Epic Seven Wyvern Hunt Unit Tier List

S-Tier (Excellent)Sigret, General Purrgis, Angelica, Seaside Bellona, Furious, Flan, Dizzy
A-Tier (Great)Tywin, Angelic Montmorency, Crozet, Luna, Chloe, Alexa, Sinful Angelica
B-Tier (Good)Krau, Batisse, Diene, Kise, Rose, Yuna
C-Tier (Decent)Mistychain, Karin, Taranor Guard, Clarissa

S-Tier (Excellent Wyvern Hunt Units)

Sigret – You can tell why Sigret is said to as the “Queen of Wyvern Hunts” by her title alone. After all, when it comes to killing Wyverns, her damage per hit is among the greatest, if not the most.

General Purrgis – While not technically an Ice Unit, the addition of the muscular cat-man General Purrgis as a tank may greatly benefit any Wyvern squad. His cheesy passive, CR Push, allows your Units to cycle much more quickly, which is why he is deployed.

Angelica — She can help both the team’s health and defense. If you are unable to apply two debuffs on the Wyvern 13 boss, you can fall back on her Skill 2 and her Skill 3 as a nice safety net.

Seaside Bellona – Bellona, the Seaside is a crazy Unit whose DPS output and Defense Breaks make Wyvern runs easily at any level. Most teams can reliably clear Wyvern 13 with only her with passable gear.

Furious – To put it another way, Furious is a master at breaching defenses. In addition to his primary role, he performs admirably as a supplementary DPS, increasing his teammates’ Critical Chance. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he’s totally free to you!

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Flan – In the later phases of Wyvern Hunts, Flan’s bolstering and debuffing skills come in quite handy. Also, she’s a great pick if you want to field a Wyvern 13 team with only one hit point.

Dizzy – As support, Dizzy relies only on the debuff role. Sigret, whose Skill 3 is magnified for every debuff put to the adversary, is a great character to team up with because of this.

A-Tier (Great Wyvern Hunt Units)

Tywin – Tywin is a versatile Unit capable of taking damage, breaking defenses, and pushing opponents back with his CR ability. If you give him enough Effectiveness, he makes mob waves seem inconsequential.

Angelic Montmorency — She fills both the tank and healer roles, much like Angelica. Though she lacks Angelica’s barrier-granting abilities, she makes up for it with Cleanse and CR Push.

Crozet – Crozet is a fantastic free-to-play tank that greatly increases his team’s chance of survival. Both the Attack Break and Provoke debuffs on his kit facilitate easy aggro.

Luna – When correctly constructed, Luna is a devastating brute capable of inflicting huge amounts of damage. If her health is above 50 percent, her passive will automatically provide her the buffs Increase Attack and Increase Critical Hit Chance.

Chloe – Whether you need a primary or secondary DPS, Chloe is a great choice. As her Magic Nail debuffs pile up, she becomes as powerful as a truck traveling at 80 miles per hour.

Alexa – Alexa is the go-to free-to-play unit for primary and supports damage-dealing roles. Her gear enables her to double-attack the Wyvern and rip it to shreds. A Daydream Joker will transform her into a formidable Wyvern-killing Unit.

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Sinful Angelica – While she doesn’t fare as well as a tank as her Ice-elemental counterpart, Sinful Angelica excels in the support role in fast-clear Wyvern teams. Her S1 has the potential to trigger Dual Attacks, and she can boost her teammates’ Speed and Attack.

B-Tier (Good Wyvern Hunt Units).

The following Units are very much useful for Wyvern Hunts and should not be discounted. Those Units in the upper tiers simply excel at their designated tasks more than those in the lower tiers, which is why they were given a higher overall ranking.

For instance, General Purrgis (S-Tier) can outperform Batisse (C-Round Pushes). Yuna’s arsenal of tools isn’t quite as strong as Flan’s, and vice versa.

However, if you’re missing some of the characters from the higher tiers that can play the same job, these Units should still be considered.

  1. Krau
  2. Batisse
  3. Diene
  4. Kise
  5. Rose
  6. Yuna

C-Tier (Decent Wyvern Hunt Unit)

Remember that while the Units in the upper tiers are clearly superior to the Units in this tier, they are not terrible for Wyvern Hunts.

In fact, if you put together the right team around the following characters, they can be viable replacements.

If your DPS troops are well-enough constructed, you may employ the Taranor Guard as your main Defense Breaker even in Wyvern 13.

Karin’s DPS is comparable to that of the other characters, and with the right equipment, she may be able to auto-clear Wyvern 13.

  1. Mistychain
  2. Karin
  3. Taranor Guard
  4. Clarissa