8 Best Super Mario Waifus Of All Time

Super Mario isn’t the place most people would consider looking for a waifu.

After so many years of playing party games and sports with these characters, we all have our favorite.

Super Mario characters aren’t seductive like waifu-centric games such as Genshin Impact or Fate/Grand Order. However, love for a waifu is more than that.

Waifus make an ideal partner, a dreamy companion who embodies all the beauty of life.

Super Mario Waifus shine in this regard.

Marioverse is home to all things Marioverse: Princesses and sports heroes, career women, immortal space Gods, and even princesses.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the Mushroom Kingdom’s most beloved women.

8. Birdo

8 Best Super Mario Waifus Of All Time

Birdo looks very similar to Yoshi. Birdo has bright pink skin and a white belly with red ridges.

Each hand and foot has four fingers and three feet. For her signature eggs, her snout looks like a trumpet.

She carries a large red bow on her back and a large diamond band on her left side as accessories.

7. Wendy O. Koopa

Wendy is a bold, bossy, big-headed woman who has a rivalry with Daisy and Peach.

Wendy is a bit of a diva. She often acts like a spoilt brat. She may be proud of her appearance and the number of accessories she wears to show that she tries to look better.

She also uses her phone a lot and often takes photos with a hashtag attached. She is also known to be a good friend and help other people out when needed. Junior and Larry are also very kind to her.

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Wendy has also been seen singing in Super Mario World. Wendy has also been shown to be an excellent ice skater in New Super Mario Bros. U.

6. Toadette


Toadette is a Toad species member who can be played in various spin-off games.

Her name is a combination of the Toad word (of which she is a member) and the word “ette”, which can be used as a feminine form of words or to refer to smaller words such as “kitchenette”.

As Toad’s partner, she is first seen in Mario Kart Double Dash. As an unlockable character, she was shown in Mario Party 6. 

She is a teacher or background character in other games, such as Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

In the introduction of Super Mario Galaxy, she appears alongside Toad. She is also featured in Mario Super Sluggers as a playable character for Peach Monarchs and New Super Mario Bros.

U Deluxe, a transformation called Peachette. Also, Super Mario Odyssey in Princess Peach’s Castle will feature Mario Power Moons to help with different tasks.

5. Daisy


Princess Daisy is the regent for Sarasaland. This far-away kingdom was created by the GameBoy title Super Mario Land.

Daisy was a regular character in Mario Party, Mario Tennis, and Mario Golf after Mario saved her kingdom.

Daisy is known for her cheerful dynamic personality.

She’s always there for you, so it’s not a dull moment.

Daisy, a Marioverse waifu, is great if you are willing to compete with the plumber.

4. Bowsette


Next, we have an entry Nintendo would not approve of.

Bowsette became a meme after the Super Crown was introduced in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 2018.

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This item will transform Toadette into Peachette. It is a figure that resembles Princess Peach but has many of Toadette’s hallmark characteristics.

Fans were fans and began to wonder how the crown would impact other characters.

The comic was shared on Twitter and explored what might happen if Bowser had it.

Bowsette is the type of waifu for people who like to have a little more muscle in their women.

She is also appealing to people who tend to be on the submissive side and to anyone who likes “monster girls”.

She would be my top choice but her “non-canon” thing dampens her appeal.

3. Pauline


Pauline is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Her status as the first damsel to be saved from distress by Mario increases her appeal.

Her character development is another thing that makes her attractive.

Although she was quite generic when she first appeared as “Lady”, she has surprised fans each time she appears.

We’ve seen Pauline succeed as a singer and politician so far.

This jazzy entrepreneur has many other capabilities.

Pauline is a great choice for a waifu, regardless of what perspective you have. So long as your waifu works late and visits only on weekends, her career is priority #1.

2. Peach


The Marioverse’s most desired bachelorette, Princess Peach, takes second place.

Peach, formerly Princess Toadstool was the Mushroom Kingdom’s regent.

Although she is called “Princess”, her true identity is that of a Queen. Her will is the rule over the Toads.

Peach could be described as sweet and classy in a few words.

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She’s fierce and resourceful, as shown in Super Princess Peach and Super Mario Odyssey.

Mario and Bowser are always at each other’s throats in order to win the Princess’ favors.

Peach is the ideal waifu if you believe you are a match for Mr. Videogames and a dragon demon.

1. Rosalina

Peach might be Mario’s main woman but Rosalina is the most popular fan.

It’s simple really. Before Super Mario Galaxy, I had never heard of “waifu”, a term used to describe Marioverse girls yet half the fandom was for Rosalina.

This is partly due to her backstory which we learn as we go through the game. 

She lost her family and found a new one with the Lumas. She became their mother to make them feel less alone.

It’s a beautiful tale.

It is a sign of Rosalina’s goodwill and heart.

Peach is a little more mysterious and regal than her.

Rosalina is a kind of immortal cosmic entity. Being a princess is one thing. No contest!