Epic Seven: How To Enhance & Upgrade Equipment?

You can lUpgrade Equipment by going to your Inventory and choosing the piece you want to level up.

But you need either Fodder Equipment or Charms before you can use them.

Fodder Equipment is much easier to get than Charms, but using Charms is much cheaper and more effective.

This guide will also talk about how to tell the difference between a good Substat Roll and a bad one, which is something every new E7 player should know in order to equip their Heroes correctly.

Where Do You Enhance Your Equipment?

First, from the Lobby Screen, you go to your Inventory.

In the picture below, this is circled.

Epic Seven: How To Enhance & Upgrade Equipment?

This will take you to your Inventory Page, where you can see all of the weapons, armour, helmets, boots, and other items you have collected.

In the picture below, you can see this inventory screen.

Choose a piece of equipment you want to improve.

The main stat, substats, and set type of each piece of your gear will be shown on a small Overview Screen.

Click the “Enhance” button to improve your weapon (circled below).

And there it is!

Finally, the Enhance Equipment Page will show up. This is where you can Level Up the equipment you chose.

Charms vs. Fodder Equipment

You can only improve your gear by using Charms or Feeding Equipment.

Gold Cost is the main difference between the two.

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If you want to improve your equipment, using Charms is much cheaper than using Fodder Equipment.

The images below show the general difference in Gold Cost:

Using Fodder Equipment = 38,896 Gold/Level (Equipment Level 5 > 6)

Using Charms = 14,400 Gold/Level (Equipment Level 6 > 7)

Keep in mind, though, that using Fodder Equipment also has a clear benefit.

They are easier to farm than even Lesser Charms because they are more common.

Enhancing Gear: General Tips

To help you learn more about epic seven, here are some tips to keep in mind as you improve your Equipment.

EXP Bonus Chance

When you improve your gear, you might get Bonuses (shown in the image above) that make a big difference in how much EXP your gear gains.

This mechanic has nothing to do with skill, and it may only happen once in a while.

But it will greatly cut the amount of Gold you need to spend to improve Equipment Pieces.

Try to choose only one material at a time before Enhancing to get these bonuses more often.

Equipment Rarity

Equipment pieces are divided into 5 Rarities:

  • Normal (Gray)
  • Good (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Heroic (Purple)
  • Epic (Red)

One thing to remember is that every 3 Levels, every piece of equipment will either get a new Substat or improve an existing one.

The less additional Substats you’ll have to gain, the higher the rarity.

For example, substats that already exist on Heroic or Epic gear are only made better, making them stronger and more specialised in general than lower rarity gear.

This is the main reason why you should only buy Heroic and Epic Equipment of high level.

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Rare (and Good or Normal) items should only be:

  • Sold for gold
  • Extracted for cores, or
  • Used as Fodder Equipment

Is the Equipment Worth Reforging?

Most of the time, we say that gear can be reforged if it has at least six rolls. In the end, it’s up to the player to choose how picky they want to be.

This concludes our guide. Remember that it’s always worth it to upgrade and reforge gear if..

it has more than one desirable stat

the Desired Sets are in it.

Below average is less than 5 rolls.

About 5 rolls is the norm.

Above average is more than 5 rolls.