12 Best Ebony Warrior Mods For Skyrim

The Ebony Warrior is a famous warrior who did great things in battle.

This strong explorer has faced every kind of test, and now he wants to face the Dragonborn as a final test of his strength.

Most of the time, the Dragonborn is stronger than the fighter and kills him or her in a fierce battle.

But his story doesn’t have to end there.

Thanks to our friendly local modders, we can change the story of this brave hero in any way we want.

12. Ebon Re-Armed

This mod is focused more on the actual Ebony armor, but it affects the NPC as well since he wears the armor himself.

Once you get this installed, it applies several unique bonuses when all the armor pieces are equipped – like the armor bonuses in ESO, adding more with each piece worn.

In total, the enchantments grant substantial boosts to health, magicka, and stamina, along with several types of regen boost, speed boost, and magicka resistance.

It takes the standard “pretty armor with bland enchantments” and makes it into the armor of a proper warrior that has endured countless battles.

11. Ebony Dwarf

Now we can add the Ebony Warrior to our game without the Dragonborn DLC – Meet the Ebony Dwarf!

He’s a stout Orc donned in Ebony armor found in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

Mechanics-wise, he’s the exact same as the Ebony Warrior (outside of a few additional details added solely by the mod creator)

He’s also a marriageable NPC, and is willing to commit crimes and fight anyone.

And he’s set at level 81, just above the original Ebony Warrior.

Beyond all that, he’s the same as the original in skills and stats.

10. EWO Ebony Warrior Overhaul

Now we’re getting to the good stuff: a complete overhaul of the Ebony Warrior’s quest.

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In vanilla Skyrim you would meet him in the middle of nowhere to fight. Well this changes things heavily.

It adds a unique location for the battle, which becomes free for the player to return to and even live in.

The mod also adds a sword, shield, ring, and amulet – all fitting the aesthetic of the Ebony Warrior.

Plus this mod improves to the combat tactics of the warrior in battle, and alters the warrior’s appearance too.

And on top of all that, we also get some added journals scattered around the new area. This way you can learn of the story of the Ebony Warrior before his final battle.

9. Ebony Warrior Goes to Sovngarde

So this mod doesn’t change too much regarding mechanics or looks. But for the lore-friendly players, it can have a big impact.

The Ebony Warrior has a desire to go to Sovngarde via battle to the death – which is fine, considering the setting and culture.

The problem is… the Warrior is a Redguard, a race that doesn’t believe in Sovngarde in the first place, nor are sanctioned for ascendance to Sovngarde.

This mod makes some alterations to keep his original look – but makes him a Nord instead.

Now he can truly pass on into Sovngarde and feast with past warriors as he desires!

8. Leah The Ebony Warrior Follower

If you’re the type to prefer strong female warriors in every regard, then you’ll probably enjoy this custom follower.

Leah is the Ebony Warrior, but female, and a follower – that’s it.

Outside of having her no helm and a blue-flame aura around her, she’s mechanically the same as the Ebony Warrior.

Her combat skills surpass most other followers (naturally) and her armor is unaltered outside of the helm removal.

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If you prefer the Ebony Warrior as a female – and as a potential follower at the same time – this is probably a must-have mod.

7. Ebony Warrior Quest for Good Guys

Here’s another good choice for players more focused on role-playing.

Not everyone wants to kill everything =they come across. Some would much rather recruit anyone willing to talk before swinging.

This mod is for all those players who want recruits, applying that onto to the Ebony Warrior.

Now instead of instigating a fight, you can persuade the Ebony Warrior to join you as a follower and continue exploring the world – if your speechcraft is high enough.

His mechanics and stats are unchanged here, outside of the addition of follower mechanics. So if you’ve ever wanted this guy on your side, well here ya go.

6. Enemy Of My Enemy (Ebony Warrior Revamp)

This mod is a mechanics overhaul for the Ebony Warrior.

The goal?

To make him a more worthy enemy to defeat.

The improvements range from drastic upgrades to stats, spells, and equipment, to the removal and bestowment of certain perks.

He hits harder now, and is tougher to take down. But he can’t take you down in 1-hit either – a welcome balance to an already tough battle.

The mod also adds character depth to the Ebony Warrior for those seeking it out (lore-wise).

Grab this if you’re looking for more of a challenge from the Ebony Warrior of legend.

5. Ebonarm Restored

The Ebony Warrior was originally based upon the in-game legend of Ebonarm, the Redguard god of war.

For ages, people longed to eventually have the reveal that this superb warrior was the god himself in mortal form.

Now is the time!

This mod changes the warrior to fit the description and skillset of the God of War himself. Ebonarm has no level cap, so he will always be on level to face you down.

His appearance and equipment are all overhauled here as well – made to match the original look, and to pack a heck of a punch!

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This man will break you in every way.

The battle is certainly more painful, but also more satisfying for the lore-hungry.

4. Ebony Damascus Blades

The Ebony Damascus mod adds custom sword and dagger meshes to the game, with each weapon being 1 point stronger than the strongest weapon in the vanilla game.

There are 6 weapons included in the mod, with a total file size of approximately 45 MB.

The weapons are designed to have a fantasy element but are based on real historical weapons.

3. Ebony Warrior Addon -EWA

Unfortunately, without more context or information, I cannot provide a clear explanation of this mod.

It appears to involve fixing voice clipping and adjusting the volume for certain dialogues, but I do not know which game or content this mod is for, or what other changes or features it may include.

Can you provide more details or specific information about the mod?

2. Ebony Warrior Awakens

This mod appears to enhance the character of the Ebony Warrior, who is the final boss in the video game Skyrim.

The mod aims to bring the Ebony Warrior to his full potential by making him stronger, tougher, and more challenging to defeat in combat.

Players who install this mod can expect a more intense and rewarding battle with the Ebony Warrior, as he will now pose a greater threat and require more strategic thinking and skill to defeat.

1. The Nord Ebony Warrior

This mod changes the race of the Ebony Warrior in the video game Skyrim from Redguard to Nord.

The reason for this change is because the mod creator personally prefers the idea of the Ebony Warrior being a Nord and going to Sovngarde after death.

The mod does not add any major gameplay changes, but it does fix a lore inconsistency that the mod creator found bothersome.