18 Best Knights in Epic Seven

Knights are your best front-line heroes. They take most of the damage from the enemy so that your DPS can clean up.

Many of them also have good offensive skills and can deal damage on their own if your other heroes die.

With powerful items like Noble Oath, Justice for All, and Aurius, a knight hero can be built in any way they want.

Many of them are strong enough to ignore a lot of attacks and still do good damage to enemy heroes when they hit them.

Epic Seven has 34 different knight heroes, and it can be hard to choose just a few to build because good gear is hard to find.

These 18 heroes are by far the best. They can be used as tanks in PvE or as juggernauts in PvP.

18. Yulha

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

A leader of the Wicked who likes to torture people who are against her.

Yulha is one of the newest knights added to the game, but she has already shown that she is a good tank and damage dealer, especially in AI-controlled game modes like Arena and Guild War.

17. Ilynav

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

Ilynav was made fun of for so long. And her fans couldn’t wait to meet her.

When they finally did, there was a loud “meh” coming from all the servers.

She’s a good pick against some draughts, but it will be a long time before she can be used in RTA.

16. Rose

Rarity: 4*
Element: Ice

Rose is a good free-to-play opener who can make her party more ready to fight.

Even though she has trouble keeping up with newer units like Peira and Ran, she helps out while they do damage.

Her skin is also great, and it adds a lot of fun to her personality.

15. Charles

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Charles’ best skill is probably his ability to remove buffs, which is very useful against PvP teams with a lot of buffs or annoying bosses.

Because he keeps attacking even when his enemies are stronger, he is a great choice for counter sets.

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Getting his skill 3 off can be a huge help in any PvP fight if you can build him with a good amount of speed.

14. Charlotte

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

Charlotte has had a rough time of it over the years, and in the end, she needed a complete makeover to keep going.

Lucky for us, this change worked, and Charlotte is now a very good Bruiser.

Her AOE skills hit like a truck because she can stack defensive buffs and also clean herself.

13. Senya

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Senya was a unit that got a lot of attention, and she almost lived up to the promise of being a powerful dragon-killer.

Senya’s trick is that she has a very high attack stat, but she can’t land critical hits.

But if you pair her with Lilias, she can be a great addition to your cleave team.

12. Cecilia

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

I got Cecilia pretty early in my adventures, and I used her a lot in the beginning.

She is definitely more of a PvP hero. When she has full health, she does surprisingly high damage on top of the debuffs she gives.

With a counter set on her, she will always give the rest of your team defence breaks.

11. Krau

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

Krau is a hero who hasn’t changed much through the years.

So he keeps doing the same things:

Strengthen defence, wait, nuke the enemy, bring them back with Holy Sacrifice, and do it again.

Krau is such a flexible unit that it can be used with almost any kind of team.

Whether you want a more reliable build with Aurius or want to try your luck with Holy Sacrifice, Krau is a stable and useful unit to pick up.

10. Ambitious Tywin

Rarity: 5*
Element: Light

A. Tywin isn’t as popular as it used to be, but he still does well against teams with a lot of debuffs.

His ability to remove all debuffs from the whole party when he takes damage makes him a must-ban hero against some compositions.

His kit is also very flexible because of his third skill, which can stun the enemy team more than once.

9. Troublemaker Crozet

Rarity: 4*
Element: Dark

Crozet lives up to his name by being a huge pain in all kinds of PVP.

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Heroes like Landy and Little Queen Charlotte reach new heights thanks to T. Crozet’s ability to boost their combat readiness, remove their negative effects, and give them defensive buffs to keep them alive.

He really likes to cause trouble…

8. Mort

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Once a meme hero, Mort’s skill 2 got a big boost, giving him a chance to fight back when he is attacked.

Mort is a big, strong fighter who does best in long fights where he can hurt his opponents, make their defences weaker, and keep attacking them.

Mort is your go-to guy for annoying Arena teams that like to stack soul weavers and tanks.

7. Last Rider Krau

Rarity: 5*
Element: Light

Last Rider Krau is one of the best moonlight summons you can get. He is a great tank for both PvP and PvE.

If you’re making him for PvP, you’ll want him to be fast so that he can use his skill 3 as soon as the fight starts.

Immunity is a very powerful buff that you can give to your whole team.

If not, give him all of his HP for PvE.

So many bosses use AoE attacks, which makes life hard for the DPS in the backlines who are weak and easy to kill.

When it comes to these types of battles, having barriers when AoE attacks are taken is a huge advantage.

6. Falconer Kluri

Rarity: 3*
Element: Earth

Falconer Kluri and heroes like A.Momo and A.Ras are part of a small group of specialty change heroes that are actually very strong and playable in the meta (as of this writing).

Fluri is a great player in almost all types of PVP because she can remove buffs and break defences. She is also a good opener in general PVP.

She’s also great at Hunts, like Azimanak, but she’s even better at Abyss.

She’s by far the hero whose specialty you should change first.

5. Crimson Armin

Rarity: 4*
Element: Light

Over the years, Carmin’s place in the meta has changed a lot.

She used to be very powerful, but as time went on, she was used less and less.

But players are starting to notice her again, so her use is starting to go up again.

She is still just as strong as she was before.

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Carmin is so special because she gives everyone in the party invincibility.

4. Lilias

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

18 Best Knights in Epic Seven

Lilias is a versatile hero who is often used in PvP. If you can get her, she can make the game a lot easier.

Her first skill, “Dual Attack,” is great for Golem hunts because it makes your team do more damage.

Dispelling debuffs is important for many parts of PvE and is a lifesaver against some heroes in PvP. (looking at you, Dizzy).

For PvP, she needs to be fast, because you want to anger the enemy healer.

For PvE, a full HP build is fine.

3. Belian

Rarity: 5*
Element: Light

Right now, Belian is a very powerful hero, especially when he is used on an injury set.

Her first skill does damage to an area of effect (AoE), removes debuffs, and has a chance to do a second AoE attack that provokes.

Her third skill has a similar effect, and when she uses the Elbris Ritual Sword, she will counterattack after an ally takes damage.

Belian also has the amazing ability to stop enemies from using their souls. This makes it hard for openers like Ran or Assassin Cidd to do their job.

2. Adventurer Ras

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

Ras is the first hero you get, but a lot of players get rid of him right away.

To put it mildly, his base form stinks.

After you finish Episode 2, you can change Ras’s specialty to the Adventurer form.

Not only does he get some nice new stats, skills, and a cool new look, but his skill tree also gives him rune bosses.

Ras is a common member of both PvE and PvP teams because he has a wide range of skills that work well against almost all bosses and Arena teams.

Overall, no other Knight hero has as much to offer as Ras the Adventurer.

1. Fallen Cecilia

Rarity: 5*
Element: Dark

Since her release, Fallen Cecilia has been at the top of the Knight meta.

Over time, F.Ceci’s value has only gone up, as tankier units and Bruisers that use her defensive skills have become more important.

Because of her size and support, F.Ceci is one of the best picks in RTA.

Even though she doesn’t do much or anything in PVE, she is unbeatable in PVP.