10 Best Heroes For Abyss in Epic Seven

As you move through the floors of Abyss, you are forced to build more specialised units.

Lidica is almost required to fight Dark Corvus on floor 85 and push him back, and Roana is almost required to heal through Celine’s many counter attacks on floor 102.

But there is a small group of heroes who are praised in almost every Abyss stage for being helpful.

And here’s how we rank the heroes for Abyss.

10. Commander Lorina

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark
Rarity: 3*

Best Heroes For Abyss in Epic Seven

If you can’t get a Luna or Bellona, your best DPS unit for Abyss floors will be the Commande Lorina.

It can be tiring to have to do 50 dispatch missions to get to her.

But once you get there, you won’t be sorry.

C.Lorina’s skill three hits like a truck, which makes her a great way for free-to-play players to deal damage.

9. Bellona

Class: Ranger
Element: Earth
Rarity: 5*

Green Bellona might not be used much in PVP or other PVE games these days. But her skill that adds a percentage of health to her health really rocks.

When you add in the Daydream Joker artefact, which should be run on all DPS units in the Abyss, you can see how powerful she is.

On top of that, Bellona’s third skill is an area-of-effect defence break that is easier to use because of her unique gear.

8. Arbiter Vildred

Class: Thief
Element: Dark
Rarity: 5*

Yes, yes, you’ve heard that Arbiter Vildred is good everywhere.

But it’s crazy how good Arby is at every kind of E7 content.

With his ability to hit more than one target at once, he can chip away at the boss while also taking care of other enemies.

Also, the fact that he can come back to life after taking a fatal hit makes him a great tank for the boss’s powerful ultimate attacks.

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And because some Abyss floors are so long, Arby can easily use one or two revives during a fight.

7. Maid Chloe / Ruele of Light

Maid Chloe
Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light
Rarity: 5*

Ruele of Light
Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light
Rarity: 5*

Both of these Soul Weavers can help you out in Abyss in the same way.

Of course, we’re talking about being able to bring back allies who have died.

When you lose a unit in Abyss, it’s often the end of your run.

But if you can get them back, you won’t have to start the stage from the beginning and can save up to 30 minutes.

Maid Chloe can revive multiple targets at once, while Ruele can heal more and revive a single target.

Pick your poison!

6. Kitty Clarissa

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark
Rarity: 4*

Before you get to the later Abyss stages, Kitty Clarissa might not be very useful on your team.

But she is very important when they get to floors 111–120.

Most people like how Kitty Clarissa and (surprisingly) Taranor Guard work together in these later stages.

5. Falconer Kluri

Class: Knight
Element: Earth
Rarity: 3*

Fluri is a hero who is on a lot of Abyss teams, but she doesn’t get as much attention as some of the other heroes on this list.

Fluri is the only three-star unit that can act as both a tank and a pseudo-support hero, and it’s easy to see why.

Her passive heal can sometimes save the day. Her skill that makes her more ready for battle is also nothing to laugh at.

But Fluri’s skill three shows what she is really capable of.

This skill takes away all buffs from an enemy you choose without hurting them (so as to avoid potential counterattacks).

It also stops buffs from helping the target and, most importantly, breaks their defence.

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For those who don’t know, defence break is the most powerful debuff in all of Epic Seven, especially when it comes to PVE content.

In Abyss, you need a reliable defense-breaker on your team, and Fluri does a great job of meeting this need.

4. Specter Tenebria

Class: Mage
Element: Dark
Rarity: 5*

Like Kiris, Specter Tenebria is a great way to poison the bosses of enemies in Abyss.

Even though S.Tene’s poisons don’t work as well as Kiris’s and she has no way to make the debuff last longer, her ability to stay hidden all the time makes her a very dangerous DPS threat.

So many of the later Abyss stages (looking at you, floor 102) make it very likely that your main DPS will be randomly targeted and nuked to death.

In Abyss stages, if you lose your only DPS and can’t bring it back to life, you’re pretty much doomed.

Specter Tenebria can avoid damage that only affects one person, and it can also slowly weaken enemies with poison debuffs and a skill that hits multiple people at once.

3. Dizzy

Class: Mage
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*

In all PVE content, Dizzy’s kit is very strong.

You should rely on the combination of her multiple debuffs and her Combat Readiness pushback, which makes debuffs last longer.

These will be very important for making sure those nasty Abyss bosses don’t break your glass cannons.

The fact that her first skill is an area-of-effect stun also helps her deal with the trash mobs that usually appear near a boss in the Abyss.

2. Tamarinne

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Fire
Rarity: 5*

Tamarinne is the undisputed queen of PVE content, and it’s easy to see why.

The long time it takes for her ultimate to recharge makes her a terrible choice for any kind of PVP (unless used in conjunction with cooldown reduction skills possessed by heroes like Iseria). Because most RTA or Arena matches will end before she can use her skill three.

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But in long fights with more than ten (and sometimes more than twenty) turns, Tamarinne can really… shine!

Because Tama’s idol form is just so great.

First of all, when her third skill is used, it fully heals Tama and removes all negative effects from her allies.

Her first skill is an AOE buff strip that also makes the ally with the highest attack do a double attack.

Think about all of this, plus the fact that her second skill is a 50% boost to the party’s combat readiness that also heals and makes attacks better.

Tama can deal with any kind of enemy, whether they like to stack buffs, deal damage, or need to be taken down quickly.

She can be both a healer and a tank if she has the right gear. This frees up more party slots for support heroes or more DPS.

Get a girl who is good at both.

1. Kiris

Class: Ranger
Element: Earth
Rarity: 3*

Until you get to the later levels of the Abyss, where the enemies are immune to poison or counterattack against skills that don’t attack, your team will probably have four units:

Kiris Specter Tenebria Tamarinne Dizzy

You can switch out units as needed, but these four are the most important ones and could all go at the top if you really wanted them to.

When it comes to taking down Abyss floors, the poison debuff is the real king.

And Kiris’s ability to land poisons and make them last longer, along with S.Tene’s help with poisons and Dizzy’s ability to make poisons last longer, is what makes him such a threat, even as an unawakened five-star.

Kiris is also very easy to build for these floors, since all she needs to land multiple poisons is speed and power.