6 Hardest Abyss Floors in Epic Seven

Abyss floors are one of the last pieces of end-game content for players who are really committed.

Automaton Tower lives up to its name. Those of us who have been playing since the beginning can auto the entire 25-floor tower with one Soul Weaver and three Rangers.

But even if you have the best gear, the most skilled units, and every character in the game, you won’t be ready for the RNG gauntlet that is Abyss.

Over time, Abyss stages became less about decisive tactics and more about random chance events that take a lot of your time and patience.

So, now that we’ve covered that, what are some of the hardest Abyss stages to get through?

We’re going to look back at Abyss stages that are likely to be dead ends, unless you get very lucky.

Even though floor 120 is harder than floor 100, we will take into account how powerful your account is likely to be by the time you reach these floors, or how hard they were when they were first released before they were made easier.

6. Floor 100

6 Hardest Abyss Floors in Epic Seven

Once you know how to do the right moves, Floor 100 isn’t too hard.

It will, however, be remembered as one of the longest PvE Abyss levels ever made.

On Floor 100, you’ll be fighting against Ras, Mercedes, and Aither, as well as an unstoppable Tenebria.

You’ll have to figure out which of the three characters you can aim at can be hit before you blow them up and move on to the next.

Once you figure out how to beat these enemies, it’s just a war of attrition. If you make a mistake, you have to start the whole floor over again.

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5. Floor 86

Even though we can challenge up to floor 120 in Abyss right now, floor 86 will always be remembered as the first real challenge in this content.

You might be able to get through Abyss 1-85 quickly if you just play the game and use poison strategies with Kiris.

This is probably the first thing that will stop you from getting those valuable gold transmits and your thirteenth copy of Elson.

In Abyss 86, Ken and, later, ML Ken are next to an exploding mushroom.

If this mushroom blows up, your whole team will take a lot of damage.

Nothing wrong, right? Kill the mushroom and take care of the boss when he comes.

Every time this mushroom dies, it comes back to life with full HP. That is, you have to carefully plan when to tank the explosion damage and when to heal and buff your defences.

You can be sure that this isn’t the last time an exploding mushroom will ruin your Abyss run.

4. Floor 90

Once you learn how to do it right, Floor 90 is not that hard.

But it will be remembered as one of the longest Abyss stages that ruined the PvE experience of this game.

On Floor 90, you have to fight against Ras, Mercedes, and Aither, as well as an unbeatable Tenebria.

You’ll have to figure out which of the three characters you can aim at can be hit before you blow them up and move on to the next.

Once you figure out how to fight these enemies, it’s just a battle of attrition where one mistake sends you back to the beginning of the floor.

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3. Floor 119

Some might say that Abyss floors 111–120 aren’t as hard as the ones that came before them.

But it seems like the need to bring certain units keeps coming up in these later Abyss stages.

If you bring Taranor Guard and Kitty Clarissa, you can beat everything on the first try on Abyss floors 111–120.

Even though making a three-star unit strong in Abyss (like Taranor Guard or Kiris) is great because everyone will have at least one copy, this also means that you need an ML 4-Star (pre-pity) to beat the stage, which is just cruel.

It’s frustrating that more and more PvE content tries to make some units less useful over time.

E7 gives us a lot of different characters with a lot of different skills, like provoke, defence break, stun, sleep, and more.

But in later stages of Abyss, these side effects are rarely useful.

Also, it seems like characters like Kiris, Dizzy, and Tamarinne, who make Abyss very easy, are unfairly targeted by making enemies immune to poison, immune to multiple debuffs, or giving passive reactions based on skills that don’t attack.

Here, Kawerik will steal your buffs, pass on his own debuffs, and call forth Liches that hurt you, but only Soul Weavers can kill them.

His kit works against so many units that it’s almost impossible to beat him.

2. Floor 102

If there was ever an Abyss floor that was mostly a matter of random chance, it’s floor 102.

Celine and a few robots are in this.

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The main trick of this floor is that Celine will switch who she attacks based on what you do (highest attack stat, highest HP stat, etc.).

All of that makes sense and seems like a very interesting way to work.

It just becomes important to choose who Celine will attack at each moment, possibly putting the health of your damage dealers at risk in order to land a big hit.

But things go wrong when Celine gets to a certain number of HP.

At this point, she will attack random units on your team with a flurry of attacks that will kill them.

If you don’t have Roana or Specter Tenebria, you should pray.

Because if Celine goes after the only thing that can hurt you, your run is over.

1. Floor 105

What is the most difficult Abyss floor ever, and why is it Abyss 105?

The stages between 100 and 110 seem to be a lot harder than the ones after 110.

Don’t get me wrong, floors 110–120 are still very painful, but these floors were especially hard to get through at the time.

On the 105th floor, you have to fight BBK and two sentinels.

But the first part of this fight can be hard to get through because Scorpetra can kill your front line with just one shot.

If you somehow manage to get to BBK, she will put up a reflect every time you use a skill that isn’t an attack. This makes healing a very risky thing to do in this fight.

To stop her from removing debuffs, you need to hurt the sentinels.

Just hope you can do it before turn 12, or she’ll wipe out your whole team.