Epic Seven Blazing Rage Farming Guide (6 Ways)

A Rare Catalyst, Blazing Rage Farming is a component that may be utilized to improve one’s skills. In E7, there are a total of six different places where Blazing Rage catalysts can be obtained:

  1. Adventure Stages (Chapter 5)
  2. AP Exchange Shops (Best Source)
  3. Catalyst Chests
  4. Events
  5. Guild Member Shop
  6. Guild Aid

Visit these sources on a regular basis and farm them if you want to farm up a sufficient amount of Blazing Rage to the point where you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

This is all that is required of you in order to accomplish your goal.

Option 1: Adventure Stages

A significant portion of the Adventure Stages, in addition to a significant portion of the other Rare Catalysts, can be farmed for Blazing Rage.

However, the most productive times for farming would be:

  1. 5-5
  2. 5-6
  3. 3-S3

It is important to bear in mind that the drop rate for Rare Catalysts like Blazing Soul is relatively low, despite the fact that it is not as difficult to get these as Epic Catalysts.

Because of this, you should limit your farming of Adventure Stages to those that provide the Blazing Soul as a drop or as an item in the AP Exchange Shop.

A useful piece of advice when farming Adventure Stages is to ensure that you always bring the proper pet.

After all, certain pets have the ability to boost the number of experience points (AP) you receive for completing a level, making the time spent farming much more productive in the long run.

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Option 2: AP Exchange Shops (Best Choice).

You will be able to purchase Blazing Rage from the Adventure Points (AP) Exchange Shop if you have accumulated enough Adventure Points (AP) through the completion of Adventure Stages.

Simply advancing through the plot is all that is required to unlock the majority of the AP Exchange Shops.

Unlocking some of them will need special feats or goods, which is to be expected.

However, AP Exchange Shops that do not demand any requirements in order to purchase items will sell you sufficient amounts of Rare Catalysts.

TIP: Because there is a limit to the number of Catalysts that may be purchased before they are exhausted, you need to be careful not to spend too much of your available AP on too many different things.

However, you shouldn’t be too concerned because the inventories of all AP Exchange Shops are consistently restocked to the maximum amount on a weekly basis.

Option 3: Catalyst Chests

When it comes to ease of use, having a Catalyst Chest readily available in your inventory is by far the most convenient option.

Because they are able to provide you with a wide variety of Catalysts without requiring you to engage in the troublesome farming that is normally required to obtain them.

Catalyst Chests are not easy to come by, especially if you are a new player, despite the fact that they may be acquired in a number of ways inside the game.

The only catch is that despite this, it is possible to receive Catalyst Chests.

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Always make smart decisions when using these Catalyst Chests. It is in your best interest to put them aside in case you find that you are unable to produce Catalysts on your own.

Option 4: Events

The farming of Blazing Rage and a huge number of other extremely important Catalysts may be greatly aided by participating in events.

After all, you may earn Catalyst Chests as reputation rewards in the majority of these events, not to mention that you can purchase them as individual goods at the Event Currency Exchange Shops.

TIP: Bear in mind that the selection of Catalysts in the Event Currency Exchange Shop fluctuates, which means that it is possible that you will not be able to dependably farm the Catalyst that you seek from this source.

Option 5: Guild Member’s Shop

Being a member of a guild enables you to make purchases in the Guild Member Shop that include a wide variety of unique items, such as Artifacts, Conversion Chests, and Element Summon Bookmarks.

More significantly, though, you may also buy both rare and epic Catalyst Chests here using the currencies of your guild. These chests can be purchased with either rare or epic Catalyst Coins.

A helpful hint is that all that is truly required of you to purchase these catalyst chests is to take part in the typical activities of your guild.

If you do it on a regular basis, you might be able to save up enough guild currency to buy all of these chests.

Option 6: Guild Aid

In the event that you are in desperate need of Blazing Rage, another option available to you is to make a request for some from your fellow guild members using the Aid area of your Guild Page.

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You have the ability to request a wide variety of wonderful items, ranging from supplies for enhancing skills to materials for awakening, in this location.

TIP: Keep in mind that it is typically considered excellent etiquette to refrain from seeking Catalysts from your guildmates.

Therefore, you should only do so when it is really essential or when it is expressly authorized.

If you are prepared to part with some of your extra Catalysts and contribute them personally, it will be of great assistance as well.

In the end, it is a lot more satisfying experience to offer things to players who give back to their guildmates than it is to provide things to people who do not do this.