15 Best Aela the Huntress Mods for Skyrim

Many Skyrim fans can’t stop thinking about Aela the Huntress.

She is the most powerful woman in Whiterun because of her place in the Companions. She is also the strongest woman in Whiterun.

She’s also a great friend who doesn’t mind if you kill a few innocent people, which is something that most Skyrim players have come to appreciate over time.

If you love Aela the Huntress, you should do everything you can to make her the best she can be. This means getting some mods to make this werewolf queen even more powerful.

Let’s get you started.

15. AW Aela The Huntress Replacer LE

Aela the Huntress

This is a mod for the video game Skyrim that replaces the appearance of the character Aela The Huntress with an updated version that stays true to her vanilla features but with improved facegen and a new hairstyle.

The mod comes in two versions – one with facepaint and one without – and Aela will level up to 100 and wear the wolf armor like other members of the Circle.

The mod is designed to be lightweight and will use the player’s default body and skin type to ensure compatibility with retextures and armor mods.

The author recommends using Bijin skin, Sleek Wolf Armor, and Book of Silence textures for the best results.

14. Aela is now Nidalee

This is a mod for the video game Skyrim that replaces the appearance of the character Aela the Huntress with the character Nidalee from the game League of Legends.

The author states that this is a simple version of the mod, and that a larger version will be released at a later time.

It is unclear what changes are made to Aela’s appearance beyond the replacement with Nidalee.

13. TTS – Aela the Huntress

This is a series of mods for the video game Skyrim that aims to overhaul the appearance and/or behavior of non-player characters (NPCs) while still maintaining their original personalities.

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The series is called “True to Skyrim” (TTS), and it is focused on preserving the immersive and authentic feel of the game’s world while enhancing the NPCs.

The specifics of the modifications made to the NPCs vary depending on the individual mod in the series.

12. Aela redone

This is a mod for the video game Skyrim that alters the appearance of the character Aela the Huntress to make her look more sexy and boyish.

The author is sharing their work with the community and encouraging users to endorse the mod if they like it, as well as take pictures and share them on the mod page.

The specifics of the changes made to the character’s appearance are not provided.

11. A DIfferent Aela the Huntress

This is a mod for the video game Skyrim that adds a character named Aela the Huntress, who has been created using the NPC Editor tool.

To install the mod, the user needs to drag two files (Aela the Huntress.esp and Aela the Huntress.bsa) into the game’s Data folder.

The mod does not include any clothing for the character, allowing the user to customize her appearance as desired.

10. Chill Out, Aela

Most people first meet Aela the Huntress at the end of a giant hunt in the outskirts of Whiterun.

If you help bring down the giant, everyone will comment on your bravery and suggest you visit Jorrvask. If you don’t, they’ll tell you how much of a disgrace to Skyrim you are, too.

Aela will chastise you even if you never actually saw the giant, just because you got close enough to trigger the event. What gives?

To improve your budding relationship with the Huntress, creator Epic Crab made this simple mod adding a dialogue option to remind Aela that you’re not omnipresent.

9. Axe’s Facelifts – Aela, Mjoll & Faendal

Sometimes, I don’t want to “overhaul” Skyrim – I just want some mild improvements and maybe some followers that aren’t hideous.

Axe’s Facelifts is a fantastic mod that gives Aela, Mjoll, and Faendal a new lease on life with slightly more attractive faces.

It’s the kind of glow-up you could achieve after some visits to a good stylist and an improved skincare routine. That, and maybe some botox.

Aela also gets an alternative war paint design that lets you appreciate her features better without three blue streaks obscuring your view.

8. Total Character Makeover

Another excellent option for those hunting for mild, lore-friendly improvements is the Total Character Makeover by Scarla.

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This add-on gives every named NPC in Skyrim a more attractive, or rather, less hideous look.

It’s still more or less the original Skyrim style, only without the things that made every character unattractive, even those who weren’t supposed to be.

