12 Best Sims 4 Zombie CC & Mods

Why do people keep talking about zombie apocalypses?

I’m sure it started a long time ago.

But it really took off with The Walking Dead and the White Walkers in Game of Thrones.

No one can deny that our culture is fascinated with shambling bodies that eat people’s brains (and hearts, and guts, and spleens…), and it shows.

Look at how many games and TV shows include zombies in their plots.

Well, I didn’t want to keep thinking about it, so I put it in the world of my Sims.

And so can you!

Check out our list of the best custom content and mods for The Sims 4 that have to do with zombies.

12. Facepaint Zombie


This mod is an addition to a game or virtual environment that introduces two face paints specifically designed for women and men.

These face paints can be applied to the character models of female and male avatars, allowing players to customize their appearance and add unique artistic designs to their faces.

The mod offers a variety of options for both genders, enabling players to express their individuality and enhance their virtual personas with distinctive face paint styles.

11. Halloween Outdoor Stuff

This mod is a Halloween-themed modification for a game or virtual environment.

It includes various elements such as a ghost, two pumpkin lightings, a hay bale, a crow, zombie hands, two spiders, a wall lamp, a broom, a trick or treat sign, and autumn leaves.

These items are likely designed to enhance the Halloween atmosphere in the game or environment, providing spooky decorations and thematic elements for players to enjoy.

10. Zombie Stitches by Pipco

It’s a right shame these stitches only work for Female Sims, because they genuinely sell the character.

A vanilla TS4 game does have some face scars and face markings that you can use for the zombie’s face, but the only body markings it offers are tattoos.

Pretty limited, if you ask me.

You’re telling me zombies don’t get shot in the gut?

Anyway, these Zombie Stitches by Pipco come in two swatches which change the position and orientation of the stitches.

And they look excellent placed on top of sickly gray or pale green skin. I know the effect might look more “Frankenstein’s monster” than zombie, but I’d argue both fall under the category of “shambling, supernatural undead.”

9. Stuck on You Skintones by pyxis

Speaking of “sickly gray or pale green skin,” take a look at these awesome skintones by pyxis.

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This creator does a lot of supernatural/otherworldly CC for The Sims 4, and they’re always high-quality.

This one is no different.

The CC adds 25 new non-default skin colors that work on all ages, all genders, and are set to random (so your townies can have them, too).

Twenty of these are normal human swatches that “fill in the gaps” of EA’s skin color spectrum, to quote the creator.

Five of them are supernatural skins that you’d be hard-pressed to recreate—even with the crazy colors that already exist in base game TS4.

Two of these five skins look like sickly, bloodless undeath (in the best way)—absolutely perfect for creating zombie Sims.

You can find a swatch of all 25 in the creator’s description.

8. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – Pisha’s Blood by Satterlly

Hear me out:

I know this says “vampire” in the title. But the blood spatters around the mouth – paired with the blood spatters on the hands and chest – genuinely work for brain-hunting, flesh-eating undead.

With the right expressions, poses, and CAS items, these swatches can be used to make a zombie look like it just feasted on fresh (human) meat.

Alternatively, they can also be used to create zombie-slaying-vampire-Sims in CAS—which is what I used them for.

Seriously, try these blood swatches with any of the pose packs I listed here, and the “headless” CC by Natalia-Auditore (coming further up in this list). It makes for pretty gruesome (but epic) photos.

7. Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod: Last Escape by sacrificialmods

This is, without a doubt, one of the best Zombie Apocalypse mods.

At least a dozen big Gaming YouTubers and EA Gamechangers have posted reviews and long-form videos about it on YouTube.

Check out the mod reviews by Plumbella (my best), LaurenzSide, and Fantayzia for a lot more information.

But this mod is by far one of the most complete ones out there, with new skills, new items, new pie choices, a new Zombie Hunter trait, and much more.

So far, the reviews say that it almost doesn’t have any problems.

This mod makes the town you’re in into the center of zombies.

When the end of the world comes, random people will turn into zombies. Along the way, more will get bit and turn.

It’s up to you to either (a) be the hero and cure the town of this horrible disease that turns people into zombies, (b) be the villain and spread the virus as far and wide as you can, or (c) die a horrible, painful death at the hands of robotic bodies that have lost their souls.

You can start the end of the world in three ways: buy a radio and listen to the “Police’s Emergency Broadcast,” which tells “all citizens” that “cannibalism” is becoming more common, buy a radio and choose “Infect All Sims in District” from the “Air Support” menu, or buy a “Zombification Virus” to use on your Sim or others.

The first way will start a social event with goals, which is the best choice for new players. It will tell you how to finish the rest of the mod in more detail.

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Some of the new things and events can even change how your Sims feel.

