18 Best Rangers in Epic Seven

Rangers heroes are based on DPS and have different ways to remove buffs from enemies and hurt them.

They’re one of the most different classes in the game, and many of the heroes have their own skill sets that do different kinds of damage and help them out in different ways.

Every player in Epic Seven should have at least one Ranger Hero from each of the four main elements.

There are so many, but even for mid-game players, there isn’t much gear.

Some heroes are great for PvP, some are great at Abyss, and some are great at helping other players.

If you want to know which ranger hero to buy, I’ll give you a list of the best ones.

If you’re just starting out, it might be hard to get some heroes, but they’ll let you know about them in case they become easy to get.

18. Silk

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

18 Best Rangers in Epic Seven

Silk is great as a fast, helpful hero whose role is to give your team as many turns as possible.

Giving allies speed and slowing down enemies gives your team a lot more turns, which is especially useful on some Abyss floors.

Because she starts out fast and you’ll make her faster, she’ll attack before any other hero.

She is great against some PvP teams.

17. Lidica

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

Fire Lidica was a character that people had been waiting for for a long time, but she has since been forgotten.

She’s still great in PVE fights that call for lowering your combat readiness (such as the fight against Dark Corvus in Abyss).

But besides this, she doesn’t see much play.

On the other hand, her bridal skin is still one of the best in the game.

16. Bellona

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Green Bellona is also played very little or not at all these days, but she can still be a great addition to a new account.

Most early-game Abyss bosses don’t stand a chance against her first skill.

And because of her AOE defence break, she can do the most damage without help.

Bellona’s unique gear has made her more useful, especially now that her defence break happens more often.

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15. Celeste

Rarity: 3*
Element: Light

Celeste is another opener unit, but she needs a lot of work and a team of dedicated people to back her up.

If you have other openers like Pavel or Cerise, you should build them first and save all the Celestes for the whales.

But if you’re sick of your one and only opener always being banned? Celeste is a great low-cost way to start.

14. Watcher Schuri

Rarity: 4*
Element: Light

There are two great things about Watcher Schuri:

First, he is a great nuker who can kill almost every unit in the game with just one shot (aside from damage mitigating units like Tempest Surin or Spirit Eye Celine).

And second, Watcher Schuri is great in a fast composition.

Depending on the grade of his imprint, it can help the whole team move faster.

13. Kiris

Rarity: 3*
Element: Earth

Even though Kiris only has three stars, she is one of the best Abyss heroes in E7.

Kiris’s ability to stack poison debuffs and make them last longer makes her great for taking down bosses with a lot of health.

Kiris also doesn’t need much of an investment.

She only needs 65% Effectiveness and about 240 speed to compete in PVE.

You don’t even have to give her a six-star or fully wake her up!

12. Faithless Lidica

Rarity: 5*
Element: Light

Faithless Lidica is not a good choice for RTA in the modern era of Epic Seven because she is not fast.

But she’s still great as a second pusher and supporter of combat readiness.

Her third skill can reset an enemy’s cooldown and give the whole team a skill nullifier.

If we all ask Smilegate to make Flidica stronger in the recent E7 survey, she might be able to shine again.

11. Cerise

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

Cerise’s power has been snuck out of the meta by a bodacious wolf girl, which is a shame.

But even if you didn’t notice Peira, she’s still a great opener.

Cerise’s AOE skill three limits opponents, so you don’t have to worry about combat readiness climbers like Apocalypse Ravi, Little Queen Charlotte, Sage Baal, and Sezan.

Her second skill can also stun, and her first skill starts a dual attack. This means that Cerise can do more in long fights than a typical opener, who only wants to win the first turn.

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10. Furious

Rarity: 4*
Element: Ice

Furious’s only goal is to be the best wyvern hero in the game.

His whole set is made for killing bosses.

He won’t do much damage by himself.

Instead, he helps his team succeed by giving them buffs and useful items.

A powerful ranger is one whose cit chance is increased by 35% and whose defence breaks are used on enemy bosses.

9. Pavel

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Pavel is your first-turn Ranger for everything, and here’s why:

  • AOE cleave that can do a lot of damage, possibly kill Arbiter Vildred, and set off Summertime Iseria bombs: Check!
  • A third skill that does a lot of damage to one person. letting you kill any annoying Revivers: Check!
  • Fast enough to make a Peira blush: Done!

Pavel is a good Ranger, but he needs a lot of gear.

Without speed of 280 or more, he’s almost useless.

8. Lidica

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

Lidica was made so that enemies couldn’t do anything.

She can be used in both PvP and PvE, and she is especially good at hunting Golems and dealing with enemy carries.

Any skill that can shorten the time buffs last or get rid of them is very good for PvP.

You must, however, give her speed when you build her.

Like, if you want to be a Master in Arena, you should be fine with at least 220 speed.

7. Operator Sigret

Rarity: 5*
Element: Dark

If someone brings a barrier, you bring Operator Sigret.

Operator Sigret is needed to stop draughts with Fallen Cecilia because she can kill any unit that is targeted by a barrier.

If Op Sig is built with enough speed, it can also work well as an opener.

Because she can remove buffs and push the enemy back, she is a great first-turn hero.

6. Summertime Iseria

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

Roaming Warrior Leo should have been like Summertime Iseria.

When Summertime Iseria is paired with a fast AOE unit like Ran or Peira, her cleave reaches levels that not even Judge Kise and Blood Blade Karin could reach.

Summertime Iseria can do a lot of damage to multiple units at once by planting bombs on them and then setting them off with her third skill.

This can also stun units that are too tough to be killed in one hit.

5. Flan

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

Flan isn’t great at dealing damage, but she is the best support hero for PvP.

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If she is able to use her skill first, the effects of her skill 3 make it easy to win almost any fight.

Even her first skill is crazy, since a good dispel can completely cancel out the strength of an enemy hero.

4. Briar Witch Iseria

Rarity: 5*
Element: Dark

Iseria, the Briar Witch, is a great buff stripper who does a lot of damage and stays around thanks to her passive invulnerability.

When she builds up quickly, she can use debuffs to make the enemy weak.

And when she is built slowly, with the right help she can cut through an enemy team.

Even though some people might tell you otherwise, Briar Witch Iseria is in a great place.

3. Seaside Bellona

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

You’ve probably seen Seaside Bellona a lot in PvP and in your supporter choices.

She just does so much. Because she shares damage, gives out debuffs, and attacks back a lot, she is naturally tanky.

With a full attack and critical build, she will be able to handle most threats in PvP and PvE.

But it’s hard to add her to your team because she’s rarely available as a limited summon.

Follow the Epic Seven subreddit to find out when special banners will be available.

2. Landy

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

It’s hard to believe that just one artefact can make a unit work.

Landy was probably already pretty strong before Guiding Light, but now she’s even better.

Landy is a powerful threat because her defence penetration is based on how many buffs the enemy has.

And the fact that she can use this skill three times quickly while also increasing her combat readiness each time shows how useful she is.

In the end, Landy is a Limited Unit that is very strong and lives up to her name.

1. Operator Sigret

Rarity: 5*
Element: Dark

Operator Sigret is a hero who is very strong in PvE and is also pretty strong in PvP.

In hunts, adventures, abyss, and labyrinths, there are so many annoying bosses who love to spam barriers.

Especially helpful for Episode 2 10-10, where players often get stuck, but Operator Sigret will quickly clear it.

It’s not easy to get her in a galaxy summon, but if you do, you now know to use your best set on her.