35 Most Evil Nintendo Villains Ever!

Heroic adventures are only as good and as bad as their villains.

You can do many good deeds, such as helping Grandma cross the street and getting a kitten from a tree. But if you don’t stop someone’s evil plans, it’s difficult to be called a hero.

This is something Nintendo and its developers are very familiar with. The best Nintendo games often have some pretty amazing villains.

They are as amazing as they are horrible.

Bowser, a villain, could have done terrible things if given the chance but Mario stops them all before anyone gets hurt.

However, some villains have gone so far that they cannot be redeemed.

Nintendo is known for its family-friendly games. Yet some Nintendo villains have committed some shockingly dark acts.

We all know the names of the most popular Nintendo villains but have you ever stopped to think about which ones are the worst?

Let’s see what happens.

35. Samus Aran

Evil Nintendo Villains

Metroid’s intergalactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran is as miserable as any Nintendo protagonist.

She doesn’t talk to aliens and she never uses guns, even if the creature is an indigenous one.

She spent the majority of her time trying to commit genocide against the Metroid species.

One day, a baby Metroid adopts her and the little parasite gives her its life in Super Metroid.

34. Link

Game Series: The Legend of Zelda

Link is the hero of almost every Legend of Zelda game.

Link is a master swordsman, musician and expert in foreign cultures. He seems to be the ideal guy.

However, he’s not. The Wind Waker Link seemed not to be concerned about his sister being kidnapped and never seemed in any hurry to rescue Zelda.

He let all of Hyrule die in The Breath of the Wild. According to Ocarina of Time, he is just a small child in a man’s body. This means that he never grew up. He doesn’t even speak, despite his family talking to him.

33. Cia

Game Series: The Legend of Zelda

Many of the villains in The Legend of Zelda series are real buzz-killers. Ganondorf is an example. He wears dull armour and never cracks jokes.

Cia, Hyrule Warriors feels more fun. For a start, she dresses more extravagantly, including a Mardi-Gras-style mask.

This suggests that she is a true party girl and would be the life of the party. She does everything for love, even if she doesn’t get it.

32. Master Hand

Game SeriesSuper Smash Bros

After the introduction of the first Super Smash Bros., it became obvious that all the characters in the game were puppets of the Master Hand. 

The game’s characters remained motionless on the desk, as though they were toys.

Although he appears in every Super Smash Bros. title, so little is known about his past. Is there a deeper meaning to this hand and who is controlling it? 

It could be mechanically controlled. The Master Hand, a Nintendo villain who is a common foe for all Nintendo characters, is the most vicious.

31. Tom Nook

Fans include Tom Nook in the top Nintendo villain lists. This is often done as a joke but makes perfect sense when you stop to think about it. 

Nook is the only one who has forced homeless people with no money to buy a house and then worked for him to repay the debt.

Tom Nook is capitalism at its worst. He has caused more suffering than any other villain. 

Although Nook has become saner in recent years, he cannot stop his hunger for money.

30. King Dedede

Game Series: Kirby

King DeDeDeDe is remarkable because he doesn’t have an evil goal like Ganon, Bowser, or Ridley.

He is just a victim of more devious villains, like Dark Matter, YinYarn, and Taranza.

Kirby is sometimes helped by him and he fights him occasionally just for fun.

His boss theme is also much better than Bowser or Ridley’s (In my opinion anyway), even though he’s not the easiest to defeat.

His greed for power and recognition is the root of his evil. Dedede does not want peace in his kingdom, he wants to keep it peaceful.

It is hard to be proud of Kirby, who with his copy abilities alone stopped primal forces from destruction.

King Dedede, out of envy, is always sabotaging the little pink blob – and that, my friends, is very evil.

29. Donkey Kong


Game Series: Donkey Kong

Every villain is a hero in another’s story.

Mario and Donkey Kong may be on good terms right now. They were enemies back in 1981 when they were the original Donkey Kong.

Yes, it was the older DK, now Cranky Kong, but the current Donkey Kong doesn’t seem to be a stranger in the monkey business.

As much as we see in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, where the iconic ape kidnaps Pauline and steals toys, and generally causes havoc, DK has no bad intentions but his actions are more than a little desperate.

They are evil because they destroy his friendly image.

28. Bowser Jr.

Game Series: Mario

Bowser Jr., as many may guess, is Bowser’s son. Bowser Jr. shares many of the same qualities as his father. 

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Bowser Jr., for example, is a hyperactive individual who wants to cause harm to the Mushroom Kingdom. He is spoilt and is the heir to Bowser’s throne.

