Sez Vs Vildred: Why vildred Better than Sez in Epic Seven?

Both Sez and Vildred are great cleave units that can be used for either PVP or PVE.

Even though it’s pretty clear that Vildred does better than Sez in almost every game mode most of the time.

To explain why, I’ve put together a short summary of their Skill Sets and how they fit into three of the most important parts of Epic Seven:

  • PVE (Adventure & General Farming)
  • PVP (Arena & World Arena,)
  • Wyvern Hunts (Speed Set Farming)

So let’s look into them and see how they compare.

Skill Sets

Even though both Sez and Vildred are cleave-focused units, their skills are very different and have different triggers and effects.

Sez’s Skills

  • Dark Shadow: Deals damage to one enemy and gives them a debuff that makes them unable to heal. The damage is based on how much health the enemy is missing.
  • Encroach: Deals an area-of-effect attack when the enemy you hit has less than 50% health. Also has a 50% chance of making each enemy lose the ability to heal.
  • Conviction is a single-target attack that gets stronger based on how much health the enemy is missing. If the target dies, Sez’s Attack will cause an area-of-effect attack to happen. This skill can do more damage if its Soul is burned.

Vildred’s Skills

  • Sweep: Attacks two foes at the same time. The damage depends on how fast Vildred is moving.
  • Dancing Blade: When Vildred kills an enemy, an area-of-effect attack is triggered. Also raises both his Attack and Combat Readiness stats.
  • Blade Ascent is another AOE attack that increases in power as Vildred moves faster. This can be “Soul-burned” to make it do a lot more damage.
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Just by looking at their skills, we can see that Vildred has a clear advantage when it comes to pure AOE attacks, which makes him the better choice for this particular niche.

But Sez does deserve a break because his skills have a debuff that Vildred’s don’t. He did well!

PVE (Adventure & General Farming)

Vildred is the clear winner when it comes to PVE and farming in general.

After all, he has one of the most broken Skill 2s in the game, which not only boosts his attack but also gives him a 20% CR Push whenever he kills an enemy.

Even though Sez is also good at farming, he gets worse as the game goes on. This is because his Skill 2 does not do a lot of damage and his Skill 3 is mostly a one-on-one attack.

PVP (Arena & World Arena)

In terms of how useful they are, these two might be about the same in PVP.

But, once again, Vildred is the more popular and effective unit by a fair amount.

If you want to build a cleave team and can choose between Sez and Vildred, you might want to choose Vildred eight times out of ten.


Because Vildred’s base speed and base DPS are higher than those of the other two.

Not only that, but Vildred’s gear is also better for cleaving with high speed and damage in PVP.

Sez is still a very good choice for cleave teams in general, of course. Especially if you plan to go up against teams with fire elements or annoying healers.

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Wyvern Hunts

Here is where Sez can finally shine.

Because of how their elements work, Sez is the best unit to bring on Wyvern Hunts.

In fact, Wyvern Hunts are the most important Hunt Stage.

So, if a new player wants to get Speed Sets early, it makes sense to invest in Sez instead of Vildred (as they should).

But remember that Sez isn’t really the best choice for Main DPS in Wyvern Hunts.

He’s better as a secondary damage dealer on your team.

After all, Sez might help you a lot in the Mob Wave, but once the Boss Wave starts, he’s not as useful because his equipment is more geared toward AOE farming.