Epic Seven: Where To Farm Fodder Units?

In this article, we show Epic Seven players where the best places to Farm Fodder Units.

Fodder Units can be farmed from the following:

  • Adventure (with Stage 3-1 being the most popular)
  • Labyrinth Stages
  • Events
  • Secret Shop
  • Pulling in the Friendship Summon

The best way to farm Fodder Units in terms of stamina efficiency is to clear three specific Adventure stages.

After that, you should clear Event Stages, do daily Labyrinth runs, and then do Friendship Summons.

Best Place to Get Fodder

Epic Seven: Where To Farm Fodder Units? (Best Places)

Chapter 3-1 (Adventure)

If the player has extra time and energy in the game, they can go to Chapter 3-1 in Adventure mode to get food in the most energy-efficient way.

As soon as the player enters Chapter 3-1, they should teleport to the three exits to the north and kill all of the enemies there.

After beating all three groups of enemies, the player can leave through the third exit and have a chance to get 1-2 fodder units for only 2 energy.

Friendship Shop

Players can do Friendship summons by going to the shop and buying Friendship bookmarks. The player could get Mega-Phantoms, Penguins, 2 Artifacts, and Level 5 fodder units.

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Secret Shop

The player can also buy fodder units for 29,000 Gold each in the Secret Shop.

This can sometimes be expensive, but after each reset, the Secret Shop has a very high chance of giving you a fodder unit.

Adventure Stages To Farm

The three best stages to farm for Fodder Units are:

  • Stage 9-7 (Central Taranor)
  • Stage 9-4 (West Taranor)
  • Stage 3-1 (Levulin)

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

TIP: To efficiently farm Fodder Units in Adventure, players should turn off auto movement. Otherwise, they’ll mostly be teleporting around the map instead of walking through it.

Also, try to make a group of max-level cleave units so that runs can go faster and extra EXP can be turned into Penguins that can later be used to level up main heroes or Fodder Units.

Chapter 1 Stage 9-4 (Teleport to Each Side)

To finish Stage 9-4 as quickly and easily as possible, teleport to the waypoint at 9-S1 Black Spider’s Post, then walk north all the way to the centre of the map.

Then, teleport to 9-5 Broken Sword Ruins and walk back to the map’s centre.

The last fight should take place in the second dark blue area on the map.

After that, you can leave the stage by teleporting to any of the waypoints.

Chapter 1 Stage 9-7 (Clear Until Low Morale)

Unlike the other two maps, 9-7 doesn’t require much manual movement, so you can play this stage on autopilot if you want.

But this map shows a lot of fights and turns. So keep an eye on your Morale and don’t push your Units too far if they can’t handle it.

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Chapter 1 Stage 3-1 (Teleport to Each of the Three Waypoints Up Top)

By far, the most popular stage for farming fodders is Stage 3-1.

It’s also one of the least expensive, since you only need 2 Stamina to finish it.

Stage 3-1 is also great because the enemies aren’t as strong as they were in the first two stages. This makes it easy for even new players to play.

To get through this stage as quickly and easily as possible, all you have to do is teleport to each of the Waypoints in the upper part of the map.

This will start three battles right away.

After you beat all three, you can leave the stage by going through the waypoint where your last battle was.

Labyrinth Stages

The Labyrinth Stages are big maps with a lot of enemies to beat.

So, if you do a full run, you’ll almost certainly come across more than one Fodder Unit.

TIP: The only thing you need to remember besides clearing Labyrinth stages every day is to keep a close eye on your Morale.

Since Labyrinth Stages are much bigger and have more enemies than Adventure Stages, it’s easy to go too far in a Labyrinth Stage than in an Adventure Stage.

Event Stages for Fodder Units

If you don’t have enough Stamina to farm Fodder Units, clearing Event Stages is not a bad alternative.

Not only are the chances of getting Fodder Units in these Stages possibly higher than in Adventure, but you can also farm Event Currencies here!

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Friendship Bookmarks

Last but not least, the Friendship Summon Gacha is a great way to farm a surprising number of fodder units.

You can buy Friendship Bookmarks from the Secret Shop or trade Friend Points in the Shop for them.

Note that the best way to get Friend Points is to set up good Support Units of your own and bring any of your friends’ Support Units into battle with you.

Best Place to Level Up Fodder

Crack In the World

This is the fastest way to get fodder units to the next level. Even though this is the fastest way, it also costs the most.

This will cost the player 40 Energy per run, but the fodder units will get a lot of EXP from it.

Side Story (Normal)

Players can run the Normal difficulty stages in the Side Story to level up their fodder units and earn Event Currency at the same time.

Running the game on the Normal difficulty instead of the Hard or Hell difficulties gives more EXP for the same amount of energy.

Stage 11 Hunts

High-level players can go on Stage 11 Hunts with three-person teams and one fodder. This is a good way for high-level players to go because they are more interested in getting better gear for their units.

Unrecorded History

In Unrecorded History, you can also bring fodder units with you when you go looking for catalysts. This is another way to level them up.

The player saves a lot of time and energy by doing this because they are gathering two things that a hero needs all at once.