haul you receive.

Event Limited Stage

At certain points in the game, there will be an event with some sweet event rewards.

You should be on the lookout for it and make the most of the event.

Repeat Battling

Gold is not that hard to get, but it will take a lot of grinding to get it.

You can also use the Repeat battle to keep farming if you have something else to do.

To unlock the Repeat battle, you must first unlock the Pet system.