All 14 Best Blessings in Skyrim

Best Blessings are an underappreciated perk in Skyrim, delivering an 8-hour temporary advantage (in real life). Simply visit and activate the correct shrine to obtain a boost.

None of them give active abilities; instead, they are entirely passive boosts, with one accessible for each play style.

You should always keep a blessing active and make an effort to activate it. Small jobs like these build up, making your gameplay a lot simpler. At higher difficulty levels, this is almost always required.

Here are the best blessings in Skyrim, along with their locations, so you always know where to look!

15. Nine Divines – Shrine of Stendarr

Best Blessings in Skyrim

The most well-known Shrine of Stendarr can be found at the Two Pillars, but you can also visit the one at the Temple of the Divines.

Lord of compassion, Stendarr is revered throughout Norse mythology.

With a 20% increase to your defensive blocks, his blessing will buy you plenty of time to decide whether you want to spare your enemies or wipe them out.

14. Nine Divines – Shrine of Akatosh

Shrine of Akatosh in Skyrim

A fantastic Akatosh shrine worth visiting can be found at Steamcrag Hillock.

Oblivion made it abundantly clear that Akatosh is one of the most badass deities in The Elder Scrolls.

You can increase your Magicka regeneration by 10% by praying at a shine of Akatosh and asking for the dragon god’s favor.

Who knew that the god of dragons would also be a friend to wizards?

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13. Nine Divines – Shrine of Dibella

Shrine of Dibella in Skyrim

If you prefer to pray to Dibella in private, you can do so at the Temple of Dibella in Markrath.

If you pray to Dibella, the goddess of beauty, people will treat you more kindly and grant you a +10 enhancement to your oratory ability.

Enjoy the benefit of the goddess of beauty’s buff and let others be fooled by your illusion.

12. Nine Divines – Shrine of Arkay

Shrine of Arkay in Skyrim

The Shrine of Arkay can be found in every city’s Hall of the Dead.

Life and death on Earth are governed by Arkay, a divine being.

If you pray to him, he’ll bless you with a +25 health bonus.

After eight hours, you’ll be able to take a few more blows without getting hurt.

11. Elvish – Shrine of Auriel

Shrine of Auriel skyrim

Skyrim’s two Auriel shrines can be found in the Darkfall Cave and the Inner Sanctum.

Only two Auriel shrines exist in all of Skyrim, and they are the only visible representations of the Elvish pantheon.

There are only a small number of people in the lands that worship Auriel because he is the equivalent of Akatosh in the Elvish religion, and only two shrines have been built for him.

If you visit one of the game’s two Auriel shrines and pray, your missile weapons will be 10% more effective. A god is especially suited to the worship of bowmen.

10. Boethiah

Shrines Can Be Found At Raven Rock Temple

The blessing of Boethiah increases the damage done by melee attacks with a single hand by 15%.

With this blessing active, characters wielding two weapons at once become extremely powerful.

9. Nocturnal

Sacred Ground: The Ragged Flagon

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With this boon, you can sneak up on people with a 10% less risk of being spotted. One that caters to a specific audience and is useful primarily for advancing one’s stealth levels.

When you’re in a pinch for a time in Skyrim, taking an extra second to guarantee a sneak attack bonus can help you get through fights much faster than usual.

8. Akatosh

Locations of shrines include the Temple of the Divines, Steamcrag Hollock, and a hill not far from Rorikstead.

The blessing of Akatosh improves magicka regeneration by 10%, making it ideal for spellcasters who are struggling. By activating this blessing, you will be cured of any illness you may have picked up.

There are several standing stones, robes, and rings that can be used together to restore magicka quickly.

7. Dibella

The Wiki has a comprehensive list of shrines, including the Temple of the Divines.

The dialogue in the worlds that Bethesda creates is one of the most memorable features. NPCs are usually amenable to persuasion, intimidation, or bribery.

With Dibella’s blessing, your Speech skill will increase by 10, increasing your success rate in conversations.

6. Julianos

Temple of the Divines, Fellglow Keep, and Harmugstahl are all places of worship.

A straightforward method that adds 25 base points to one’s Magicka. When engaging in combat, having a larger magicka pool is preferable to waiting for it to regenerate.

However, if you have a high starting magicka pool, the regeneration blessing may be the better choice.

5. Kynareth

The Wiki has a comprehensive list of shrines, including the Temple of the Divines.

This blessing is ideal for tanker builds, as it increases stamina by 25 points. Or any other components that could benefit from a heavier inventory.

Long-distance movement benefits from stamina, as sprinting rapidly depletes energy stores.

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4. Zenithar

The Wiki has a comprehensive list of shrines, including the Temple of the Divines.

Develop the practice of keeping your loot stocked and ready for a quick sale.

Then, before selling to merchants, activate this shrine to receive a 10% price boost. Outfit the item with additional enchanted equipment to increase its resale value.

Although gold’s appeal is universal, only a select few actively seek to maximize their holdings.

3. Arkay

The Wiki has a comprehensive list of shrines, including the Temple of the Divines.

This shrine blessing can be used by any character, regardless of their class or play style, to gain 25 health.

2. Azura

Shrines can be found at Raven Rock Temple

When you visit the Shrine of Azura, which is only accessible through the Dragonborn DLC, you will gain an incredible 10% resistance to magic.

That’s a huge boost for mages, ranged characters, and tanky characters alike.

Virtually every enemy you face, from dragons to necromancers to Falmer, will resort to some form of offensive magic. Having a blessing as powerful as this one on your side is priceless.

1. Talos

The Wiki has a comprehensive list of shrines, including the Temple of the Divines.

The blessing of Talos is unparalleled in terms of sheer utility, and this holds regardless of your character’s background or play style.

It will cut down on the need to yell by about 20%. Everyone has at least one go-to yell, and many people rely heavily on their favorites.

The amount of time you have your shout active can have a major impact on your performance in every aspect of Skyrim, from exploration to trade to conflict.