15 Best 5-Star Moonlight Heroes in Epic Seven

This will be hard to figure out.

Best 5-Star Moonlight Heroes are thought to be the only thing standing between you and late-game content in Epic Seven.

Even though you don’t need ML Heroes as much in PVE content, you almost have to have them if you want to do well in high-ranking PVP.

Even getting an ML 4* is, unfortunately, a very hard thing to do. Even if you roll well and get that beautiful purple shine, you can’t be sure it won’t be your seventeenth Guider Aither.

Most of the time, ML Heroes are made for PVP content. But we’ll put these ML heroes in order across all Epic Seven content.

But if they’re really good at PVP, we’ll definitely take that into account.

So let’s take a look at these Best 5-Star Moonlight Heroes and find out why you should pray to get them.

15. Mercedes

Class: Mage
Element: Fire

Mercedes, a blank-faced Homunculus chosen by The Last Spellbook, is the deuteragonist for most of the game, including all three Episodes that have been released so far.

However, when she is forced to merge with the Archdemon, she becomes Archdemon Mercedes, the final antagonist of Episode 1.

14. Diene

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Ice

A very religious nun from Ezera.

Diene, the Saint of Ezera, got a divine message from the Goddess, and even without the Heir of the Covenant, he led the world to victory against the Archdemon.

She became the Queen of Ezera later on.

13. Kayron

Class: Thief
Element: Fire

Kayron is the king of shadow, and he has a lot of grudges.

He wants to destroy the world so that he can finally rest for all time.

He is the main bad guy in Episode 1 (along with Vildred) and in several side stories like Eulogy for a Saint, One Blade, One Truth, and Visitors From Another World.

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12. Yufine

Class: Warrior
Element: Earth

A dragon girl who is full of life and loves shiny things.

Yufine was born in Winterberg, but through a series of events, she found her way to Ritania.

She is happy and interested, but her curiosity often gets her into trouble.

She likes shiny things so much that she often loses track of time when she looks at them.

She’s Luna’s younger half-sister.

11. Luna

Class: Warrior
Element: Ice

Luna is a Half-Dragon from Wintenberg who wants revenge.

She is Yufine’s half-sister, but unlike Yufine, she loves killing as many humans as she can.

She is the main bad guy in Episode 3: Hymn of a Wailing Tundra and the last bad guy in the Halloween Manor side story.

10. Belian

Class: Knight
Element: Light

Belian is an extremely powerful hero right now, especially when used on an injury set.

Her first skill deals AOE damage, removes debuffs, and has a chance to inflict a second AOE attack that provokes.

Her third skill has a similar effect, and with Elbris Ritual Sword equipped, she’ll be counterattacking almost every turn.

Belian also has the incredible ability to prevent the use of enemy souls, crippling some openers such as Ran or Assassin Cidd.

9. Little Queen Charlotte

Class: Warrior
Element: Light

The viability of LQC is solely dependent on the current RTA meta.

Fortunately, we’re currently in a Dark-infested meta (as of this writing), allowing LQC to shine!

When attacking Dark units, LQC deals massive damage and inflicts splash damage on enemies.

In a world of tanky A.Ravi’s, A.Meru’s, and F.Ceci’s, you’ll be grateful that LQC can get you out of a jam.

8. Ruele of Light

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light

Ruele is a rare exception in the Epic Seven world.

And she’s a hero who has remained viable without any changes since the game’s inception.

Ruele can not only push herself up but also take less damage while equipped with Water’s Origin.

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Her healing, cleansing, and barrier-breaking abilities are enormous.

Her third skill restores an ally to full health and grants them invincibility.

7. Fallen Cecilia

Class: Knight
Element: Dark

F.Ceci is still one of the most powerful tanks in the game.

Her passive barrier completely negates some heroes (such as ML Baal), while her skills three and one respectively grant the team skill nullifier and provoke one enemy.

She’s a versatile pick who can be used in almost any draught.

6. Maid Chloe

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light

Maid Chloe is an excellent Soul Weaver who can resurrect your entire team, cleanse all debuffs, heal, and increase attack.

While this makes her a threat in PVP, it also makes her equally effective in PVE content.

In Abyss, being defeated by a unit is frequently a death sentence for your run.

However, thanks to Maid Chloe, you can play a little more aggressively without worrying that one bad mood will end your run.

5. Mediator Kawerik

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark

Rikardo has been on a long journey.

Kawerik began his E7 career as nothing more than a meme, widely regarded as one of the worst ML 5* heroes in the game.

Thankfully, he has now risen to be initiated into Epic Seven‘s “seven great disasters” after some… balanced… buffs.

Kawerik is an excellent pseudo-support hero who can remove debuffs from his teammates while also dealing substantial damage and crippling debuffs.

4. Apocalypse Ravi

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark

What a rags-to-riches journey A.Ravi has had.

A.Ravi was initially nothing more than a bulky tank capable of taking hits while dishing out pitiful damage.

A.Ravi has risen to become one of the strongest units in RTA thanks to her buffs, which granted her skill one injury (allowing her to excel in long fights).

Combine her already powerful kit with a revive on her skill three, and you’ve got one powerful tank on your hands.

Note: For those still struggling with hunts, A.Ravi can also be an excellent choice for tanking Wyvern!

3. Conqueror Lilias

Class: Warrior
Element: Light

As the newest member of the Golden Girls cast, Cilias is already causing trouble (alongside Belian and Angel of Light Angelica).

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Not only does Cilias have insane speed, pushback, and dual attacks, but she also has a buff called “Vigor” that boosts the attack and defence of all allies. This might make her “broken.”

This buff makes Cilias’s kit what it is.

And because of that, she is a great first-pick in RTA.

2. Specter Tenebria

Class: Mage
Element: Dark

If you’re not sure who to pick from your Moonlight Blessing, Specter Tenebria is a great choice.

Her ability to stay hidden all the time makes her a great damage dealer in PVP, and her ability to poison multiple targets makes her shine in places like Abyss.

Tene can shine with either a speed/crit build or a lifesteal build that makes him more tanky.

1. Arbiter Vildred

Class: Thief
Element: Dark

15 Best 5-Star Moonlight Heroes in Epic Seven

Even though Arbiter Vildred used to be a threat in PVP, you don’t see him as much these days.

His damage isn’t as good as that of other heroes who don’t care about defence (like Lionheart Cermia or Straze).

With all the Extinction around, he probably won’t be able to come back to life even once.

But Arby is the best character because he can do so many different things.

Even though people have said bad things about Arby, he is still a great pick for soft cleave teams in RTA. Not only that, but his Moonlight Dreamblade counter build can be very annoying.

He is also the fastest farmer in Epic Seven, which means he can speed up both story and event playthroughs.

He’s also good at Hunts, and many Azimanak 13 teams have him and Specter Tenebria on them.

He also shines in a few Abyss stages where you need to hit multiple enemies with your first skill.

Even though Arby isn’t as strong as he used to be, he is still the most useful Moonlight Hero in the whole game.