15 Super Mario Skins For Minecraft

The Super Mario franchise is all about jumping and taking down enemies.

If you consider it, you can accomplish all of these things in Minecraft as well.

Here’s a suggestion. What if we took Super Mario and bring it to Minecraft. How?

That’s not difficult: just with Super Mario Skins!

The real problem is: who would you like to be? 

There are so many choices. 

Lucky is me because I’ve searched the Internet to compile this collection of Mario-themed skins which I believe are made well, have a great appearance, and are truly unique.

15. Wario

15 Super Mario Skins For Minecraft

Wario has worn a variety of different appearances over the years but this one is the most well-known to me.

He is also a very popular character as well as has his own game!

Don’t be fooled by his name though. The resemblance of Wario in appearance to “Mario” doesn’t make him hero-like.

Actually, in the majority of games, he’s the antagonist.

If we’re going to be truthful, he’s quite sexy.

If you’re not concerned about whether you’re the antagonist in the story, choose this skin.

14. Waluigi

The design style of this Wario skin is similar to the original Wario one – but it also looks super fun and I love it!

Waluigi has a role as a villain as Wario who is also his partner!

The first time he appeared was Mario Tennis though, meaning his criminal history might have a shorter time span than the one of Wario…

After his not being included in Super Smash Bros in 2018 the Internet has transformed Waluigi into an extremely well-known character.

Perhaps if everyone wears this skin, then Nintendo may finally give in and allow him into the game. It’s worth a shot, right?

13. Sandwich Bowser

Sandwich? Yes!

Don’t go, hear me out.

It’s Bowser alright? He’s the sandwich.

Who would not have wanted this!

I don’t know about others but how can one not want to devour something that looks like this? I might try to create one!

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It’s a clever method of making evil look adorable and hilarious. The skin could be added to a brand new Mario game to create a better version of the Bowser!

12. Goomba in Tuxedo

Goombas are among the most simple enemies to eliminate (if you encounter them). Therefore, they may not look as appealing as the other protagonists from the Mario franchise.

However, to correct that problem, I came across a Goomba skin that has a small change

He’s dressed in an elegant tie.

This is the real deal, elegant Goomba!

It appears that the design of the Goomba may be from older games, but as skin, it’s great.

11. Blocky Skin

If you’re not a fan of playing a character, what do you think do you feel about playing the stage?

I am in love with the artistic style of the blocks in this skin. This designer specifically decided to stick with the classic Mario Bros. style with a high amount of color.

If you’ve played any of the older games, you’ll likely be nostalgic for these textures.

The warning block that is the head can also make the appearance of an exclamation mark, which is quite funny.

10. Steve in Mario Outfit

Steve probably bought this costume for Halloween but forgot to remove it.

Maybe he simply enjoys it?

It’s an awesome crossover skin that lets you blend the two games by using the most well-known characters from both!

Steve has been the guy sporting the dress right now.

You could get it from someone else and then put it on your skin if you wish!

Copy the entire head from your preferred skin, and then paste that head into the skin (this is possible with any skin editor you like).

9. Regular Goomba

Let’s say that the tuxedo look did not convince you to go as Goomba.


If you’re looking for the typical Goomba man, this skin is likely the most effective.

The standard style of Goomba’s body Goomba is quite distinct from the body of a standard Minecraft persona…

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It’s therefore not simple to create a skin from the Goomba that is easily identifiable.

This guy has done it and it looks pretty amazing.

8. Red Koopa Troopa

We all can acknowledge that the Koopa may be the second most easy enemy to eliminate within the Mario franchise.

There are always positives to downs and Koopa isn’t just well-known but also has plenty of personalities as well.

He’s always smiling. An enormous smile that makes it impossible to take him down and take off his shell (kinda).

The Koopa’s shell here can be of any color you’d like (with some editing).

If you’re not a red fan, try a different color!

7. Old Mario Bros

It’s common to find the Mario skin in-game.

But this style? Well, not so much!

The Mario skin is very similar to the other skins made available, however, it features the colors of the original game. This is what I think makes it truly unique.

While the skin is trying (and does succeed) to imitate the original design but it still appears professional from the shading and design sides.

6. Piranha Plant

This is the only enemy I had never imagined would be made into a Minecraft skin however now we have.

And I have to say that the designer did a great job.

The legs represent the flowerpot. The remaining parts of the body are actually the plant.

If the body itself doesn’t make you feel good then you can get the head of a piranha and place it inside a different body for customizing.

5. Larry Koopa Boss

The boss with the goofy face is now present in Minecraft as a skin.

And because this is the first boss you’ll encounter in most all Mario games, everybody knows his name!

Sometimes, he has the bow (or bows if we’re discussing Minecraft terms). Sometimes, he’s firing shells on you.

Whatever the case, this is an unforgettable skin.

The blue hue is perfect. The color blue itself is perfect. The skin overall is extremely well executed.

An excellent choice if this is a character of preference.

4. 8-bit Luigi

I am in love with these skins with 8 bits.

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They achieve an impressive outcome that is in line with Minecraft’s block style and a style with minimal details and shading.

It’s likely to have similarities to Pixel art!

More details do not necessarily always mean better. It’s a simple fact.

This type of style isn’t so common. This makes every skin that is created in this manner distinctive.

Luigi skin is no different.

3. Green Yoshi

It’s the typical green happy-go-lucky Yoshi, always ready to fight.

He’s typically joined by Mario. However, in Minecraft, the character is probably fine by himself.

The Yoshi skin is a bit different from the standard skins that are used by everyone as well, making it feel a little more individual.

It’s also fairly easy to modify if the green version isn’t the one you prefer.

It could be any color you like!

2. Summer-style Princess Peach

Is she away on holiday?

Perhaps it’s simply a hot summer day, however, Peach is wearing her summer clothes in readiness to go to war.

There were plenty of Peach skins that you could find on the internet but this was the most adorable of all.

She even wears an emerald crown.

The pink is lighter and summer-like in this image and it appears as if she’s got flowers as well.

I’d say that this is the best choice for a survival-based sport… however, the lighter clothing might help her during a fight!

You’ll have to give it a shot and observe.

1. Mario

And lastly the most popular plumber hero: Mario himself!

Did you think I’d create a Super Mario skin list without including this particular guy and his gorgeous Italian mustache?

In one of my recent entries, which I mentioned earlier, I showcased an “old” Mario skin.

This skin has a modern look, a combination of vibrant colors, and big eyes.

It’s not as 8-bit as the Luigi one we saw previously. However, it does feature a uniform design and little shading.

The final result is an incredibly unique Mario that’s sure to draw other players’ interest right away when they have a look at it.