12 Best Openers Heroes in Epic Seven

Unfortunately, this list won’t help free–play and casual players very much.

Even if you didn’t have to farm Banshee for that awesome bruiser gear, you probably have enough to do already.

But speed is king at the higher levels of PVP in E7.

This is also true at lower levels, but when it comes time to build a unit with 320 speed to compete on turn one, most people get turned off by the RNG process of not only getting good speed gear but also hoping for good rolls when enhancing it.

In Epic Seven RTA, units with a high base speed are often used as turn one openers.

They’re meant to take the first turn and either speed up your slower units so they’re ready to fight, give you some kind of defensive buff so you can take a hit, take away your enemies’ immunity and give them debuffs, or kill key units on your opponent’s team.

Well, let’s see which Epic Seven openers stand out the most.

12. Kayron (Speed Build)

Class: Thief
Element: Fire
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 123(+6)

12 Best Openers Heroes in Epic Seven

Kayron is a very strong attacker, but he has low health because of it. But when his health goes down to 0, he gets a buff that makes him immortal. This means he can be built for full attack and not worry about dying on the first turn.

If you give Kayron a buff, his basic attack will become Area of Effect (AoE). Some people like to give him immunity, and he starts with an AoE attack.

His third skill is a strong nuke that can only hit one person. He gets free attack buff after using it. Killing an enemy will also make his buff last longer, making him more likely to stay alive.

Anti-buff debuffs can no longer stop his buff that makes him immortal.

11. Elphelt

Class: Ranger
Element: Fire
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 109 (+6)

A strong fire ranger who can help and hurt in useful ways. With her recent buffs, Elphelt is being used more in PVP now that her S2 has an attack buff and her multipliers aren’t as bad as they used to be.

Her artefact is also very good, and it now gives other rangers more ways to use defence break. People think of it as a stronger version of Song of Stars, since Defense Break is usually a better debuff than Target. However, keep in mind that it has a limited number of uses.

In Guild Wars, she shines in PvP. After taking away a unit’s immunity buffs, her skill 3 lets her control a unit that is asleep. This gets rid of the need for a buff stripper and gives more healers or damage dealers more options, depending on the situation.

Overall, she is very flexible and can be used as an attacker support. Elphelt is best used to set up cleave teams, but she can also be used as a support unit or to deal damage.

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10. Emilia

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 105

Emilia is usually thought of as a “one-size-fits-all” Soul Weaver. She doesn’t have a specific niche that makes her stand out, like how Roana punishes Seaside Bellona users, Blaze Dingo is a damage-focused Soul Weaver, Tamarinne makes PvE pretty easy, and so on.

However, this is what makes her a great unit for new players. She can join any new team that needs Combat Readiness, removing negative effects, healing, or putting up barriers.

Even though she doesn’t have a specific role, she’s still a pretty safe unit because she’s reliable and can change her skills quickly.

Don’t forget that her S2 increases Combat Readiness by 50% for one ally. It’s a single-target skill that only affects one ally, but it’s still very useful if one of your units needs a little extra help.

Her S1 and S3 are always healing, and her S2 and S3 each remove two debuffs. It’s not a full-cleanse for the whole team, but it’s still a good skill that would keep people from dying right away.

9. Flan

Class: Ranger
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 109(+6)


Flan is a great unit for Arena teams, where getting the first turn is very important. Her S3 doesn’t do damage, which at first may seem like a bad thing, but it’s actually a good thing.

This is because she doesn’t have to worry about being weak to an element and missing her target, like Falconer Kluri.

She still has to go through the resistance-accuracy check, though, and she doesn’t have a soulburn that lets her ignore resistance to effects.

Even so, her debuffs would be a great way for any cleave team to start.

Her S2 is also unique because she is the first playable unit to have the buff Increase Critical Damage, which can be used on one of your allies if the battle isn’t over after all of your units have had a turn.

Plus, with her new soulburn, she can S3 right away and then combo into her S2 to set up your nuker.

8. Faithless Lidica

Class: Ranger
Element: Light
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 114

Faithless Lidica

Most of Faithless Lidica’s gear is used for PvP. Even though her base speed isn’t the best, she can still be used as the PvP opener if she has a speed of 270 or more.

Early-game players shouldn’t use Fallen Lidica in PvE, because she’s so much better in PVP late-game.

Aside from that, her kit is made to remove buffs from the enemy and then put them on maximum cool down.

This works better in guild wars and against teams that are slower in the arena. If she deals a critical hit, she can now also get a skill nullifies for her allies.

7. Fairytale Tenebria

Class: Mage
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 111 (+4)

Fairytale Tenebria

Fairytale Tenebria is a very good unit, especially when it comes to PVP. She is the only one who has the new debuff, Reflected Provoke, which makes the unit that was provoked attack the enemy with the highest Max HP instead of the one who provoked it.