Bowser Jr. has appeared in many video games, including Mario Tennis Aces and Super Mario Party.

27. Wolf O’Donnell

Game Series: Star Fox

Star Fox is a team of galactic protectors. Star Wolf is a group of rogue mercenaries headed by Wolf O’Donnell.

Wolf may not be evil but he is willing to do anything for a paycheck.

Take a look at the character of the guy. There are so many sharp angles and spikes! This guy is dangerous and you can tell the moment you meet him.

We see him sometimes risk his life for the greater good, so we know there is some light in his dark heart.

26. Mewtwo

Game Series: Pokémon

Although there are many stories about his origins, the most common is that Mewtwo was conceived from a Mew pregnant in Guyana’s jungles. 

The creature was subject to experimentation until it became free. It left a trail that led to destruction.

Mewtwo, one of the few Pokemon hostile to humans, is the antagonist of Pokemon Movie: The First Movie. 

It lays in wait for a trainer to use its power in the Cerulean Cave.

25. King Boo

Game Series: Mario

Luigi has King Boo, just like Mario has Bowser.

He’s not the greatest boo but he is the most powerful.

He is the ruler of his Paranormal Dimension and all ghosts follow his lead.

Given how much King Boo cares about his fellow ectoplasmic entities, I don’t think it is possible to say that King Boo is truly evil. 

He only wants to get revenge on all the bad things they did over the years.

He is still ruthless in his pursuit of revenge.

24. Bowser

Game Series: Mario

Bowser is also known as King Koopa (Lord Bowser), King Koopa (Great Demon King Koopa), and many other names.

He is without doubt the most well-known villain on the list. 

He is the main antagonist in one of the most beloved video games of all time and the root of all evil within the Mushroom Kingdom.

Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach in almost every Super Mario video game and wants to defeat Mario. 

Bowser may be jealous of Mario deep down. He is dangerous because of his fire breath, spikes, and shockwaves.

23. The Impostor

Game Series: Among Us

Among Us is the top-selling game on the Nintendo Switch. This makes The Impostor one of the most popular villains for Switch users around the world.

Although little is known about the motivations of the Impostor, it’s difficult to describe them as anything other than evil.

They not only impersonate Crewmembers and stab them in their backs when they least expect it but also sow discord among survivors in the hopes of turning them against each other.

It is as sinister as it gets to manipulate friends so that they are ejected into outer space.

22. Wario

Game Series: Mario

Mario’s evil rival Wario is a familiar character since 1992’s Super Mario Land 2 on the Game Boy.

He quickly became a popular character. Wario was more entertaining than Mario despite being jealous and hyper-greedy. 

He not only got his own series of games but he also became the Mario Landplayer character. 

Wario is reckless and greedy and crude and a bit dumber than Mario. 

Wario also has a brother in Waluigi and a group of misfit friends from the WarioWare series. He’s not an isolated person.

21. Marx

Game Series: Kirby

The old saying goes, “Don’t judge the book by its cover” – or, in this instance, a pink blob’s adorable face.

Marx is a recurring Kirby character and the villain of Milky Way Wishes. It’s one of the games in the NES classic Kirby Super Star 1996 and its NDS (2008) remake.

Marx is like your younger brother or sister who acts like an angel until you lose your parents.

He will be a good sport as long as your help is provided but he won’t hesitate to call you out if necessary.

Given that Marx orchestrated the entire conflict between Milky Way Wishes and Planet Popstar, I would say he is pretty evil.

20. Nightmare

Game Series: Kirby

Evil incarnate is the original big bad from Kirby’s Adventure.

No, really. Their entire existence revolves around spreading terror and darkness throughout the galaxy.

Kirby’s Adventure (1993): He tries to make Dream Land into Nightmare Land. He does stop you but it’s difficult to determine if he’s gone for good.

He says that he will return to the game in Japan if there is fear.

19. Dark Samus

Game Series: Metroid

Dark Samus, much like the Metal Sonic from the Sonic franchise is Samus Aran’s evil double. 

She made her first appearance in Metroid Prime, where she was featured in the secret ending. 

Later, she would become a secondary antagonist for Metroid Prime2: Echoes.

She is known for teaming up alongside some of Nintendo’s most evil villains. She is faster than Samus Aran which makes her a formidable foe. 

She is not Samus Aran but a reborn Phazon mutational Metroid Prime.

18. Queen Gohma

Game Series: The Legend of Zelda

Queen Gohma may seem strange to you at first.

It’s not the first boss in Ocarina of Time.

Her parasitic behavior may be the vilest thing I have ever seen.

