15 Games Like Trackmania That You Should Try!

So this list could have included other driving Games Like Trackmania, but is that what Trackmania is really about?

“Easy to learn, hard to master” is a common way for Trackmania players to describe the game. The controls are very simple: left, right, speed up, and slow down.

However, the depth of skill that comes from these simple controls is amazing.

So, I asked this question on the Trackmania reddit, and some other games that met those conditions were suggested.

But there are a couple of other things I think are important, but not required, to define a person. One is that you move in a straight line.

Some people were brave enough to suggest MOBAs or shooters, but those are too far away to be included.

The other thing is that people can make their own levels.

This is nice, but I think a big reason why Trackmania is so popular is because its community does so much, and I think user-made levels are a big part of that.

15. Raging Thunder 2

Games Like Trackmania

Action, racing, single-player, and multiplayer video game Raging Thunder 2 was created by Polarbit for Android and iOS.

The game is set in a gorgeous setting with temples, beaches, mountains covered in snow, and more. There are many different vehicles, each with its own special traits and stats.

In order to participate in numerous racing events, unleash his racing prowess, and battle against AI drivers, the player as the driver must choose the best vehicle.

The player’s ultimate goal is to defeat their opponents or finish the labs ahead of schedule. The player will encounter fascinating environments while playing, and he can use the turbo function to accelerate.

The game features aggressive and frantic action that gives the player the chance to impress his buddies with his racing prowess.

The player can challenge a friend to a race against him in the multiplayer mode to prove his worth.

Raging Thunder 2 is the best game to play and enjoy since it has essential features, specific places, and touch controls.

14. Fast Racing 3D

The racing, action, single-player, and multiplayer video game Fast Racing 3D was developed and released by Doodle Mobile Ltd.

The game has state-of-the-art 3D visuals and is set in a brand-new universe. To compete in races and demonstrate his racing prowess, the player must choose one of the many vehicles that are accessible, each of which has unique characteristics.

The player can customize his vehicle with a variety of parts and accessories by using the customization tool.

The player must complete each of the more than forty-eight accessible levels in Career Mode, which increase in difficulty, in order to unlock new cars.

To win races, the player can maneuver the vehicle as they like and defeat the opposition. In order to win, the player must defeat other racers while dodging oncoming traffic and gathering speed-boosting power-ups.

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Core elements of Fast Racing 3D include frantic gameplay, astounding physics, jaw-dropping tracks, awesome vehicles, and more.

13. Horizon Chase

Aquiris Game Studio S.A. created the addicting racing game Horizon Chase for mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

The game adds two new automobiles and eight new breathtaking tracks, including Sidney, Uluru, and Brighton Beach.

In order to compete in multiplayer mode races against AI-controlled drivers or other players, the player must choose his favorite car from those that are available and jump into the course of his choice.

The racing video game was influenced by Out Run, Rush, and Lotus Turbo Challenge from the 1990s. The player encounters a variety of difficulties during gaming, including snow, rain, crazy obstructions, volcanic ash, and more.

There are more than sixteen vehicles that can be unlocked. The player must contend with other players for nine cups in 36 different cities that have up to 82 tracks.

From a third-person vantage point, the user can manage the environment and can drift the vehicle away from perilous curves to prevent collision.

To win the race, you must either finish each track or remove all of the competitors from it.

A few of Horizon Chase’s standout features include 9 unique Cups, 16 brand-new cars, 82 tracks, classic arcade gameplay, and more. You should try it out; you’ll like it.

12. Pro Series Drag Racing

Pro Series Drag Racing is an Android and iOS racing video game that Battle Creek Games created and distributed. The game incorporates customizable features and is set in a realistic 3D setting.

There are a variety of vehicles available, each with their own characteristics and skills. To enter the realm where he must race against AI-controlled automobiles or another player to demonstrate his racing prowess, the player must select his preferred vehicle.

The game immerses the user in a more exciting drag racing environment. In Career mode, the player can gain experience while initially building his car out of various parts, tools, and accessories.

Career Modes offers four distinct automobile classes, including Funny Cars, Pro Mods, Top Fuel Dragsters, and Career Mode.

After the race, the player can customize his car by adding new paint, new wheels, and other features.

The primary elements of Pro Series Drag Racing include things like Career Mode, Online Multiplayer, Tune Your Car, and Modifications.

When compared to other racing video games, Pro Series Drag Racing is the greatest.

11. Fast and Furious: Legacy

Android users can play the action-adventure, racing, and single-player video game Fast & Furious: Legacy.

The game contains several different places from around the world where players can race against AI-controlled vehicles in a three-dimensional environment.

The player must select one of the available cars to begin their race, and they may each be customized with different accessories, parts, and other features.

