10 Best Clash Royale decks for Arena 5

Congratulations, you’ve finally unlocked the powerful Hog Rider! In Arena 5, you can look at a total of 6 new cards.

If you’re still not sure which decks will help you move up in the arenas, this piece is for you.

I’ve made a list of the best battle decks that will definitely help you out.

The list isn’t in any particular order, so you can choose a deck that works for you based on the numbers of the cards you have.

All Clash Royale characters in Arena 5

In Clash Royale, you can unlock more than 100 different characters.

In Arena 5, however, you can only choose from 32 different characters to take into fight.

Here is a list of all the character cards that can be used, how rare they are, and which Arena they can be used in:

ArrowsCommonTraining Camp
MinionsCommonTraining Camp
ArchersCommonTraining Camp
KnightCommonTraining Camp
FireballRareTraining Camp
Mini P.E.K.K.A.RareTraining Camp
MusketeerRareTraining Camp
GiantRareTraining Camp
Spear GoblinsCommonGoblin Stadium
GoblinsCommonGoblin Stadium
Goblin CageRareGoblin Stadium
Goblin HutRareGoblin Stadium
BomberCommonBone Pit
SkeletonsCommonBone Pit
TombstoneRareBone Pit
ValkyrieRareBone Pit
CanonCommonBarbarian Bowl
BarbariansCommonBarbarian Bowl
Mega MinionRareBarbarian Bowl
Battle RamRareBarbarian Bowl
Electro SpiritCommonSpell Valley
Skeleton DragonsCommonSpell Valley
Fire SpiritCommonSpell Valley
Bomb TowerRareSpell Valley
Inferno TowerRareSpell Valley
WizardRareSpell Valley
ZapCommonBuilder’s Workshop
MortarCommonBuilder’s Workshop
BatsCommonBuilder’s Workshop
RocketRareBuilder’s Workshop
Flying MachineRareBuilder’s Workshop
Hog RiderRareBuilder’s Workshop

10. Miner Wall Breakers

Arena 5

With a good defense and an average of 3.0 elixir, this deck has a chance to really mess up your opponents. You’ll have full control of the game against other heavy decks. Keep making good trades on defense, and use this to chip away at the damage on the other lane with your Miner or Wall Breakers.

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Miner Wall Breakers is good at:

  • Chip damage, trade well and send your Miner/Wall Breakers.
  • Counterattack, with such a strong defense you’ll be able to have a lot of elixir on your hands to counterattack often,
  • Early game, due to the low average elixir you can out beat your opponent early on.

Deck rating: 9.5/10

9. PEKKA Witch Bait

The PEKKA Witch Bait is a great defensive/counter-attack deck. You’d want to defend with your PEKKA and counter-attack by putting the Witch behind. To spice things up you can send your goblin barrel with your PEKKA, OR send it with a barbarian barrel to the other lane.

What PEKKA Witch Bait excels in:

  • Late game, at double elixir you’ll out beat your opponent easily.
  • Strong defense, you’ve got a PEKKA, what else do you need?
  • Balanced, you won’t face many counter decks.

Deck rating: 8.5/10

8. Hog Valk 2.9 Cycle

Even though this deck doesn’t have the best attack, its low average elixir cost will make up for it. Your ability to quickly send your hog rider will surprise you and your opponent. You won’t have any trouble keeping enemies away from your towers because your defense is also quite strong.

This is where Hog Valk 2.9 Cycle shines:

  • Early game, you’ll definitely out-trade your opponent many times.
  • Solid defense, whether you’re facing an air deck or a ground one, you have the cards to do the trick.
  • Fast cycle, you can send your Hog Rider many times even in the early game.

Deck rating: 8.5/10

7. Giant bait

The numbers don’t need to be explained. This deck gets amazing scores in almost every way. Doesn’t that make sense? Musketeer, Mini PEKKA, Skarmy, Mega Minion for protection. For a retaliation, Giant can use Goblin Barrel. This deck is a great choice.

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Where Giant bait shines:

  • Defense, you’ve got 4 super strong defensive cards.
  • Double lane pressure, Giant and Barrel on one side, and the Mini PEKKA on the other.
  • Early game, due to the low average elixir, you can outtrade your opponent.

Deck rating: 10/10

6. Hog Control Deck 

This is a great deck for everything. You have top-notch cards for both striking and defending.

You can also trick your opponents into casting spells, which will make you unbeatable. If you try this deck, you’ll probably want to use it for a long time.

What does the Arena 5 Hog Control Deck do well:

  • Against heavy decks, utilize the Inferno, Skarmy, Valkyrie, and your witch.
  • Double lane pressure, the Hog Rider and Goblin Barrel got your back.
  • Trades, you have a low average elixir deck.

Deck rating: 9.5/10

5. Hog Barrel Breakers Offensive

The Hog Barrel Breakers Offensive is a great choice if you’re still not sure which deck to use.

You won’t have any trouble hitting or defending with those stats. Also, the deck is well-balanced, so you won’t face many counter decks.

The best things about Hog Barrel Breakers Offensive are:

  • Controlling the game, many low elixir cards for defense.
  • Double lane pressure, Hog and Wall Breakers on one side, Valkyrie and Barrel on the other.
  • Synergy, the cards complement each other pretty well, especially on offense.

Deck rating: 10/10

4. Defensive PEKKA Zap Bait

This deck is easy to understand. You’ve got top-tier defense decks. Play it safe and try to escape getting hurt early on.

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Keep using your Skeleton Army to draw out the zap or spell, and if you can, send your Goblin Barrel with your Valk.

What Defensive PEKKA Zap Bait does especially well:

  • Counter-attacks, the PEKKA is one of the best cards to do this.
  • Solid defense, PEKKA + Skeleton Army + Valkyrie + Wizard, that’s just too much defense.
  • Late game, this deck excels during double elixir.

Deck rating: 9/10

3. Giant Skeleton Push

The Giant Skeleton Push is a pretty good deck. You’re almost just right when it comes to offense and defense. You also have a Baby Dragon that helps you get more air. If you want to use the same deck for a long time, this is a good choice because it still works in higher levels.

Giant Skeleton Push is good at:

  • Has high overall stats, you won’t have trouble on either attack or defense.
  • Good against both ground and air decks.
  • Early game, most cards cost low elixir, leave the Giant Skeleton for the double elixir period or use it if it’s a must.

Deck rating: 10/10

2. Miner Zap Bait

This deck has a very low average cost of elixir, so it’s great for the early game. You can play boldly and lose some trades without it being a big deal. With good defense cards, you can keep enemies away from your tower while your Miner/Barrel keeps doing damage.

Miner Zap Bait is good at:

  • Chip damage, keep sending the barrel and baiting the zap with your Skeleton Army.
  • Early game, try to play aggressively in the beginning, especially against heavy decks.
  • Baiting spells, you can use both the Bats and the Skeleton Army to provide cover for your barrel.

Deck rating: 9.5/10

1. Giant Hog Offensive (3.3 Elixir)

This deck is for people who want to go all out on attack without giving up defense. The stats speak for themselves, and the balance and teamwork of this deck are incredible. You have enough troops to both attack and defend.

Giant Hog Offensive is good at:

  • Balanced, this deck won’t face many counter decks.
  • Cards synergy, the Hog is a perfect match with the wall breakers and the Giant is great with the Witch.
  • Has high overall stats, you won’t have trouble on either attack or defense.

Deck rating: 10/10