Epic Seven Cleave Unit Tier List

Epic Seven: Cleave Unit Tier List

TiersCleave Unit Tier List
S-Tier (Excellent)Blood Blade Karin, Landy, Archdemon’s Shadow, Tempest Surin, Arbiter Vildred, Politis, Operator Sigret, Straze
A-Tier (Great)Little Queen Charlotte, Closer Charles, Peira, Eda, Briar Witch Iseria, Summertime Iseria, Seaside Bellona, Vildred, Silver Blade Aramintha, Judge Kise
B-Tier (Good)Celestial Mercedes, Vivian, Researcher Carrot, Pirate Captain Flan, Ran, Tenebria, Kawerik, Ludwig, Kise, Pavel, Cermia
C-Tier (Decent)Specimen Sez, Sez, Clarisse, Schuri, Lena
Cleave Unit Tier List

S-tier (Excellent Cleave Units)

Blood Blade Karin – Blood Blade Karin (BBK) is one of the best area-of-effect (AOE) finishing moves. When her health goes down, she gets more dangerous, and she also has CR Pushes and Immortality in her kit.

Landy – In PVP, Landy has stayed in the meta, and this is likely to keep happening for a while. Both cleave and bruiser teams can’t pass up her kit because it fits them so well. She is also good at PVE, which sets her apart from most green units.

Archdemon’s Shadow –If you build her right, Archdemon’s Shadow is a force to be reckoned with in the Arena. All of her skills are debuffs, which makes it hard for teams without Cleanse or with low Effect Resistance to deal with her.

Tempest Surin – She is by far one of the most difficult Units on this whole list to deal with. Her best trait is that she can stay alive, and like BBK, she becomes a bigger DPS problem when her health is low.

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Arbiter Vildred – Everyone’s favorite/least favourite edgelord is Arbiter Vildred. His amazing combo of Revive and 100% CR Push has kept him in both the PVP and PVE meta for many years after he was released.

Politis –  Politis is a bit hard to get the right gear for, but once you do, she makes a great PVP unit. She is a great AoE damage dealer, and because Skill 2 reduces CR Push, she can also be used as a nice anti-cleaver.

Operator Sigret – Operator Sigret: Ice Sigret is a good unit on her own, but Operator Sigret is the better choice in most PVP and PVE battles. When she has the right gear, she can tear tanks apart like they’re made of paper.

Straze – Straze is the best AoE damage dealer. With his Skill 3, he can hit enemy units harder than Will Smith at the Oscars. His cleave is already very powerful, but it does even more damage to the enemy with the most health.

A-Tier (Great Cleave Units)

Little Queen Charlotte – She’s a great cleave unit that would be S-tier if her Skill 3’s restriction on bonus damage wasn’t in the way. Still, she’s great against teams that have at least one Dark unit.

Closer Charles – This old man can improve his own Combat Readiness, which makes him a great follow-up DPS. His AoE skill is also pretty good, since it boosts the Attack of his whole team and deals AoE damage to the enemy.

Peira – Peira is an underrated cleave unit that can give herself Escort, Stealth, and a barrier, boost the attack of her allies, and give enemies the Cannot Buff debuff—all in the same turn.

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Eda – Eda is a good half-support, half-DPS cleave unit that can both boost her own team’s CR and lower the CR of the whole enemy team.

Briar Witch Iseria – Iseria, the Briar Witch, is a great AoE damage dealer whose Skill 3 can remove all of the enemy’s buffs, lower their Attack, and give them a “Cannot Buff” debuff.

Summertime Iseria – Summertime Iseria is a little more difficult to play than Briar Witch Iseria. Summertime Iseria can destroy most enemy teams with her bombs if you put her in a good cleave team.

Seaside Bellona – Seaside Bellona (SSB) is one of the best Ice-element units in the game so far. Her Skill 2 and Skill 3 make her a good fit for most meta team compositions, and she can even counter a few of them.

Vildred –  Even though he isn’t as strong as his ML twin, Green Vildred is still a great cleave unit to have because of his Speed imprints. He is also one of the best farmers in the game, and in most cleave teams, he can even be used as the main cleaver.

Silver Blade Aramintha – SB Aramintha is one of the best AOE damage dealers in the game when it comes to dealing burn damage. Her first and second skills work well together even on their own, but her third skill makes her an even better cleave unit for both PVP and PVE.

Judge Kise – Judge Kise is another great cleave unit whose Skill 3 does more damage the more enemies she’s up against. I don’t think you can get much smarter than that.

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B-Tier (Good Cleave Units)

The following cleave units are still very good at what they do, but they are either better as secondary cleavers or can’t compete with the higher-tiered units.

Units like Ran and Vivian, for example, are better used to set up other cleavers by chipping away at the enemy team’s HP and helping out their own team with their support skills.

In the meantime, pure DPS units like the Researcher Carrot or Kise are still very useful in both PVP and PVE. Even though they might not be as strong as characters in higher tiers.

  • Celestial Mercedes
  • Vivian
  • Researcher Carrot
  • Pirate Captain Flan
  • Ran
  • Tenebria
  • Kawerik
  • Ludwig
  • Kise
  • Pavel
  • Cermia

C-Tier (Decent Cleave Units)

The units in this tier are either good free-to-play options or fill a specific role in the game, rather than being good at a lot of things.

Also, they have either been taken out of the meta for a long time or aren’t nearly as good at cleaving as the units in the higher tiers.

Even though they aren’t as strong as the high-tier cleavers, units like Schuri and Lena are great for PVP and PVE, which means that F2P players can try to build them.

Clarissa, Sez, and Specimen Sez are all the same.

If you don’t have any other cleave units, you can still use any of them as your main cleaver.