Epic Seven: How To Farm Black Curse Powder?

Farming Adventure Stage 10-S2 is the best way to get Black Curse Powder.

You can get the powder as drops and also buy it at the AP Exchange Shop in the Black-Tail Spire area of the Epilogue chapter.

Events are also a great way to get Black Curse Powder, since Epic Catalysts can often be traded for event currency or gotten as rewards from Login Events or Giveaway Events.

You can also buy a lot of Catalysts, like Black Curse Powder and other Epic Catalysts, in general at the Guild Member Shop.

Farming Location

UH8-10, UH9-2-S4, UH10-S2
(UH10) East Taranor AP Shop – 400 AP

Best Farming Location


Method 1: Farm Adventure Stage 10-S2, Black-Tail Spire (Best Method)

Epic Seven: How To Farm Black Curse Powder?

Farming Stage 10-S2. Black-Tail Spire is the best place to get the most Black Curse Powders out of all the places listed here.

This is because Black Curse Powders are both drops in this area and items you can buy in the AP Exchange Shop.

It costs 400 AP to buy one Black Curse Powder, and you can only buy them up to five times a week.

When farming this Adventure stage, only buy what you need and make sure to use pets that increase the rate at which you gain AP to get the most out of it.

Method 2: Take part in Events

Both Epic and Rare Catalysts will always be easy to get from events.

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If you want to farm a lot of Black Curse Powders in addition to the ones you get from farming Adventure Stages, I suggest you take part in Events often.

This is easy to do, because Epic Seven always has at least one Login, Giveaway, or Story Event going on.

Method 3: Visit Your Guild

As a Guild member, one of the best things you can do is always go to the Member Shop and buy things there.

If you want Black Curse Powders, you’ll need to buy Epic Catalyst Chests and Catalyst Chests, which are the only ones that give you Epic Catalysts.

By doing activities and giving money every day, you can easily buy all the chests you need every week. Don’t forget what you have to do as a Guild member.

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