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Ganon can bring more pain to people at once but Gohma gradually ate and corrupted Deku Tree’s insides for who knows how many years before Link finally stopped it.

To torture an elderly man to death, it takes a special type of evil heart.

17. Dimentio

Game Series: Mario

Due to the elimination of many RPG elements from previous games, Super Paper Mario’s gameplay received mixed reviews. 

Most fans agree that the story of love, loss, and redemption in Super Paper Mario is the best in the series. It’s also surprisingly deep for a Mario title. 

The Dark Prognostics is a prophetic book that Count Bleck uses to guide him. He believes existence without his lost love is meaningless.

Dimintio, originally appearing to be Count Bleck’s minion had been manipulating both Count Bleck as well as the heroes to his own agenda.

He is even implied that he wrote the book Count Bleck was following.

16. Zanza

Game Series: Xenoblade Chronicles

Zanza was once just another scientist who worked on volatile technology that could be dangerous without government oversight.

It happens often that something goes wrong, leading to the destruction of the world he was born in and the creation of the Xenoblade Chronicles (2010) universe.

Zanza was the only consciousness that survived the journey (next to Meyneth), so it’s clear why he felt entitled to it.

However, it doesn’t excuse the desire to erase all life simply because you are lonely or bored.

This is like telling your children to stop going to college because they don’t feel like studying.

This is just truly evil, man.

15. Cackletta

Game Series: Mario

Cackletta, one of the most insane villains of the Marioverse, is the main antagonist in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga.

Cackletta, who is a thief of the Beanstar that protects the Beanbean Kingdom, plans to destroy both the Beanbean Kingdom as well as the Mushroom Kingdom.

Regardless of how many times her brothers defeat her, this evil and chaotic spirit continue to return – even going so far that possesses Bowser.

I have seen many scary things in my life. Bowletta, however, is one of the most formidable and unhinged enemies in gaming history.

14. Fawful

Game Series: Mario

There is nothing worse than an evil mastermind. The macabre mastermind that quietly works under the first and bids their time.

It is a common trope in video games.

Fawful, from Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga, is a prime example.

He began as a secondary antagonist in M&L: Partners in Time (2004) but when Bowser’s Inside Story (2008) rolls around, he is ready to shine as a villain.

He’s now Dark Fawful, an extremely powerful wizard, who can accomplish all that his master failed to do.

Look at this face… The bean is insane.

13. Mario

Game Series Donkey Kong Jr.

You didn’t think you would see Mr. M, did you?

Mario is the scourge among the Koopas, a fierce champion who will stomp on anyone trying to harm his Princess.

He is a genocidal maniac from the point of view of his enemies.

He is also the villain in Donkey Kong Jr.

While you could argue that he was protecting a dangerous criminal, the truth is that he is the cruel enforcer who prevents a child from returning to his family.

Mario does everything with the same passion as playing and karting.

He can remain in the Princess’ good graces, so it’s all right for him.

12. Ghirahim

Game Series The Legend of Zelda

The legend of Zelda’s world is not immune to evil.

Powerful evil beings such as Demon Lord Ghirahim, from Skyward Sword (2011), sought power and influence in the world long before Ganondorf or Vaati.

Ghirahim, which is similar to Fi’s spirit within the Goddess Sword and Ghirahim, is Demise’s humanoid demonic weapon.

Ghirahim, however, seems more emotional than Fi – mostly negative.

He is very proud of himself and loves inflicting pain on others to help him revive his master.

This savage jester lacks any redeeming qualities.

11. Zero

Game Series: Kirby

Zero, the creator of Dark Matter (the ultimate evil in the Kirby universe) is Nintendo’s most dangerous creation.

This Eldritch evil usually appears as a floating eye that emits an aura of power.

He’s basically Dark Matter but bigger and more powerful.

Nearly all of the enemies in the pink Blob’s games were born from Zero in some way.

It’s possible to defeat Zero in Kirby’s Dream Land 3 (1997). But it’s better if Zero is seen as an expression of the evil that exists around Kirby.

10. Team Rocket (and Others)

Game Series: Pokémon

How evil can you be to take his Pokemon from a child’s hand?

It’s like stealing your puppy!

Someone who does this must-have dark matter in their heart.

Team Rocket is made up of many people like this. They are willing to ruin the plans of others, cause havoc and put lives at risk to help them achieve their goals.

This is true for almost all other Pokemon “Teams” throughout history.

While some of them may have had ideals, ultimately they are just organized crime syndicates, which is one of the most destructive evils in human history.

9. Mother Brain

Game Series: Metroid

This amazing AI was created by the technologically advanced Chozo to aid them in running their society. However, it fell for the Space Pirates at the drop of the hat.