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In other words, they will automatically attack the strongest enemy unit instead of Fairytale Tenebria.

As you can see, Fairytale Tenebria would be a great addition to a D.Corvus team if you are lucky enough to have one.

When F.Tenebria uses Reflected Provoke, the units will automatically go for Dark Corvus, triggering both his passive and Fairytale Tenebria’s!

She works well in debuff teams because she removes buffs, adds debuffs, and forces units to go after the unit with the most health.

But she can be stopped by units that can heal or by units that can return debuffs (such as Champion Zerato).

6. Basar

Class: Mage
Element: Earth
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 108


Basar has a skill set that stops enemy buffs and reduces the damage your team takes from the enemy.

He can also send back any debuff he gets and add another random debuff. He could be a good addition to the Azimanak Hunt.

Basars best skill is his 3rd skill. It removes all of the enemy’s buffs, applies an anti-buff, and makes them less ready for battle.

This goes against most buff teams, and many new players don’t think to use it. This can slow down a lot of buff teams in the arena. He can also burn his soul to make sure the strip works.

He isn’t perfect, though. He’s pretty weak, and you’ll need him to have good speed and health to keep him alive and help him deal with buff-heavy teams.

5. Judith

Class: Thief
Element: Fire
Rarity: 3*
Base Speed: 113 (+4)


For every Moonlight Dreamblade Counter Set Arbiter Vildred, every 30k HP Apocalypse Ravi and Rem Counter team, and every Golden Girls draught with Belian and Angel of Light Angelica, nothing is as scary as going up against a five-star Judith…

The E7 community is all talking about this meme.

And it means that if your opponent is sure enough to draught a five-star unit with a low rarity, like Judith, they must be very sure they have enough speed to win turn one.

With her third skill, Judith can make the team 20% more ready for battle. Other than that, she doesn’t do much else.

She can do some damage, but her main purpose is to make sure you get to go first.

4. Assassin Cidd

Class: Thief
Element: Dark
Rarity: 4*
Base Speed: 122 (+6)

Assassin Cidd

The Assassin Cidd is not a traditional opener.

He is mostly used to stop fast teams by killing the most important unit in the enemy team’s draught.

Most free-to-play players have slow units as a whole, and they put all of their best speed gear on their Assassin Cidd or Assassin Coli to try to beat teams that focus on speed.

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Because Assassin Cidd does a lot of damage, he can take the first turn and kill your opponent’s biggest damage threat or their combat readiness pusher.

3. Pavel

Class: Thief
Element: Earth
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 120 (+4)


Pavel is a great opener who does a lot of damage. With his skill two, he can tear the enemy team apart, and with his skill three, he can focus on a single threat.

His crazy speed and the fact that he can ignore effects that share damage make him a great opener who deserves a spot on this list.

Not only that, but his AOE doesn’t make the enemy attack back. Which makes him an even better choice to start the game.

2. Ran

Class: Thief
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 123 (+6)


Ran is one of the most important RGB units that have come out in recent years.

Ran and Politis are the King and Queen of the RGB non-limited unit meta (sorry, Rimuru…) in a world where Moonlight heroes rule PVP.

Ran’s speed is so fast that it’s very easy for him to take turn one.

But he needs a certain summer elf to help him reach his full potential because he doesn’t have his own CR push.

Ran’s third area-of-effect skill removes debuffs and breaks defences.

This makes it very easy for Summer Iseria, who is a little bit slower, to boost the party’s combat readiness, use her bombs, and kill the whole team, even though she is a little bit slower.

Ran and Summer Iseria go well together, but Ran is still a great unit if you can pair him with other fast units (like Peira, Cerise, Flan, etc.) that can deal a lot of damage to take advantage of the defence break, apply debuffs with the AOE strip, or make the team even more ready to fight.

1. Conqueror Lilias

Class: Warrior
Element: Light
Rarity: 5*
Base Speed: 115 (+6)

As soon as she came out, Cilias shot to the top of the metagame, mostly because of her insane kit and very fast base speed for a Warrior.

What makes Cilias so great is not just how fast she is, but also how, by taking the first turn, she can cripple the enemy team.

Her third area-of-effect (AOE) skill reduces the duration of buffs on all enemies by one turn, lowers their attack stat, gives her team vigour, and gives her an extra turn.

Then, Cilias can use this extra turn to use her powerful skill two, which hits a single enemy with redirected provoke and pushes them back.

This lets Cilias push back the fastest enemy unit, so that a second CR pusher on your team can take the next turn.

As an opener, Cilias’s kit is out of this world.

She has become a strong first pick or pre-ban in RTA, and there’s a reason for that.

If you didn’t play Cilias when she first came out in Mystic, we hope you have enough banshee gear to last her long reign in the meta.