The main goal is to drive the automobile as quickly as you can and get to the level’s end before anyone else.

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The player must evade police vehicles during the race and pull off various stunts to collect power that they may then use to fight against the police.

There are various levels available, and each level demands the accomplishment of particular objectives.

To impress them, the player can demonstrate his driving skills, and by earning points, he can customize his car to make it go faster.

Third-person view is used to play the game, and players can use their points to modify their vehicles.

10. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

The Gachapan balls and mazes with ball bearings were the idea for this game, in which you don’t control your character.

You run everything! To be more exact, you move from one level to the next by tilting the playing field.

Banana Mania is the most recent game in this series, but it comes from a long line of games.

It came out for the first time in 2001, first as an arcade game and then, in the same year, for the GameCube.

9. Beat Saber

Ooooh VR! Watch that movie, that’s so cool. And you can work out for free as part of it. Each level is a song, and your job is to use a lightsaber to hit certain sounds.

You have one of each color of saber, and you have to match the color of the beat to the color of your saber. BeastSaber is a group with more than 65,000 songs.

That’s even better. (You might remember this from the game Audiosurf. Same idea, but this one is for common people who use a screen. Like me. Still, check it out.)

8. Trials: Rising

You’re riding a bike. When you drive by, people look at you like you’re cool. You faceplant. People laugh. Is that a bad dream?

No, it’s about the Trials series. In this game, you ride a motorbike that has to stay on a certain path.

This route is called 2.5d. You can’t go left or right, but you can speed up and slow down and, most importantly, decide how high or low you go.

To get good at this game, you’ll need to understand how it works. As you go up hills, lean forward.

If you flick your bike, you can jump farther. Even though Rising is the most recent book in the series, you should still read Fusion and Evolution. Also, a big plus is that users can make their own levels.

7. Celeste

Mark Brown from GMTK made a 17-minute movie about how good the gameplay is in Celeste.

You can jump, run, or climb. That’s all it is, but as your skill improves, you’ll get so… much… better… It’s hard, but easy to play. It’s really like Trackmania.

6. Forza Horizon 5

Here’s the one-car game. So there it is. Some people do play Trackmania because they like the sound of the cars.

It has beautiful images and a huge, detailed open world that you can look around in. You can check out a volcano, jungles, beaches, and even churches in a made-up Mexico.

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It lets you play for a long time. All the awards it won were probably well-deserved.

5. N++

Another platform game. Simple settings once more.

And a deep level of skill.

When you run up an incline, turn and jump at just the right time to get a huge jump.

Do a double jump on a bouncy block to get a lot of air.

You can play the more than 4000 base levels and a lot of user-made levels. N++ gets a plus plus.

4. Geometry Dash

I said the requirement was simple inputs, but this takes it to a new level. It’s so easy.



One more problem?

Again, click. Click. Click. Click, click, click.

But jeez, it’s so much fun!

Every map is set to a song, which can help you time your clicks in theory but drives you crazy in practice as the song starts over and over and over again.

Users can make their own levels, check. Plus, you can play it for free!

3. Osu!

This is the kind of game that always impresses me when I see someone else play it.

Its task is simple: hit the beats on the screen at the right time. Still, the plans can look impossible. Bravo, Osu guys, bravo.

I’ll show you two things that show that this game is similar to Trackmania. One is that users can make their own plans. One can be made by anyone.

Two, Pro Trackmania player Scrapie plays this as a change of pace on his Twitch show. What is it? Sorry? I can’t hear you because I’m so right.

2. Lonely Mountains: Downhill

It’s fun to ride a bike downhill. You have to be in the zone the whole time, watching the path right in front of you and planning your line so you can take the turn just right.

Do you recognize it?


You’re right.

Another thing they have in common?

There are places to check. That means that there are shortcuts if you want to take the Fastest Way Only.

Bucko, hop on your bike and go for a ride.

1. Rocket League

Rocket League..?

So far, every entry is in a straight line. How is Rocket League doing? Well, yes, that’s true.

Now, come sit down so I can tell you what happened. So, you see… maybe you won’t understand this, so I’ll explain it slowly.

Reddit is a website where people from everywhere, not just your neighborhood, can comment on posts made by other people. Not getting it? Don’t worry, it’s fine. So, let’s move on.

As a member of Reddit, I asked for other easy-to-learn, hard-to-master games in a post, and people from all over the world, not just my neighborhood, replied.

People can vote on your review or post. So, yes is up, no is down.

So, someone wrote “Rocket League,” and that was the one where most people pressed the up arrow instead of the down arrow. Ok, did you follow?

It’s okay, not everyone can be smart.