Aela gets a minor facelift, and a little more definition in her facial features without the added makeup most other remodels use to showcase her femininity. Her skin details and warpaint are now high-definition, along with her skin textures.

She also gets improved teeth, eyes, hands, and feet.

Talk about attention to detail!

7. Aela Replacer – High-Poly Head

If you’re looking for something more drastic, this high-poly Aela Replacer by Smaffs is a great place to start.

This mod removes all traces of the original battle-hardened Aela, and introduces a younger-looking version with extremely delicate features and large eyes like an anime character.

She still has the same hair color, but that’s about it. Even her warpaint is different and more delicate! It’s also green, which gives Aela a slight Druid vibe.

6. Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks

Next up we have the updated version of Amazing Follower Tweaks – now 100% more immersive.

IAFT is the best option for expanding the follower element of Skyrim. It enables five followers at once, lets you tweak their abilities and equipment, and more.

It also allows Aela to turn into a werewolf with the player to go on a romantic moonlit rampage.

Once she’s back in human form, you can set different equipment loadouts for different situations.

You don’t really need full armor to walk around in your player home – and neither does Aela.

5. Nordic Wanderer Equipment

One of Aela’s main appeals as a follower in Skyrim is that she’s the only living character you’ll see wearing the otherwise Druagr-exclusive Ancient Nordic heavy armor.

Considering her choice of equipment, it might surprise you to learn that her Heavy Armor skill is terrible.

In contrast, she can wear Light Armor like a pro.

A great custom Light Armor option that matches her “Huntress” persona is Alecu’s Ranger Armor, a form-fitting leather outfit perfect for the outdoorsy Nord woman – available in several colors.

4. Bijin Warmaidens

If you’re planning to beautify several followers and just started with Aela because her name came up first by alphabetical order, you will love Bijin Warmaidens.

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This mod by Rxkx2 gives most warrior women of Skyrim a gorgeous makeover with better skin textures, renewed facial features, and shapely Amazon bodies.

Aela herself has the face of a Hollywood actress in a superhero movie.

Her makeup is delicate and showcases her features, which seem sculpted by the gods. The warpaint has also been toned down – but if you want more then there’s mods for that too.

3. Bijin Warmaidens – Alternative Versions

Aela’s popularity means she gets special treatment sometimes.

Along with Lydia and Ria, Aela gets an alternate Bijin version with subtle changes like a different hairstyle, less faded warpaint, and bright yellow eyes that reveal her lycanthropy.

The slightly wilder hairstyle and fierce werewolf eyes do a lot to make the character more believable. This woman worships Hircine – she’s supposed to look ferocious!

Have fun raiding the Silver Hand with this fearsome beauty.

2. Pandorable’s Shield-Sisters – Aela, Ria & Njada

Another mod offering Aela a stern look that reflects her lycanthropy is Pandorable’s Shield-Sisters.

The “Shield-Sisters” here refers to Aela, Ria, and Njada.

Aela’s strong jawline and prominent cheekbones give her the facial structure of a warrior, but it’s her unique heterochromatic eyes that reveal the wolf within.

This mod finally gives Aela the somewhat regal and dominant look you’d expect of a high-ranking Companion with a central spot in their Hircine cult.

1. Barbarian Aela – Ella’s NPCs

What makes Aela the Huntress stand out to me is her animalistic edge.

She’s a werewolf, after all, and her violent lifestyle has given her a fierce and dominant appeal.

Ella’s Barbarian Aela takes that to the extreme.

Instead of just making Aela more attractive, this mod covers her body in bruises, cuts, and scars that reflect the daily battle that is being a member of the Companions.

It also gives her the kind of body-wide warpaint you’d expect from aboriginal tribes – what Cyrodiilic scholars would call a barbarian.

This Aela is, at the same time, the most attractive and bad-ass version you’ll ever find.

It’s worth starting a new playthrough just to meet this freckled goddess of the hunt.