12 Best SMW2: Yoshi’s Island ROM Hacks

Yoshi was introduced in the first Super Mario World in 1990.

But he (it?) didn’t make it to the limelight before SMW2: Yoshi’s Island, which came out in 1995.

The SMW2 game introduced the capabilities as well as the backstory and style of Yoshi’s character. It might have featured Super Mario in the title.

However, this game set the foundation on which the Yoshi franchise was later developed.

If you’re a fan of the SNES original version or the Game Boy Advance re-release, SMW2 remains a classic gamer experience.

The design of the level is incredible. The innovative gameplay elements such as the flutter jumping were original while the graphic is simply out of the ordinary.

SMW2 hasn’t received as much attention from the hacker community as Super Mario World did.

However, in Super Mario World, there are plenty of great games to play there. Let me share my favorite games so far.

12. Comeback to Yoshi’s Island 2.0

Comeback to Yoshi's Island 2.0 SMW2

You did see the demo at the C3 Summer 2019 but now I’m going to make the 2nd demo official by uploading it right here on SMWCentral.

I present the improved version of ‘Comeback to Yoshi’s Island’. The version history has been changed. Look below for more info.

There are more things in version 2.0 mentioned in the notepad. Read those. The .txt file also has a ‘Credits’ list.

As a bonus, I included a notepad with everything translated into Romanian, in case you want to know.

The archive includes a .bps patch. You can play, up to 2-5, where everything doesn’t work.
Have fun!

11. SMWC Island

SMWC Island

SMWC Island is a Yoshi’s Island collaboration hack that began in late 2014. It features 50 levels created by users of SMW Central.

This is a zombie release, consisting of the hack in its current, unfinished state as of July 1, 2021.

10. Secrets of Yoshi’s Island

In the beginning, we’re looking for something simple but significant from the hands of YoshisFan’s creator YoshisFan.

If you were a fan of Yoshi’s Islands’ Game Boy Advance version – originally released under the name Super Mario Advance 3 (2001), you’ll remember the game’s secret levels that weren’t present with The SNES original.

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These secret levels, which were hardcore, were among the game’s most enjoyable parts. Thanks to the ROM hack it is now possible to play them in an original SNES game as well.

This set includes the six levels of a secret as well as a specially-colored Yoshi that you can play with as.

It’s not new but to be in a position to enjoy the full Yoshi’s Island experience on the SNES is an absolute pleasure.

9. Yoshi’s Highland

If you’re seeking something slightly more than you’re used to, look into Yoshi’s Highland – a maddening and chaotic set of levels designed by WoodenChair.

The goal is to frighten you and challenge your endurance.

Yoshi’s Highland is a “corruption hack”, meaning it behaves like the game is not working properly.

It does this by throwing random objects, enemies, or anything else that is sprite-based across the screen.

Its levels have been rigorously tested and should not crash (too frequently). If you’re an adrenaline junkie and enjoy challenging yourself to the max, you should take a look at this game as soon as possible.

8. Yoshi’s Castle Escape

Secrets of Yoshi's Island

Dodging objects and enemies that fly seems like a fun time but for how many levels?

It’s a lot for a gimmick that is so simple.

Me, I like quick and simple hacks for ROMs such as Yoshi’s Castle Escape by Jimmy.

Instead of more than 50 levels of design options, the hack only offers one level in which Yoshi Baby Mario and Baby Mario are taken to their limits with you.

There are a few issues here and there but it’s totally playable.

Each puzzle is well-designed and there’s an overall sense of cohesion in the game instead of simply a collection of random puzzles that have been mash-up.

7. Golden Yoshi Returns

The hacking community’s biggest creators are Golden Yoshi, who rose to notoriety with his amazing hacks such as “SMW2+” and “Golden Yoshi Returns”.

The second is an exciting single-level game that features a sparkling gold Yoshi trying to navigate the maze-like level.

It could be side-scrolling but it’s still possible to get lost.

The hack showcases the amazing level of design skill that is Golden Yoshi from the beginning to the end, and it’s an excellent start for new ROM hackers to test themselves and have a blast.

6. Kamek’s Revenge

One of the things that created the first Yoshi’s Island so good was the fact that it presented an obstacle that anyone could take on, so long as they are willing to put into the effort and time.

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Kamek’s Revenge also offers players the chance to play with a variety of difficulty levels.

The initial levels are relatively easy. However, as you progress through its 54 levels, you’ll be faced with increasingly challenging obstacles.

If you’re dedicated, this could turn out to be the race that transforms you from a basic Super Mario fan up to a pro who can take on even Kaizo-level hacks for ROMs or at the very least put you on the right path.

The game also comes with an abundance of visual modifications to icons for levels including sprites, icons, and more.

It was also one of the very first hacks created using modern SMW2 hacking tools. This makes it an important landmark.

5. Enhanced Yoshi’s Island

We all remember the first Yoshi’s Island fondly.

The brain typically is focused on positive things.

If you go back to it today you’ll see some obvious defects in the design, for instance, Mario’s incredibly annoying crying.

It’s as if you had an emergency alarm strapped on your back.

This ROM hack developed by Trisma will fix every little detail Nintendo missed earlier in its time. 

Mario does not cry anymore and some of the annoying sound effects are replaced with more pleasant ones. Red coins are now actually red!

This is the only method of enjoying the Yoshi vanilla Island experience.

4. SMW2+

As I’ve said, Golden Yoshi is one of the most well-known creators of the SMW2 hacking community.

It shouldn’t be an unwelcome surprise to see another of his hacks in the list (and it’s certainly not the last).

SMW2+ was among the first major Yoshi’s Island hacks to achieve not only popularity but also the first completely developed hack.

It offers an impressive 54 levels of pure imagination, featuring new and original areas that are full of puzzles and challenges, all of which sets the game above standard experience.

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Some even believe that SMW2+ may be superior to SMW2 itself.

I wouldn’t suggest this due to the frequent bugs and a few sloppy choices here and there, but it’s still great.

3. New! SMW2: Yoshi’s Island

The amazing ROM hack created by YoshisFan, the creator of YoshisFan is a shining example of the massive magnitude of the story.

It comes with complete 60 levels and customized icons, brand new maps as well as some brand new Yoshi colors.

New! SMW2 is also famous for its incredible difficulty.

It’s moderately manageable at first. However, the difficulty curve is relentless and certain levels are long and require the ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

However, the most skilled players are likely to want to try some additional levels and hidden levels. The majority of them are in a class that is their own.

2. SMW2+2

The sequel of SMW2+. The game features more innovative levels and an all-new story, in which Yoshis decide to summon ‘The Chosen One’ to face the wicked witch Kamek.

One of the things that make SMW2+2 pop up is the reverence for Yoshi’s original Island’s level design.

The level of difficulty and the type of obstacles you’ll need to overcome will all go perfectly with the game of vanilla.

Once you’ve completed this trick, you’ll be able to achieve a 100% score in every level to unlock additional levels, or take on your way through the Pit of 50 Trials – the post-game dungeon that is based on the same pit found that was featured in Paper Mario.

1. Golden Yoshi’s Island

Golden Yoshi’s Island is something like the Director’s cut for SMW2+2.

It was made specifically for speedrunners who streamed on Twitch.

So Golden Yoshi and co-creators hand-picked the top 36 levels from the SMW2+2 original and then rearranged the levels in four different Worlds.

The game also comes with the fastest transformation sequence and a hasty egg aim and a more clear cutscene.

Autoscrolling segments were also removed to reduce frustration.

With an amazing presentation and great levels, Golden Yoshi’s Island might very well be the most effective SMW2 hack you can try if you have the ability to master it.