Attack Stat vs Crit Damage in Epic Seven

Even though the ideas behind Attack stat and Critical Damage are almost the same, the main difference between the two is easy to explain.

  • When a character’s Attack stat goes up, their normal attacks do more damage.
  • By raising their Crit Damage stat, they can do more damage with their critical hits.

The most important stats for a DPS character in Epic Seven are Attack and Critical Damage.

But for high Critical Damage to be useful, your character must first have a high enough Critical Chance stat.

The Attack Stat

Attack Stat vs Crit Damage in Epic Seven

Attack is pretty easy to understand.

It’s a simple way to say that it’s a measure of how much damage your character can do with normal, non-critical attacks.

This amount of damage can be lessened by things like Defense or Elemental Resistance, which reduce damage.

Even so, it’s still a good idea to keep the Attack stat high on all of your DPS units, especially the ones whose Critical Chance you can’t boost to 100% with Equipment Bonuses.

How does crit damage work in epic seven?

The Crit Damage stat of your character is a little harder to understand than the Attack stat, but not by much.

Basically, Crit Damage is a measure of how much your character’s damage is increased when they get a Critical Hit.

So, if you raise your character’s Critical Damage, they can do more damage when their attacks score a Critical Hit.

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This is why it’s also important for your character to have a high Crit Chance stat along with a high Crit Damage stat. After all, having a high Critical Damage without a high Critical Chance is useless.

Possible Applications

Attack and Critical Damage are very important stats for DPS Units, but they don’t matter much for most other Characters.

Most character builds should try to keep a balance between these two stats, but it may be better to make Attack your “priority stat” in general.

For Units whose Critical Chance you can boost up to 100%, however, it’s better to go for high Critical Damage instead of Attack, since it will almost always give your Units a higher DPS output.

Relevant Characters (Increase Attack & Increase Critical Hit Damage)

Many Characters have one or even two skills that boost their Attack, but (surprisingly) there aren’t that many who can boost the damage of a critical hit.

Here are some of the best examples of characters who can boost their own Attack and Critical Damage or that of their whole team:

Best Characters Who Can Increase Attack:

  • Auxiliary Lots is known for his crazy Skill 2, which makes an ally’s Attack and Combat Readiness go up. One of the Support Units that doesn’t work right.
  • Tywin is a must-have for both PVE and PVP because he breaks AOE damage. His Skill 2 boosts an ally’s Attack and also makes them more ready for battle and gives them a better chance of getting a critical hit.
  • Vildred is a farmer who is one of the best and most used in the game. When he kills an enemy, he not only increases his Attack, but also his Combat Readiness.
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Best Characters Who Can Increase Critical Hit Damage:

  • Ilynav is a strong Knight and a great unit for PVP. Even though she isn’t very useful, she can be a great injury-based bruiser if she is built right.
  • Flan is one of the best Rangers for increasing the DPS of your team. Her buffs and debuffs are great, and her Skill 1 has a chance with each attack to remove one buff.
  • Bad Cat Armin is a good 4 Warrior who shines when put on teams that focus on damage or defence.