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Mother Brain’s military counsel was invaluable in making this once ‘simple band of space rogues’ a serious threat to the Galactic Federation.

Mother Brain doesn’t seem to care about the Space Pirates.

It is all part of a scheme to destroy the Galactic Federation and end all life in the galaxy.

While violence may be a way to conquer the universe, pursuing total control of it is a far more sinister endeavor.

8. Andross

Game Series: Star Fox

The giant robot ape face serves as the boss in many Star Fox titles.

Andross began his career as a scientist in Corneria.

His experiments became more extreme and he attracted the attention of authorities who sent him to Planet Venom prison.

Andross is snubbed by society and decides to strike back. He builds a formidable military force and strikes back at the Lylat System.

This type of evil can consume you. Andross is an excellent example. The prodigious scientist was ultimately defeated by an insane AI bent on ruining society.

7. Hades

Game Series: Kid Icarus 

Hades, the ruler of the Underworld and lord over the dead in Greek mythology is Hades. This is also true for Nintendo’s Kid Icarus series.

However, Hades is probably eviler than the ancient Greeks could imagine. Kid Icarus’s main antagonist Pit faces and is one the evilest villains in Nintendo games.

Hades’ ultimate goal is to cause death and destruction so that he can feed the souls of the dead. This allows him to grow his power and his demonic army.

6. Majora

Game Series The Legend of Zelda

Many gamers will be familiar with Skull Kid’s role as the villain in The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask. They may not realize that the real baddie in this strange adventure is right there on their box art.

Majora is an ancient spirit that curses its enemies and tortures its victims.

This evil being has been controlling Skull Kid for years, corrupting his mind via the mask.

Majora’s apparent lack of motivations beyond inflicting pain is what makes it so evil.

It wants to bring the moon down upon Termina but it is not going to conquer the world or remove the mask from itself, but to destroy it.

5. Giygas

Game Series: EarthBound

Giygas of Earthbound, like all good villains, has a tragic past that makes him sympathetic. This makes his transformation into an evil force all the sadder. 

Giygas, an alien baby who was raised by humans, was then betrayed by his adoptive dad when he stole PSI knowledge.

Giygas became a man unintelligible to humans because of the guilt and pain he felt over his mother’s death. 

Giygas is different than other villains because he succeeded in his quest initially, and Buzz Buzz, an alien insect, had to travel back in the past to warn Ness. 

Giygas’s influence is so strong that it causes animals to become vicious, adding to the darkness.

4. Ganondorf

Game Series The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda‘s list of Nintendo villains would not be complete without Ganondorf. 

Ganondorf is a character that has appeared in many different forms throughout the series. He is the main reason Hyrule suffers in one way or the other. 

Ganondorf is not irredeemable because he has experienced his moments of humanity.

Ganondorf’s tragic life is quite sad considering that he was born to be the incarnation of Demise. 

Ganondorf no matter what form he takes next will be the root cause of all evil in Hyrule.

3. Ridley

Game Series: Metroid

Some villains have ambitious goals and don’t care about who is hurt. Ridley has destroyed life on many worlds in multiple galaxies.

This means that his terror acts are much more extensive than other villains. Ridley is unique because he doesn’t want to hurt people. He does it simply because he loves it.

Samus was shocked at how cruel Ridley could be after comics revealed that he had not only murdered her parents but also boasted about Samus’ mother.

2. Gruntilda

Game Series: Banjo-Kazooie

Gruntilda is so evil that it’s difficult to believe that she’s the villain of a game like Banjo-Kazooie.

She kidnaps Banjo’s little sister Tootie, making her a child abductor. But she does it to steal her beauty and youth. Talk about a superficial plot!

She can be quite hot if she wins though.

Furthermore, her witchy sisters join forces to bring her back into Banjo-Tooie. She kills them all.

Umm, hello? It was not even her first win!

This witch is bloodthirsty.

She is so evil that even Cheato, her sentient spellbook, decides to make Banjo a cloak and aid Banjo in defeating the green witch.

1. King K. Rool

Game Series: Donkey Kong Country

Although King K. Rool may look similar to Bowser on the surface, there’s a reason his name is a play upon the word “cruel.” 

King K. Rool might have grown sillier over time but his original dispute with Donkey Kong was that he stole all of the bananas the Kongs had kept on their island.

Although it sounds innocent to steal food, King Dededededededede from Kirby has done so before. The difference is that King K.

Rool didn’t take the Kong’s bananas in order to eat them. King K. Rool suddenly seems eviler when you consider that he tried to starve an entire race out of spite.