15 Best Epic Seven YouTubers & Streamers

There are many excellent Epic Seven YouTubers & Streamers & content producers to choose from.

But how do you even start looking?

With this list of the finest of the best, we have you covered.

There is undoubtedly an Epic Seven content creator out there to keep you entertained, whether you enjoy watching RTA battles, thorough guides, or summoning sessions.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMhwWFPoPDteqkJYfiUTtGg

TK has a really laid-back demeanour and is fun to watch. He makes hilarious commentary and is the originator of the current E7 slang trend.

I can think of a few off the top of my head, such as Kayron -> Crayon and Assassin Cartuja -> Big Bear. I also chuckle whenever he says “clapping them butt cheeks.”

He typically discusses PvP and sporadic PvE content. Being an expert player in the late game, he can teach more serious players valuable lessons while also providing amusing commentary.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8krQZaRtUyZqLOm2iw1aYQ

In addition to emphasising end-game PvP, Warbalt also emphasises the importance of assembling strong offence and defence PvP teams.

You should watch his videos if you want to learn how to become really good at PvP and fighting elite guilds because he offers insightful guidance on assembling powerful teams that you can use to win more.

13. YDCB

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAJWuFSexApzvOlH1ioTOgQ

Videos by YDCB are pure entertainment. The amusing part is that he occasionally tilts and makes bad choices in order to capture pure gold moments.

Most viewers are eager for more of his content after seeing him baby rage and crack jokes with a legendary video editor.

He does invest a fair amount, so you get to watch him use different units and get a demonstration of how he constructs them for your own use.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLo_CsYoVRTm64hdmB2bYOA

JaganX is fun to watch, especially if you enjoy reading in-depth character analyses because he discusses how to develop and gear characters for various roles.

His main focus is PvP construction, and he enjoys demonstrating characters and how he makes use of them to his advantage in PvP.

He frequently battles top 20 guilds in his guild wars series, which is entertaining to watch. If you want to catch him there as well, he occasionally streams.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp76b_m_wL_Mb5SFuDQlUsg

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/demonekim

Demone mostly focuses on game updates, rumours, and general advise. He used to play in the summoners battle and is quite knowledgeable about Epic Seven.

He invests a lot of money into the game, and he has first-hand knowledge on how to construct specific units.

He covers both early and late game content for new players, depending on your preference.

10. EpicSeven (Honorable Mention)


This list will begin with a brief honourable mention.

Make sure to subscribe to the official Epic Seven Twitch stream and YouTube channel, if you haven’t already.

There, among other wonderful things, you may watch real-time patch notes and RTA viewer wars.

When Patch Notes first began, Mash and Nue were the hosts, and it was always entertaining to watch them search for filler material while we waited for the official Korean stream to catch up.

9. Mango7Roll


Mango is a laid-back and laid-back E7 content creator who writes about patch notes, rumors, and summoning sessions.

Mango frequently fails to get the character the first time around before giving in to his desires and depending on wallet-kun to help reach sympathy, so he frequently uploads summons of new units to his YouTube channel in multiple parts.

He got into some trouble a year or so ago due to some controversy, but now that things have calmed down, he still produces almost daily E7 content.

His videos are nice if you need an E7 content fix for the day even though they aren’t edited or stylized. or if you like learning about what will be published next.

8. God Doggos

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GodDoggos

God Doggos is a fun content producer who has a lot in common with another active YouTuber (about whom we’ll talk later) who uses a lot of editing.

His videos frequently feature summoning sessions, the utilisation of underutilised units, or the application of meta units to intriguingly original builds.

However, God Doggos videos are invariably exuberant and loud.

He can therefore easily satiate your need for loudness if you enjoy the vivacious YouTuber style.

7. Grass Angel

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/grassangelchannel

Your trusted source for educational E7 content is Grass Angel.

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A one-stop shop for everything gaming-related can be found on Grass Angel’s channel, whether you’re looking for character comparisons, breakdowns, or game guides.

Keep in mind that this channel focuses primarily on text, which may turn some viewers off.

But rather than listening to someone pleading for likes and subscriptions, it’s much preferable to be able to rapidly browse the essential content if you’re looking for information to keep playing the game.

6. Samool

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Samool

Samool is a fantastic E7 content producer who goes above and beyond to offer interesting and compelling challenge content in addition to covering patch notes and summons guides.

He is currently demonstrating on his stream how to play this game for free by finishing a 3-Star character-only challenge!

Additionally, he offers character ranking lists and forecasts for must-pull reruns for upcoming banners.

5. Astranox


Astranox is a content producer who has a huge collection of E7 accounts scattered over several servers.

He has a number of accounts both globally and in the EU. And with the massive amounts of money he has accumulated, he consistently posts his rolls throughout numerous accounts (or bought).

He excels at showcasing new units as soon as they are available.

He’ll have most likely pulled them, triple S imprinted them, and +15’d their skills even minutes after a new character becomes available to summon!

If you were unsure whether to summon a character or if you wanted to see how powerful they could be before investing your precious resources, Astranox can give you a thorough preview of what any character could look like with maximum investment.

4. Car_6

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/caR6ix
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/car_6

Another content producer who creates high-level RTA content, character breakdowns, and gameplay guides is Car 6.

When Car 6 isn’t weighing the benefits and drawbacks of pulling a particular unit, he’s flaunting his ridiculously high stats for the rest of us to envy.

If you haven’t heard of this E7 YouTuber, you should definitely do so!

3. Panshui


Panshui is a committed E7 Twitch Streamer with a warm demeanour, a lively chat, and an uncontrollable gambling addiction.

Despite the humour, Panshui’s streams typically feature pulls or RTA grinding.

Because Panshui is a highly ranked RTA player, he can give you plenty of gaming from the top levels of the E7.

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He has excellent communication skills. And in spite of his respectable viewership, he frequently looks over and responds to any queries you might have, or even shows the data of his character.

2. DrSquirrel


Nobody does extensive coverage of the E7 gaming quite like DrSquirrel.

In contrast to other content producers (like Grass Angel), Dr. Squirrel frequently conducts in-depth analyses lasting up to fifteen to twenty minutes in his films.

E7’s worldwide server and Korean server are connected, in contrast to other gacha games that lag behind the original server by a year or two.

This means that since we cannot predict the future, we must ensure that any unit we summon is worthwhile before spending the potentially necessary 10,000 Mystic Medals or 605 Covenant bookmarks to summon it.

When attempting to determine whether a unit will fit your playstyle, your available gearing options, or your team’s compatibility, Dr. Squirrel’s unit reviews are a lifesaver.



Was the top slot ever actually up for grabs?

Many people agree that YD is unrivalled when it comes to producing top-notch Epic Seven content.

YD’s videos have superior editing compared to those of the other content producers on this list, giving them a far more lively feel than static commentary or posted Twitch vods.

Every upload is made even more pleasurable by YD’s Waifu Debuts’ excellent editing (even if his newest unit is almost always doomed to lose their first Guild War).

Just as entertaining are YD’s Twitch streams, where he creates or improves gear in the hopes of large speed rolls, plays RTA while whining about getting 15%’d every battle, or conducts watch parties for new content.

He is so well-liked in the community that his patch note watch parties frequently draw more people than the actual official Epic Seven Stream!

And because he is such a whale, YD frequently spends hundreds of dollars on SSS units or on rare Moonlight characters.

Additionally, since he’s the self-declared boss of the gacha gang, YD also streams other games like Tarkov or Uma Musume when his wallet needs some time to recuperate.

YDCB is the epitome of the laughing Ras emote, if there ever was one.

Therefore, you should definitely check out his content.