12 Best 4-Star Moonlight Heroes in Epic Seven

Before the current 4-Star Moonlight pity system was put in place, but after Mystic Summons was added, 4-Star Moonlight heroes became the hardest units in Epic Seven to get.

If you wanted a 4-Star hero, your only chance was to spend your Mystic Medals on a 5-Star and hope you didn’t get scared by it, or you could take a chance with Galaxy bookmarks.

And both PVE and PVP have used 4-Star Moonlight heroes in different ways over the years.

But in this section, we’ll look at some of the best 4-Star Moonlight heroes that you should know about.

12. Furious

Class: Ranger
Element: Ice

4-Star Moonlight Heroes in Epic Seven

Furious is a man with strong morals.

He thinks that a leader should serve the community, not just one person.

He thinks that the citylord is a very important part of how Aakhen works.

11. Mercedes

Class: Mage
Element: Fire

Mercedes, a blank-faced Homunculus chosen by The Last Spellbook, is the deuteragonist for most of the game, including all three Episodes that have been released so far.

However, when she is forced to merge with the Archdemon, she becomes Archdemon Mercedes, the final antagonist of Episode 1.

10. Auxiliary Lots

Class: Mage
Element: Dark

Aux Lots deserves at least a brief mention on this list because he was at the top of the early metagame for Epic Seven for so long.

Aux Lots isn’t used much or at all anymore because of units like Politis and Celine that attack back when an enemy uses a skill that doesn’t attack. Celine’s special gear was made to counter Aux Lots because it lets her go after the enemy hero with the most damage.

But before all of this, Aux Lots was the best help for any cleave comp.

The first and third skills of Aux Lots don’t matter here. All we care about is his second skill, which makes an ally 100% more ready for battle.

Because Aux Lots is a mage and can carry Tagahel’s, all you need to cleave an opponent is an Aux Lots and a Judge Kise.

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Sadly, this is no longer the case, and cleave in its traditional form is almost dead and buried.

Still, we have to give Aux Lots credit for giving us so many good times.

9. Sinful Angelica

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Dark

Singelica was briefly used as an anti-reviver in PVP, but it isn’t used much in RTA anymore.

Singelica has stayed important because of how important she is to Wyvern 13 one-shot teams.

We almost gave this PVE slot to Kitty Clarissa because she is so important to clearing Abyss 111-120. But where do you plan to spend most of your time after Abyss is over?

Yes, all roads lead back to Wyvern at the end of the day!

This makes Singelica’s shelf life much longer, which is why she gets this spot.

8. Challenger Dominiel

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light

Epic Seven has chosen Challenger Dominiel to speak for the whole group.

When you open Epic Seven every day, C.Dom’s face is the first thing you see. After all, she is the game’s icon.

She used to be the best choice for cleave teams because she could make the team more ready for battle and kill any one unit.

But, as was said before, she has since dropped because there are so many interrupts in today’s meta.

Even so, she can still be a real threat when the time is right.

7. Inferno Khawazu

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark

Inferno Khawazu, also called “Hwayoung-Lite,” is your best nuker and counter to teams that debuff.

Khawazu can get rid of his debuffs, make himself more ready for battle, and quickly kill one unit on the other team.

Even though he doesn’t do much to help the team, he does his job well enough to be chosen in certain situations.

6. Blood Blade Karin

Class: Thief
Element: Dark

BBK is a great Thief who does damage to an area around her. She has recently become more popular thanks to a buff that makes her unkillable at the start of a battle.

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She is often compared to Tempest Surin because she does the same kind of damage as her and also steals lives.

People often think that T.Surin is the better choice for PVP because of her added debuffs, stealth, and combat readiness boosts, but BBK is a lot more flexible for PVE.

BBK is very useful as a cleaver in RTA, but she works just as well in Banshee Hunt or Automaton Tower.

5. Champion Zerato

Class: Mage
Element: Dark

When you have a lot of debuffs, Champion Zerato is your best counter.

C.Zerato’s stock will only keep going up as more and more debuffers are released.

When C.Zerato is weakened, he can attack back and give his weaknesses to the enemy.

When you add this massive AOE damage, an AOE defence break, a skill that hits two units, and incredible lifesteal potential, you get one of the best ML 4-star units that has ever been released.

After Smilegate fixed his kit, we feel bad for everyone who traded him in for a selector…

4. Assassin Cidd (+ Assassin Coli)

Class: Thief
Element: Dark

Both Assassin Cidd and Assassin Coli do the same thing, so we thought it was best to put them both on the list.

So, Assassin Cidd is probably the best choice, but if they are both built right, they should both be able to take the first turn and kill an enemy threat.

Either you want to kill the opponent’s first-turn combat-readiness-pushing card or the main damage-dealing card.

3. Crimson Armin

Class: Knight
Element: Light

Carmin has been at the top of the PVP meta, then at the bottom, and now she’s back at the top.

She was a threat in the early days of Epic Seven PVP, when there were not many ways to stop an AOE from being unkillable.

During this time, all you had to do was build your Carmin fast enough to get that skill three and then wait for your opponent to give up.

As the metagame went on, Carmin became less useful. But after a few changes to her kit, she’s back as a great tanker who can still cripple an unprepared enemy who can’t be killed.

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2. Troublemaker Crozet

Class: Mage
Element: Knight

Crozet’s rise to the top of PVP content has been slow but steady, even though he likes to cause trouble.

When he got out, he didn’t play much.

But as time has gone on, people have begun to see how much of a… troublemaker… he can be.

The most important part of Crozet’s kit is protecting your most important hero. T.Crozet takes on some of the damage that an ally in the back row takes, which makes him more ready to fight when that ally is attacked (with a chance to counter the attack).

Not only that, but T.Crozet can also remove all buffs from himself and a specific ally while giving them, depending on their class, more resistance to critical hits or a barrier.

Most of the time, T.Crozet lets heroes like Landy and Rem sit in the backline without worrying about being killed in one shot.

Also, he can make the lives of units that do well in long battles last almost forever (like Little Queen Charlotte).

1. Angel of Light Angelica

Class: Mage
Element: Light

In the future, when Epic Eight, Nine, and Ten have all come out, historians will look at their books and try to figure out why Epic Seven failed.

Sadly, all they will see is a picture of AOLA staring back at them.

If AOLA was a five-star hero, her gear would already be too strong.

It’s ridiculous that she’s a four-star!

She is one of the best anti-cleave heroes in the game because she can stop all types of AOE and almost always silence the whole enemy team.

Many of us still don’t have AOLA because her only banner is right next to… ugh… Specimen Sez…

AOLA was the first domino to fall, and the uproar from players who couldn’t get her is one of the main reasons Epic Seven has now added pity for four-star Moonlight heroes.

If you have AOLA, you should be happy!

Join the club if you don’t!