6 Best Selective Summons in Epic Seven

Epic Seven is becoming more well-known (or infamous, depending on who you ask), so more players want to try their luck with 15% resistance and RNG gear enhancements.

After completing stages 1–10 on a new account, you’ll be able to choose a selective summons.

This will only have one 5* hero; there won’t be more than one. It will also have any number of 4* and 3* heroes.

The E7 reroll tier list has changed over the years as Angelica and Angelic Montmorancy have been added to the list of freely summonable units.

But let’s talk about the best heroes you should look for in ALL rarities.

Note that we will only talk about the first Selective Summon after stages 1–10, not the Moonlight Blessing or the Season 2 Selective Summons.

6. Specter Tenebria

Class: Mage
Element: Dark
Rarity: 5*

Best Selective Summons

After getting Syria from the first option for Epic Seven selective summon, you need to choose the Specter Tenebria as the Moonlight blessing. You can’t get her until you beat level 110, so you can’t get her right away.

It is best to stop stocking Specter Tenebria within an hour of playing the game.

After playing the game for a few days, the Epic Seven will also let you get a free attack set gear and a free speed set gear for Tenebria from the adventurous path.

If you don’t know what to do there, this adventure path is always a good place to start. You can put your attack set on the area and have some upgrades to the free set in 15+.

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You can get through the first story by using your free speed gears. And make sure you do all your challenges so you can finish all your missions with three stars.

5. Muwi

Class: Knight
Element: Earth
Rarity: 3*

Muwi is a new character in the game, but he or she has already made a name for themselves as a great reroll candidate.

What makes Muwi so great is that he can do a lot of debuffs. His first skill causes bleeding, and his third skill causes defence break (the most powerful debuff in the game).

When all of his allies are ice heroes, he can also do a counterattack because of his passive.

If you can get Muwi and Lena, two 3* heroes that are easy to get, Sigret as your reroll 5*, and Momo or Angelica from Connections, your Wyvern hunting team is pretty much ready to go.

4. Lena

Class: Warrior
Element: Ice
Rarity: 3*

Oh, how things have turned around!

No longer is it suggested that you reroll until you get twenty 5* heroes and Arbiter Vildred before you can start your game.

You only need Lena.

Lena is a three-star ice hero, and her third skill makes her a great farmer.

When she kills an enemy with this skill, the cooldown doesn’t start over. This makes it easier for her to take out multiple waves of enemies with low health.

We suggest getting one of the 5* heroes on this list in addition to Lena.

3. Ravi

Class: Mage
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*

Ravi is probably the only hero in this list whose place hasn’t changed at all since Epic Seven began.

During the game’s early days, Ravi, Destina, and Sez were the most popular people to reroll, with Sez and Destina being more popular than Ravi.

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Ravi’s third skill takes a while to get going. And even though it can do a lot of damage to a wide area and stun, it slows down her farming.

But Ravi is still a great tank, and he is sometimes used in RTA (alongside her much more aggravating ML counterpart).

2. Vildred

Class: Thief
Element: Earth
Rarity: 5*

Vildred would make a great farmer hero. And when you get to the end of the game, he can cut like no one else in RTA.

Vildred is a great dog walker because his passive ability does a lot of damage to a wide area whenever he kills a unit.

Vildred is a great character to pick up from your selective to speed through the story mode, even though he needs a lot more work, heroes, and gear to be useful in RTA.

1. Sigret

Class: Warrior
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*

If you’re not sure, go find it!

If you’re a new player or a returning player who doesn’t know what to do with your time in E7, the answer is simple:


Even if you’re not joking, hunts are the main way to get the gear you need to compete in high-level PVP or harder PVE content.

In short, the Wyvern hunt is the most important one in the game.

Players who are just starting out should work on making reliable auto Wyvern 13 teams while also playing through the Adventure mode.

If you don’t want to kill Wyvern 13 in one or a few turns with a nuke, you need a lot of DPS to break through its shield. It also needs to be debuffed, or it will randomly attack your backline units.

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Sigret works very well in this case.

Because she does a lot of damage and can cause multiple bleeds that can’t be fixed.

If you can only get one unit from this list, make it Sigret, and then get to farming!

Points to Consider Before the Grinding

Before you do your grinds, make sure your heroes’ skills are as strong as they can be by improving their skills. You need to figure out what catalyst will bring their game skills to their highest level.

You can max out all of Muwi’s skills while only upgrading Angelica’s ultimate to a +3 to cool her down. And for the Furious, you can think about making his ultimate +6 and maxing out his second ability.

Sigret’s second and third skills can be used to improve her skills, and her third skill can give you a plus two.

How to Reroll in Epic Seven?

Let’s say you haven’t been able to get the Epic Seven selective summon you wanted. Don’t worry, you have to try again.

You can reroll by clicking the top right option on your menu and then clicking the gear.

You can type there to delete all of your server account information. If you do this, you will be able to start your game over.

You don’t need to make a new account here, and you should know that this won’t delete your account for good.

Instead, it just starts your account over. So you don’t have to sign up for the game again with a new email. Then you can roll to see what units you get.