For example, if your Sim wears a Gas Mask, he or she will feel Confident.

Your Sim will be scared when they are near a zombie.

And getting bit turns your Sim into a playable zombie who is “zombified” and always wants to eat people.

As was already said, this mod also adds a pretty cool Zombie Hunter trait that you can give to your Sim in-game.

If your Sim has this trait, he or she has a “higher chance of survival.” Their shots are more likely to kill Zombies, and they are more likely to get away from one without getting bit. Also, Sims with this trait won’t be scared when zombies are close by.

If this sounds like a cross-over with Resident Evil, you’d be surprised by how many mods based on Resident Evil have made it into TS4!

NOTE: The mod is a bit scary because of all the blood, bursting heads, zombie bites, and other violence related to the zombie apocalypse. But it’s acceptable. And if you like that kind of thing, it’s really, really cool.

6. Headless Outfit by Natalia-Auditore

Honestly one of my favorite items on this list.

80% because it’s so clever and so well crafted, and 20% because it’s freaking hilarious when your Sim isn’t posing as a severed head.

They look like people goofing around with a green screen.

What this outfit does is turn your Sim’s body invisible—save for the feet and head. The result is a ghastly floating head that is, as far as Sim standards go, pretty freaking believable.

A headless head isn’t necessarily exclusive to zombies, but in a zombie-apocalypse-themed photoshoot? It still works.

5. Headless Acc by Natalia-Auditore

It’s a hat that makes the head of your Sim invisible.

As a result, your Sim will walk around like a naked ghost.

If you pair the look with some sick moves, it’s like three times as cool.

We’re also getting some zombie-themed pose packs, one of which is made by the same person who made this and the headless outfit. These pose packs are great for what we need.

You could also leave your Sim’s body without a head and play the game normally if you like magical dark humor.

I promise that the fact that they don’t have heads doesn’t change how they code in any way.

4. Walking With a Head by Natalia-Auditore

This pose pack comes from the same person who made the “Headless Outfit” and “Headless Accessory” CC, and it’s great for Sims who do well in a zombie apocalypse.

Because there is always one character who is known (or hated) for the brutal way they kill zombies.

These poses are for Sims who can fight through groups of zombies and come out covered in guts and slime.

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The Sims who laugh at the shambling dead and have a kill count that is very amazing.

Their ways may be a little bit rough, and they are probably a little bit crazy. But they are still tools that kill zombies.

They are wanted by everyone.

These pose packs are made for that.

The kings and queens of the zombie apocalypse, casually walking away from a pile of burning zombie bodies with their bloody prizes in hand. You can do the same thing by using Natalia-Auditore’s Headless Outfit CC, which you can get from the link above.

Is it a bit too violent? Maybe.

But, is it cool? Heck yeah.

3. Zombie Dinner Pose Pack by Lady Kendal Sims

This pose pack shows those scary moments when you learn that the Sim who is hunched over isn’t hurt, but is just turning.

Into a zombie that eats brains!

This one is a little more SFW and a little less gory than Natalia-Auditore’s Walking with a Head pose packs, but that doesn’t make it any less great for a zombie game.

It works even better if you put some bloody makeup on your arms, mouth, and face (Satterlly’s Pisha’s Blood CC is a good choice).

Placement of the teleport standees for these poses is a little tricky, especially for the third pose where the zombie is biting down on the Sim’s arm. As a general rule, I suggest “place them as close as physically possible.”

2. Zombie Apocalypse Pose Pack by Simduction

Simduction’s Zombie Apocalypse poses look just like the classic shambling, brainless, living dead monsters we see in cartoons and animated movies.

It’s the whole package: the exaggerated face, the jerky, clumsy walk, the neck bent at 90 degrees, and the arms and legs out of place.

If you want to act out a zombie attack, you can’t go wrong with these very typical zombie poses.

You have four poses for walking and two poses for standing still.Sim crawls out of the ground), and three different ways to show the usual arm coming out of the grave.

It is a lot of fun to play with these.

And if you want some fun post-apocalyptic humor, the third version of the Zombie-arm positions is a great choice.

1. A Monster Within Me (Part 1) by KareemZiSims

I’ve never seen a mod or CC as scary and gory as this one from KareemZiSims, so I have to give a big thumbs up.

A Monster Within Me (Part 1) puts a monster inside the head of your Sim and lets it take over half of their face.

At least, it looks like that.

Even worse, the monster’s eye moves along with your Sim’s, which makes it feel even more like an alien or parasite.

This CC piece comes in 10 different ways, and each one shows a different monster. Use either the first swatch (“Flesh-Eating Parasite”) or the second swatch (“Zombie”) to make a Zombie!Sim.