Best Hunts To Farm in Epic Seven

Once you’ve reached the end of Epic Seven, you’ll spend most of your time on Hunts to farm.

To even have a chance against the giga-whales in high-level PVP, players will need top-tier gear with close to perfect stats.

Gearing has always been one of Epic Seven’s problems. After all, any gear that rolls +1 twice in a row for speed is almost useless.

So, if you want to get rid of your lief supply during the next Hunt event, where is the best place to be away from your computer for 24 hours?

Let’s find out which ones are the best hunts to farm.

5. Golem


  • Attack Set
  • Health Set
  • Defense Set
Best Hunts To Farm in Epic Seven

Think about farming Golem in the present day!

Even if you don’t think it’s funny, Golem Hunt has become a bit of a meme in the Epic Seven community because all of the gear sets that drop from this Hunt are very weak or are only needed for very specific units.

Most of the time, a standard attack set will never be as good as a Critical Hit Damage Destruction set.

Health sets are good for healers and tanks, and Defense sets are good for defense-scaling characters like Designer Lillibet or Lionheart Cermia.

But other than that, the Hunt itself doesn’t have much to offer.

4. Azimanak


  • Unity Set
  • Immunity Set
  • Rage Set

The problem with most Hunts in Epic Seven is that only one set of random drops is usually useful.

Rage sets are sometimes used in Banshee one-shot teams, but Unity sets are almost never used.

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The main reason to farm Azimanak is to get gear that makes you immune to damage.

Immunity gear is very important for PVP because it forces your opponent to either bring a buff stripper or rethink how they remove buffs.

3. Caides


  • Revenge Set
  • Injury Set
  • Penetration Set

Caides was also thought of as a joke when it first came out, but it has since become a great tool for people who deal damage.

Injury sets have been used on characters like Belian, and the Revenge Set isn’t used very often.

But a good piece of Penetration gear is the big prize here.

Veterans of Epic Seven will remember the terrible tank meta that lasted for what seemed like forever.

Even though this tank meta has changed into more of a bruiser meta, it hasn’t gone away completely. However, it has become more and more important to break through defences.

Once upon a time, DPS units could handle enemy teams with just a Speed/Crit or Speed/Immunity build, but now Penetration is the best way for DPS units to increase their damage.

2. Banshee


  • Counter Set
  • Lifesteal Set
  • Destruction Set
  • Effect Resistance Set

Where are all you Banshee players?!

Banshee is a dream come true for free-to-play gamers. Because each of these sets is useful in its own way, and they don’t depend as much on optimal improvements to be useful.

Characters like Mediator Kawerik, Martial Artist Ken, and Sinful Angelica can benefit from resist sets.

Sets with Lifesteal are best for characters like Remnant Violet and Tempest Surin.

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Almost every cleaver or nuker in the game comes with a destruction set.

Then we get to the most famous set in all of Epic Seven, the Counter set, which is great for units with a lot of health and evasion that do well in long fights (like Apocalypse Ravi and Rem).

The Bruiser Gang can use these sets, like the Infinity Gauntlet, to make teams that can survive the first turn of the enemy and still have enough energy to win the fight.

1. Wyvern


  • Speed Set
  • Hit Set
  • Critical Set

The hunt that started it all, and the best one for those who want to compete in high-level PVP.

Let’s start with the Critical Set, which is the least useful of these sets.

Still, the Critical set is a great counter for fast damage dealers who want to go first and don’t need Immunity.

The Hit set is also great for characters like Summertime Iseria, Sage Baal, and Sezan, who depend a lot on their extra effects.

But in E7, speed is and always will be king.

In Epic Seven, taking the first turn is so important because you can set the pace of the battle.

All the balls are in your court, and the outcome of the whole battle will depend on how you play the first turn.

Speed is less important for PVE, but that’s true. Even though Speed sets are used everywhere, you don’t need 320 Speed to beat an Abyss stage.

But if you don’t like the way the Bruiser plays and want to make Cleave great again, you should start farming Wyvern.